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Consumer Reviews of Day & Night heat pumps

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Date created: 2016-08-30 Name: D Kelly
Location: Tempe, AZ

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Bought on 10/09/2013. Multiple problems with the unit. Shortly after installation, the unit was not working properly. It was discovered that the reversing wires were not wired properly from the factory and it was repaired. On September 5, 2014, unit was not working and a 5 amp fuse was replaced. On 09-15-2014, the defrost board was replaced due to a low voltage short and the fuse was replaced again. On 06-06-2016 (less than 3 years) I came home one evening to find the AC not working and a fire smell, like something had burnt, in the house. The circuit breaker on the house's main panel had tripped. The Freon blew through a hole in the electrical connection to the compressor; evacuated all Freon and filled the house with a terrible smell. This time a new compressor was needed; the low and high pressure switches were replaced; flushed unit 3 times with r-11 flush; injected acid away for acid issues; recharged with 16 lbs of R410A and changed bi-flow drier. This was according to the receipt with charges totaling $1300. I think the high pressure switch should have shut down prior to the refrigerant escaping and the unit circuit breaker should have tripped before getting to the main panel. I cannot believe this unit had a major malfunction and it is under 3 years old. I contacted International Comfort Products through their website and never received a phone call or e-mail. I would not purchase this unit again. Since this last repair, it has been working fine, until the next time.

Date created: 2015-02-20 Name: Schroeder
Location: Sun City West, AZ

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Do not buy a Day and Night unit...you are wasting your money!"
My unit is only two years old and the reversing coil leaked. All the Freon had to be replaced and a new part installed! I definitely would not recommend the Day and Night heat pump!

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