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Ducane Heat Pumps

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Ranging from 13 to 18 SEER ratings, Ducane manufactures four lines of residential heat pumps. As they come prewired for hookup, Ducane advertises all of these models as being easy to install and service. In addition, every unit is factory tested and prepared for 15 feet of interconnected tubing.

13 SEER Heat Pumps

Consumers looking for efficient heating and cooling without a high price point can consider Ducane's 13 SEER/7.7 HSPF models. These single-stage units can increase as much as 1 SEER with matching Ducane systems, and can be paired with a furnace to help minimize heating costs.

Additional components include a quiet defrost control system, lubricated condenser fan motor that requires no annual maintenance and accessible corner-mounted services valve, and is compatible as a dual-fuel system.

14 SEER Heat Pumps

Ducane's high-efficiency heat pump options begin with a 14 SEER/8.5 HSPF unit. Similar to the 13 SEER pump, this series can increase to 15 SEER when paired with the manufacturer's matching HVAC products. The unit is also equipped with single-stage heating and offers easy routine maintenance with a removable four-piece louver coil guard.

16 SEER Heat Pump

Ducane's 16 SEER/8.5 HSPF model comes equipped with a two-stage scroll compressor for consistent, energy-efficient heating and cooling. Copper tube condenser coils with enhanced aluminum louvered fins, easily removable metal panels, and Ducane's Comfort Alert 2 diagnostic system are among the additional features of this Energy Star-rated unit.

18 SEER Heat Pump

The highest-efficiency unit Ducane offers reaches up to 18 SEER and 9.2 HSPF with matched systems. This unit uses a blanketed two-stage scroll compressor to help homes stay at a comfortable temperature without much noise.

Additional features include Ducane's Comfort Alert 2 system for quick and easy diagnostics, a factory-installed bi-flow filter, a variable speed condenser fan motor, and a baked polyester paint finish over a galvanized steel exterior for maximum durability.

All of Ducane's high-efficiency models meet or exceed Energy Star standards.

Care and Maintenance

In addition to an annual service check by a contractor, Ducane recommends homeowners perform routine maintenance to help increase their unit's longevity. Checking the air filter and replacing it as necessary should be done on a monthly basis. Other maintenance, such as washing and waxing the unit, cleaning the indoor and condenser coils, and checking the condenser drain, can be performed periodically.


Every Ducane heat pump is equipped with a standard, 5-year limited parts warranty and an additional 5-year limited extended parts warranty, totaling to 10 years of coverage. Homeowners must register their unit online within 60 days of installation to receive the full coverage term. Unregistered products will default to 5 years of coverage.

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