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Consumer Reviews of GeoStar geothermal heat pumps

#1  of 13 brands of geothermal heat pumps
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Date created: 2017-02-09 Name: RH
Location: Denver, CO

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I have owned the Aston Single Hydronic OptiHeat, for the past year, and I am really satisfied by my choice of geothermal heat pump. I have never been so happy with how much lower my utility bills are. I love that the Geostar products are environmentally safe and that I virtually always have hot water. The improved efficiency in my home makes this geothermal heat pump worth the recommendation to any homeowner. I had done a lot of research into these pumps before I decided on the Aston. GeoStar seems to be the leader in geothermal heat pumps and my unit fits my home's needs perfectly.

Date created: 2016-12-05 Name: BBR
Location: Boston, MA

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"GeoStar's Greatest Heat Pump"
My family and I decided to install GeoStar's Cypress Series Geothermal Heat Pump last March. Our old central heat and air was just not doing the job. It was filthy, worn down, 20 years old, and cost us a fortune every month. Fortunately, the switch is what truly saved us. Although we've had it for about a year, it has been a blessing. So far, we have saved over $120 a month using the Geothermal Heat Pump from GeoStar instead of our older central heating and cooling unit. It is quieter, more efficient, and a lifesaver. I have never had to repair or replace, but if we needed to, it comes with a 15-year guarantee. I feel very confident in this heating pump. I would buy the same brand again.
Date created: 2016-11-10 Name: KC
Location: Sealy, Texas

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Great New Heater for Us!"
I have owned this unit for a little over a year and I really am satisfied with how it is working and the ability of the unit to heat my home to an acceptable and comfortable level quickly. The unit is super quiet, which I love since I have a newborn and any noise that can wake him up would not be appreciated by anyone in my family! The unit has been able to keep my family warm during our cold months much better than the units that we have used in the past. I am super happy that we decided to have our home builder install a GeoStar heat pump in contrast to a different heater and I would definitely recommend this unit to a friend and buy a similar unit if we ever changed homes. We have had no repair issues whatsoever and attribute this to the fact that it is simply a well made product and brand.

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