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Lennox HP29 Heat Pump

#7 of 16 Lennox Heat Pumps

Updated: Nov 25, 2013

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Overview of the HP29

The now-discontinued HP29 split-system heat pump was a member of Lennox's mid-tier product line, the Elite Series. Offering up to 11.5 SEER and 8.2 HSPF, this series was manufactured in nine different models ranging in size and cooling capacity.

The HP29 is promoted by the manufacturer as having operation sound as low as 74 decibels, thanks in part to a quiet direct drive fan and insulated compressor that helps keep those noise levels at a minimum. Reusable service valves that allow for simple maintenance, a corrosion-resistant cabinet and a high-efficiency outdoor coil for effective heat transfer are additional features of this unit.

This model also was designed to fit a number of compatible accessories, including electronic air cleaners, humidity control systems, and electronic thermostats for customizable air quality control.

Consumer Reviews of the Lennox HP29

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Date created: 2013-11-25 Name: Ted Sprague
Location: Near Wapakoneta, Ohio

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Have Not Slept Good Since It Was Installed"
Have not slept good since it was installed 6 years ago. Terribly noisy.

Date created: 2011-10-09 Name: Jason Suzemore
Location: Enterprise,Al
Years owned: 7

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Ridiculously reliable"
Bought the Lennox HP29-036* unit when I bought the house. Previous unit was an old ugly sideways Lennox and very old. Old homeowner said only problem was lightning got the compressor, but the unit was 23 years old with almost all of it's original parts. That's awesome. Didn't have a load of money to blow since I was buying the house so I told the salesman what I could afford but I didn't want any junk! He swore by the Elite, so it fit my budget and I did it. Only regret is I wished I could gave afforded the high efficiency unit. I recently upgraded the air handler to a high efficiency ecm motor for humidity and added a pure air about 3 years ago and have been totally satisfied. Still want it to tear up so my wife will approve the Solar one, but it just keeps running like a champ. It maintains what I want and the pure air was more than I expected. I thought it was gonna be some cheap gimmick like that Lowes and walmart crap that don't work. Service guy ran air test and showed me the b-4 and after to prove it. I'd have to give some credit to the contractor too. He really did a professional job on a total replacement of duct and unit. That's why I couldn't afford the top model at the time because I wanted new duct work that wasn't falling apart. That's another key I believe. Thanks for a job well done.

Date created: 2011-01-04 Name: Eric Lawrence
Location: Port Tobacco, MD

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

Our builder happened to install a Lennox heat pump HP29-036-4P, which is one of the worst I have ever seen. We have already had two fans replaced and two capacitors, and the upstairs heat still does not work!!! Do not buy Lennox [email protected]@[email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date created: 2009-07-10 Name: Peter Corso
Years owned: 4

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Lennox warranty a sham!"
I have an hp29-030-5p and the compressor just went out. They will cover the compressor but not the labor of $895. wtf kind of warranty is that. I can almost buy a new one for that. I urge anyone thinking of buy a Lennox to think again the warranty isn't worth the paper its written on. They obviously spend their money on advertising and backing their product.

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Other HP29 Reviews

The HP29 receives mixed reviews across the web. Homeowners on sites such as hvac-talk.com and doityourself.com say their units have needed "nothing but repairs" over the years, while others mention receiving more than 10 years of solid performance.

Troubleshooting inquiries include general component problems, failure to heat, and a handful of reports mentioning failing compressors. Several of these posts also note the system issues have been in older units with more 10 years of use. Costly repairs and service, in addition to limited warranty coverage, are additional consumer concerns with this unit.

Although this unit currently isnít available from the manufacturer, contractors on gardenweb.com typically recommend Lennox heat pumps to shoppers. High efficiency ratings and quiet operations, they say, make this brand a good choice.

Lennox HP29 Model Numbers

The HP29 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
HP29-036* 10.7 / 7.5 0
HP29-042* 10.3 / 7 0
HP29-048* 11 / 7.5 0
HP29-060* 11 / 7.2 0

HP29 Warranty

Lennox offers a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and a 5-year limited warranty on all other remaining parts of the HP29. This warranty is valid only for residential customers.

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