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#15 of 16 LENNOX Heat Pumps

Updated: Jul 12, 2016

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Overview of the 15CHPX

The Lennox 15CHPX is a discontinued residential packaged heat pump with an efficiency rating of up to 15.00 SEER and 8.00 HSPF. It was an Energy Star qualified part of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection of packaged heat pumps and was designed to be installed on either a rooftop or a slab. The unit had a scroll compressor and a variable-speed blower motor for better control of hot and cold air flow. An internally mounted outdoor fan helped reduce vibrations, keeping operating sound levels low. A Lennox Systems Operation Monitor reviewed system performance, and an easy-access control panel allowed easy servicing of the unit. An all-metal cabinet with integrated base was designed to protect the unit in the harshest environments.

Consumer Reviews of the LENNOX 15CHPX

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Date created: 2016-06-22 Name: G. Martin
Location: Kountze, TX

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

Moved in to a newly constructed house in March 2016 and have had 4 service calls for the Lennox heat pump before June 21, 2016. The control board has failed 3 times. Expensive unit that was forced on us by the builder. I would never purchase another Lennox product during my lifetime. Will be fighting the battle with the local company that installed it and probably Lennox as well. After reading the very dissatisfied reviews here, I am not very optimistic about having long- term success. Give me a high efficiency a/c with natural gas furnace any day over this heat pump garbage.

Date created: 2014-07-30 Name: M. Burk
Location: Antelope, CA

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Lennox 15CHPXA-30-230-1A"
I purchased a Lennox roof-mounted 15chpxa-30-230-1a packaged heat pump system in March 2008. My old unit was 30 years old (original equipment) and was working properly. I live in the Sacramento California area and it typically reaches 100 degrees June through September and I simply wanted a more efficient, energy-saving unit. In July 2014 the unit suddenly stopped cooling normally. I called the installer and arranged a service call. After an inspection and pressure test the repairman told me the evaporator coil developed a leak. I was told the failed part was not covered under warranty and that the cost for replacement and repair would be $3300.00. I phoned the Lennox corporate office and was basically told “stuff happens” and there was nothing Lennox was going to do to help rectify the issue. I paid $8000.00 for the unit. I assume a significant portion of this cost is installation and removal of the old unit. It is unacceptable for a single, vitally functional part of this appliance to fail after six years. It is unacceptable for a single, vitally functional part of this appliance does not have a better warranty. It is unacceptable for a single part of this appliance to cost about half the cost of the total unit. It is unacceptable that Lennox does not stand by their product. I stopped running the unit to prevent further damage. The outside temperature was 100 degrees today. At 8:00pm the temperature inside my home is 86 degrees.

Date created: 2014-03-21 Name: Harry W.
Location: Merrifield, VA

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Buy something else"
Bought this as part of a dual fuel unit, and it has been nothing but problems. 1 year into the unit's life, the mounting screw on the fan broke and the sole remaining screw broke the mounting grille. Fan, blades, grille had to be replaced. $500. Two years later, same issue. The EXACT same thing happened, a screw rusted through & broke. This time the second screw pulled from its housing and the fan blades went into the heat exchanger. I haven't seen a tech check the refrigerant yet. Could be interesting to see what Lennox thinks of replacing the entire unit. I asked the company to check with Lennox, they said maybe it was a bad fan. TWO bad fans? Maybe they need to consult their supplier about bad fans then.

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Other 15CHPX Reviews

Among the very few online comments regarding the 15CHPX is one from a homeowner on crowniehq.net who was trying to decide on a unit to buy and ended up with the 15CHPX.

15CHPX Warranty

The warranty for the Lennox 15CHPX heat pump is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 5-year limited warranty on remaining covered components

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