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Consumer Reviews of ICP Commercial heat pumps

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Date created: 2011-04-05 Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"Heat Pumps help the homeowner to save money"
We have owned our heat pump for one year. What we like about it is that we save a lot of money on our heating bill. Even thought it is using electricity for heating, the cost to heat with electric is less than the cost to heat with gas. An additional benefit is that our air is not as dry as it was before we installed the heat pump, probably because the supply air temperature is lower, meaning more moisture can remain in the air. We've noticed a positive impact on our sinus congestion and skin dryness. The only thing I don't like about the heat pump is that the supply air temperature feels cool to my hand. It is not blowing out cold air, but just cooler air than what I am used to with a gas-fired furnace. However, this is acceptable based on the fact that I am saving a lot of money each year by using the heat pump. We have not yet had to service it, but it has only been one year since the installation, so that is to be expected.

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