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Consumer Reviews of Goodman heat pumps

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27% of customers recommend
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Goodman is one of the most popular brands of heat pumps, due in part to their inexpensive pricing and in part to their policy of selling to a wide range of contractors and directly to homeowners. However, consumer reviews of Goodman products are often -- though certainly not always -- negative.

As we have said elsewhere, we have no bias towards or against any particular brand of heating and cooling equipment. Since 2002 our job has been to provide information, reviews and commentaries on equipment, not to tell you to buy one brand over another. So, with that said, let's just say this up-front: part of the reason that there are so many negative reviews of Goodman products is that the lowest cost contractors often install Goodman products. And sometimes those lowest cost contractors aren't really qualified to install the equipment. As a result, some of those contractors do a bad job installing the equipment, and leave the homeowner holding the bag. So, if you're confident in your contractor, the fact that they're installing Goodman shouldn't scare you off, no matter how many negative reviews of the brand you read.

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Where are Goodman Products Made?

If you've really done your research, you'll know that Goodman is owned by Japanese conglomerate Daikin Industries. However, the company has made a commitment that all Goodman-branded products sold in North America are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. Note that this doesn't mean, however, that all the components that make up that equipment are manufactured in the United States.

Goodman Heat Pump Product Lines

Goodman currently markets 4 different series of heat pumps, the GSZ14, the GSZ16, the GSZC16 and the GSZC18. Here's a quick summary of what those names mean:

  • GSZ says that these are Goodman split-system heat pumps that use R-410A (aka "Puron") as the refrigerant.
  • The "C" in the name of the two more expensive units indicates that Goodman's ComfortBridge™ technology is built-in.
  • The two digits at the end of the series name give you a rough sense of the cooling efficiency of the unit. That is, the GSZ14 is about a SEER 14 unit, the GSZ16 and GSZC16 units are around 16 SEER and the GSZC18 is about 18 SEER. (Those numbers are approximate, because you can get slightly higher efficiencies out of those units if you pair them with the exact right thermostat and air handlers.)

Goodman-Specific Features

Operating a heat pump at maximum efficiency is a complicated task. Goodman integrates a number of systems into its heat pumps to improve effiency, and they aggressively market these systems in consumer-facing brochures. However, those brochures don't necessarily adequately explain what each system does. We're going to explain those systems here.

We have already mentioned Goodman's ComfortBridge technology. ComfortBridge replaced ComfortNet in 2018 as the system used to coordinate the efforts of compatible hardware to optimize your system's efficiency. Where ComfortNet required the CTK04 thermostat, ComfortBridge is built into the indoor components of your heating and cooling system (typically furnaces or air handlers). The system will communicate with the outdoor components (such as your heat pump condenser) to make small adjustments where possible to improve system efficiency. ComfortBridge is controlled by an on-board screen, or via smart phone.

Another feature that Goodman mentions in their brochures is Copeland® CoreSense™ Diagnostics. Strictly speaking, this is a feature of the Copeland scroll compressor. CoreSense offers a couple of features, and is generally included in more expensive units. It offers diagnostic information on the compressor -- so if something goes wrong it should be quicker and easier for a contractor to solve the problem. In addition, if it detects conditions that could damage the compressor it will shut it down before damage occurs.

SmartShift® technology is designed to protect the outdoor compressor and reduce noise during system defrost cycles. Defrost cycles occur during colder weather when the outdoor coil might have frost on it. The frost can make the compressor work harder, which is inefficient. While a defrost cycle happens during cold weather (when a heat pump is supposed to be warming a house), it actually briefly runs the heat pump in reverse, drawing heat from the house to the outdoor coil to melt the frost. SmartShift isn't responsible for initiating the defrost cycle -- it simply turns off the compressor for 30 seconds during the defrost cycle.

What do Heating Contractors Say?

On the "Pros" side, we found contractors saying things like:

  • "Goodman has gotten a bad rap mainly from the hacks that have installed the equipment".
  • "I haven't had any major issues with them but have had a few minor problems."
  • Another contractor points out that when you have an issue, parts availability and pricing is important. In comparing Goodman with Trane, Lennox and Carrier they said: "Goodman generally has the cheapest parts". Many contractors echoed this point: when the warranty period is over, parts will be cheaper with Goodman than with many other brands.

On the "Cons" side:

  • one contractor said: "their sheet metal is definitely lighter than the rest. However, again, properly installed there should be no issues."
  • "Goodman tends to have noisier equipment than the rest [compared to Trane, Lennox and Carrier] and panels don't always line up nicely." We found several other contractors that echoed the opinion that Goodman equipment was noisier than other popular brands.

