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Consumer Reviews of Concord heat pumps

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Date created: 2016-05-20 Location: Vermilion, OH

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Heat Pump for Over 20 Degrees Fahrenheit"
I have owned my heat pump since February 2016. I like that it has worked very well in keeping 2500 square feet warm in weather forty degrees and up. Furthermore, when it gets below that it can keep up and when combined with our wood stove makes a very effective combination. It is also relatively quiet. A negative is that it does not work below twenty degrees and we have to depend on our wood stove. Another negative is that sometimes it randomly stops, makes a weird noise in the basement, and then starts up again. We have not needed to repair it but the technician did have to adjust it a day or two after installation. I would buy the same brand again and recommend it in the right context. It is a baseline model that we use in conjunction with a wood stove. I am not sure how dependable it would be if it had to run all the time in cold weather without any other heating sources helping.

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