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Amana Heat Pumps

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Amana Heat Pumps

Amana's main line of heat pumps uses the same machinery as Goodman's. This line includes a few different models of heat pump, which go from simple to complex (and from less efficient to relatively more efficient). These are two-part systems with indoor and outdoor components. The units with name-codes starting with "G" are marketed by Amana as part of the Distinctions line; nevertheless, these are also Goodman products.


This model has a SEER of 13 and a 7.8 HSPF. It uses choline-free R-410A refrigerant and operates at a noise level of between 71 and 76 decibels. The unit uses "SmartShift" technology for defrosting. It contains copper tubing and an aluminum fin coil.

GSZ14 and ASZ14

These units have a SEER of 14 and an HSPF of 9.0. They come with filter dryers and compressor sound blankets. Unlike the GSZ13, they have EnergyStar efficiency ratings. They run very slightly quieter.


The ASZ16 has a SEER of 16 and an HSPF of 9.75. It has additional sound control features, such as a "high-density foam compressor sound blanket," "sound control top," and even a "factory-installed high-capacity muffler." The ASZ16 operates at between 70 and 72 decibels.


This model has a SEER of up to 18 and an HSPF of 8.5. It is actually one of the louder models of the Amana heat pump, averaging about 74 decibels.

An additional feature of the ASZC16 is the two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor, which purports to improve efficiency by not expending unnecessary power. On days that are not particularly hot or cold, the full power of the heat pump will not be engaged.

The unit is relatively easy to install because it uses a color-coded terminal and requires only two low-voltage wires for its connection to the outside.

The ASZ16 uses diagnostic indicators that will alert the homeowner to the possibility of error, as well as "ComfortAlert diagnostics." It is also compatible with Goodman's ComfortNet Communications System, which tells the heat pump what to do and when, on the basis of internal and external monitoring devices.


The ASZC18 is the most expensive and efficient of Amana's heat pumps. Its maximum SEER is 18 and its HSPF is 9.5. This model has all the same features as those above.

Care and Maintenance

It's strongly recommended that homeowners have their heat pumps checked on a routine (yearly) basis. Whenever a heat or cooling unit is inspected it should include examining the fan, compressor, indoor coils, outdoor coils and refrigerant lines as well.


The main line products have ten-year limited warranties for their parts. The compressor and functional parts in the 13 series systems are covered by a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. For the GSZ14, SSZ14, SSZ16 has additional coverage. If the compressor fails within 10 years of installation, a new one will be provided to the original purchaser of the central air conditioning system as long as they live in the same single-family residence. All functional parts are covered by a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty.

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