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Frigidaire Heat Pumps

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Frigidaire Heat Pumps

Discontinued Series

Frigidaire manufactures 13 different models of split-system and packaged heat pumps. While each model differs in features, the manufacturer notes that every unit is factory tested at least 72 times before being shipped.

Split-System Heat Pumps

Frigidaire's split-system heat pumps range from the highest in home comfort technology to mid-level as well as basic units. Frigidaire's ultra-efficient 22 SEER, 10 HSPF unit features inverter-rotary technology that constantly makes small temperature adjustments to keep the home a constant temperature with low humidity levels. This manufacturer advertises operation for this unit at as low as 59 decibels.

Extra-high and high-efficiency models in this style offer up to 16 SEER and 9 HSPF. These models feature two-stage cooling to reduce energy use and keep the indoor temperature consistent. Select units can also increase 1 SEER when paired with the proper Frigidaire coils or air handlers. All units in this series are Energy Star-qualified.

Frigidaire also manufactures two models of basic heat pumps offering up to 13 SEER/ 8 HSPF for a budget-friendly heating and cooling options

Packaged Heat Pump

Frigidaire's packaged heat pumps start with basic, single-package option. Offering 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF, these units are designed to provide a small footprint and simple installation. The models feature a wire coil guard, mesh hail guard and galvanized steel cabinet with a polyester urethane finish. Optional backup heat with up to 20 kw of heat also is available.

More robust systems in Frigidaire's packaged heat pump line feature two-stage heating, low vibrations for quiet operation, and can reach up to 15 SEER and 8 HSPF. Several of these models meet Energy Star requirements and carry Frigidaire's green seal to indicate both high efficiency and advanced comfort features.

Care and Maintenance

Frigidaire states heat pumps should be serviced every year by a professional technician. Annual checks should include an inspection of the electrical connections, compressor, fan motor, evaporator coil, and the refrigerant level in the system. Frigidaire also recommends replacing the filter before each heating and cooling season.


Frigidaire offers a 10-year parts warranty for products registered within 60 days of installation. Frigidaire's 10-year Comfort Quality Pledge also provides full replacement unit if the compressor fails within the first 10 years. An automatic 5-year term is given to products that are not registered.

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