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Consumer Reviews of ARCOAIRE heat pumps

#35  of 82 brands of heat pumps

43% of customers recommend
3 of 5 stars 16 reviews

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  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
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Date created: 2009-07-30 Name: lara
Years owned: 7

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Arcoaire heating and cooloing"
To the point, very badly contructed product. I had 2 compresors and a fan changed already, along with other major issues that I had to pay more money to fix. Even the dealer that I delt with admits that my unit is a lemon. So regardless who installs your unit make sure to study this brand before purchase

Date created: 2009-07-01 Name: M Fuerst
Years owned: 5

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Not much you can say: they just fell apart"
We have two Arcoaire heat pumps and three Arcoaire central air conditioner units. They are just on the border of five years and both heat pumps have failed. And had to have the compressor replaced (the part was free but the labor ran to hundreds of dollars.) One just started to disintegrate with the fins turning to to dust and losing their capacity to transfer heat. The mechanic who worked on it just said: "I've never seen that before." And he was, well, a senior mechanic who has seen a lot of a/c and heating systems.

Date created: 2009-01-21 Name: T Mohammed
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Years owned: 23

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Neal A"
Unit was builder's model installed in 1986. After 16 years had to replace the air handler unit because several service techs could not find leak(big mistake-- was not the ahu). I replaced compressor contactors, because fire ants built a nest and I had lots of roasted ants, replaced capacitor twice and two years ago, replaced fan motor in outside unit. I did most of the work myself and saved hundreds. But leaks cost me. The copper lines in out side unit were not routed properly and due to vibration, rubbed against each other causing pin hole leaks -- three times. Service techs took long times to find so they could run up hourly cost. My neighbors replaced their units within 10 to 12 years. I think that my unit lasted this long, because I have a heat recovery unit that gives me free hot water in the summer. It has another leak and is on its last leg and I am looking for a more efficient replacement.

Date created: 2008-12-06 Name: R Marlin
Location: Washington, DC

Satisfaction Rating:

3 of 5 stars Neutral

"Can not evaluate just yet"
Today I had an Arcoaire heat pump and air handler installed by Sears. The contractor vehemently stated the dx-1300 model I purchased was one of the best units. Well, after reading these comments about the experiences most have had with this company I will have many sleepless nights anticipating something going wrong with my new system.

Date created: 2008-06-05 Name: C. Miller
Location: Kansas City, MO
Years owned: 16

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Upgraded after 15 years"
We upgraded to a Arcoair heat pump last year after having an Arcoair A/C unit for 16 years. The A/C worked great but got hit by lightening so we upgraded to a hp and a variable speed indoor gas furnace. We get the best of both. It is quiet and our utilities are much less. I think part of the savings is because the new one is a heat pump and part of the savings is because it is newer and higher efficiency rated. The new one looks pretty cool too.

Date created: 2007-06-25 Name: MW Manley
Location: Joplin, Missouri 64804
Years owned: 14

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

If you want heat in summer and cold in winter and have lots of time and money, I still would not recommend this unit: I was never so happy as to sit with a torch and saws all and cut this unit to scrap metal. We bought it with our new home and there where 4 of them installed when the homes where built 14 years ago. Mine was number three to be taken off the block! Every year was more money, starting with the Heat pump it self, compressor. Heat strips, Many switches, both fan motors outside and inside. I also got to have it charged many times over the years. As I look back on the unit I am not sure why I kept sinking money in to it. But now it is small pieces, I even took the time to ask the last neighbor that owns one if he would like a few old parts that may help him keep his operating. He is an ac man and also works on his unit a lot so it is a little cheaper on him. They offered to haul the unit off for me, but I refused, as I wanted a little pleasure with the unit before I hauled it off to be melted down. Please never purchase a unit with this name. pyha036ge. I cut it up slowly as to enjoy it. At the end or last year of so called operation. I had to wait until it was really hot then turn the thermostat down to zero and let it run for a few hours, you see when shut the unit off it would not come back on for 24 hours. As I was tearing it apart I now see what the main Problem is. The last two letters of the model “ge” . I have experience before as my new home came with all new ge products and the ac unit is the last item made by ge in my home. Most broke down 1st year and by year 5 I junked and replaced it with a better brand units. If they where given these units away I would not pay the ac Man to install one! I bought a goodman, and It cools great.

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