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Consumer Reviews of Gree heat pumps

#4  of 83 brands of heat pumps

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Date created: 2016-03-23 Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"An honest review for a breath of fresh (or cold) air"
I've owned this air conditioner/heat pump for the better part of 3 years. I had to get it, since living in a very hot zone, the summer was unbearable. Since I got it I have been very happy with my purchase. It usually cools up the house very quickly. In addition to doing that it is very energy efficient as I haven't noticed a significant increase in my electric bill since getting it and it's very silent. Don't get me wrong, you can hear it, but it is not disruptive and after a few minutes one forgets it's even on (that is except for the cool temperature) As far as some negatives the only two I can think of are: 1) sometimes I have to press the power button twice on the remote to get it to turn on and off, not sure why. Maybe it's a fail safe to avoid accidentally turning it on or off or maybe it's faulty. However, it has never really bothered me so I never had it checked out & 2) it has a lot of settings, which are probably nice for some people, but I just want it to cool the room and let that be it, I don't need anything beyond raising or lowering the thermostat, so it's really annoying when somebody presses something and I have to take a long time to put it as I like. I would definitely recommend this brand to a friend or buy it again, it has earned my trust.

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