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Kenmore Heat Pumps

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The brand name Kenmore first appeared on a Sears washing machine in 1927. Kenmore is synonymous today with home appliances sold by the Sears retail company. Kenmore heat pumps are actually manufactured by International Comfort Products (ICP), which is a part of Carrier Corp. Carrier belongs to United Technologies Corp. Kenmore heat pumps are available in three series of varying efficiencies.

Kenmore 17 SEER Performance Heat Pump

The Kenmore 17 SEER heat pump offers the brand's highest level of energy efficiency. The model number found in this series is 77381. This unit operates with a two-stage compressor for advanced temperature and humidity control. The two-stage fan operates quietly and the galvanized steel shell protects the heat pump from the elements. This series features a Copeland scroll compressor and a diagnostic control board.

Kenmore 14.5/15 SEER Performance Heat Pump

This series offers two models, 77390 and 77330, which can reach 15 and up to 14.5 SEER respectively. These models feature the two-stage fan for quiet operation and the galvanized steel casing. The Copeland scroll compressor and diagnostic control board also are included in this series.

Kenmore 14.5/15 SEER Performance Value Heat Pump

Models 77360 and the 77435 are Kenmore's basic heat pump offerings. These heat pumps include the galvanized steel cabinet and the Copeland scroll compressor. The 77435 is the most economical unit that uses R-410A, required by the Environmental Protection Agency in all new units produced today. With model 77360, consumers can expect "long-term replacement refrigerant for R-22 with zero ozone depletion," according to Kenmore.

Care and Maintenance of Kenmore Heat Pumps

Sears and Kenmore recommend two visits by a technician each year to keep your heat pump running efficiently. The contractor should check the overall operation, clean the condenser coils, check and clean the air filter, check the evaporator, and lubricate the air handler blower and condenser fan motor. The drain lines and refrigerant should also be checked.

Kenmore Heat Pump Warranty

The Kenmore 17 SEER Performance heat pump offers a ten-year parts and ten-year labor warranty. The warranty is the same for the 14.5/15 SEER Performance heat pumps. In the value heat pump series, model 77360 also offers the ten-year warranty on parts and labor. Model 77435 comes with a ten-year parts warranty and a three-year labor warranty.

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