Reviews by Series

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Date created: 2018-12-24 Name: SpeedRacer
Location: Knoxville, TN

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Stay away from Goodman!!!!!"
Original Goodman heat pump installed in our new house lasted almost one year and the evaporator core started leaking. They install a new core and then about a year later the accumulator leaked so a new one was installed. A couple of years later the compressor would not start so they installed a "hard start" capacitor. Ten years and two months later (yes two months out of warranty) the reversing valve splits!!! I decided not to have it repaired and had a whole new Goodman 16 seer system installed. After three months the new system would not defrost because the sensor stopped working. Now, after two years, the expansion valve is stuck and they have to get the part from Goodman which will take two to three weeks!!! These systems are nothing but trouble!!! Pure junk!!

Date created: 2018-04-17 Name: DONNA CAMPBELL
Location: Hazard Ky

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Tore up again"
Never will I buy this brand again. I was led to believe I had the best brand. Wrong I've had my unit 5 years, been worked on 4 times. Replaced 2 boards, freeon leaked out and had to be fixed. Then a wire broke. Now the fan motor is out. And the warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on. I'll soon have more money on repairs then what I paid for the unit when new. Won't happen again. I won't buy this product again.
Date created: 2018-02-02 Name: James
Location: Tennessee

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Unsatisfied customer"
I would not buy anything I have a heat pump and all I have had is trouble out of it it is a 14 sheer Goodman service team is out at my house about six or seven times a year can't even get it to work for one year with out something messing up on it and Goodman want replace it it is junk I am still paying for this junk so in would not recommend this product to anyone I put a wood stove in because I don't trust this product to do it's job
Date created: 2018-01-03 Name: M lundrigan
Location: Canada

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Have to register to get 10 year warranty"
Purchased a new home with a goodman heat pump. Heat pump catastrophically failed 63 months later. Had we been told/known we had to register our heat pump for warranty we would have had a 10 year warranty. Instead we are out of luck and have to replace our 5 year old ducted unit Poor quality, and even worse warranty program
Date created: 2017-10-06 Name: Bob Lancaster
Location: Mena, AR

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"MSG12 model disappointing"
Nothing but problems over the less than 5 years installed. Short warranty and high replacement cost for burnt out compressor. Control board failure after 1 year parts warranty expired. $1200 to replace condenser, $2000 for new Dakin unit with 10 year parts warranty.
Date created: 2017-09-01 Name: Steve Little
Location: Springfield

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Goodman is a terrible name for a terrible company"
I bought my home new in 2004 in 2007 I came home from work into a house that was 91 degrees. I called a repairman who came out and charged me about $400.00 to charge my unit because it was low on Freon. I called cheapman they offered me a whole whopping $77.00 for my inconvenience. Since then I've spent probably $2,000.00 in repairs until the freon completely leaked all the way out. My repairman said it wasn't worth filling this year as it would cost almost $800.00 to do so. So I getting ready to have a Trane installed. One day next week I'm going to get in touch with an attorney to see what kind of civil matter I can take against them. If anyone has any suggestions please email me. Thanks and remember to tell all your friends and coworkers to never ever buy a goodman product.
Date created: 2017-08-17 Name: L. Edwards
Location: Wilmington, NC

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Complete a piece of junk"
We had the unit installed in October of 2010, now it is being thrown in the garbage August 17, 2017. Ever since it was installed it has been a money pit, after the first year parts began to break every season. The part was covered under warranty but not the labor and being without air conditioning and heat until it could be fixed. Just recently all the Freon was gone due to rub through and after paying $1000 dollars to fix (April 2017) it I vowed no more money was to be spent on that unit. We smelled and electrical fire recently and could not find the source until today. The old unit was being hauled away because it wasn't working properly again and the men asked me to take a look- yep you guessed it, the unit had been on fire. I have never been so disappointed with a brand until now. This is more than 'they don't make them like they used to'. I should take this company to court.
Date created: 2017-07-29 Name: Dave Leffingwell
Location: Copperas Cove, TX

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Works Great and Reliable"
Had a Goodman 14seer heat pump system installed in January 2013. It replaced the original HVAC system installed when the house was built and was turning into a maintenance and operating nightmare. Most satisfied. Cut my electric bill by 1/3. Never a problem. I read people complaining - believe most of their problems were because of a crappy installation. If the contractor isn't good sure you'll have problems. All I've had to do was change the battery in the thermostat. The contractor recommended a certain brand and rated air filter and to change every month. These filters are not expensive. I do that and never a problem.
Date created: 2017-07-26 Name: LAS
Location: Chesterfield, VA

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I just had the outer coil replaced in my downstairs unit. That went bad and all the r22 refrigerant had leaked out. Total repair cost $1100.00. I am so lucky as I have 2 of these units at my house due to 2 zone heating/cooling. Can't wait for the other one to go out. The unit that went bad was 9 years old. I was told things just aren't made like they used to be....really? Very very disappointed with this product...will not buy another one.
Date created: 2017-07-08 Name: Jay
Location: Lagrange, GA

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

This Goodman unit has been nothing but trouble since we got it. Replaced the coil two times in 3 years. Now the compressor is shot. Not going to spend another penny on this piece of shit. Getting another unit an then going to set this one on fire. I would advise no one to buy a Goodman.
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