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Consumer Reviews of Eagle Mountain geothermal heat pumps

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Date created: 2016-12-26 Name: mp
Location: Atlanta ,GA

Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"GEOMAX geothermal not a good deal"
I got my Geothermal Last winter was my first full season using in a newly constructed home and I was not very happy. I have a 7-loop horizontal field with 5 radiant heat zones in 5700 sqft house (incl 1 in 2200 sqft unfinished basement), 1 zone for garage (big mistake) and 1 zone for workshop above garage. All equip/material were provided by Radiantmax (RM). I installed the field loops with the help of a plumber. This same plumber did all the pipework between the control board, Econar hp & pump pack, reservoir tank, and desuperheater to H/W tank. Elec connections were done by an electrician. 1st problem was ledgerock prevented me from trenching any deeper than 6'. RM owner came out to site and assured me it was deep enough. Next problem was hp did not work correctly for first 2 months. Lots of troubleshooting, reconnection of wires, etc. and it settled down and seemed to work correctly. During this I saw incoming fluid temp at around 35F in coldest months (vice 50F noted in literature). RM says that's OK as long as I see a 4-5 degree difference in outgoing temp. What I'm not sure of though is if hp efficiency is affected by having to extract the heat from colder liquid or if the main issue is just extracting the 4-5 degrees of heat. My next issue was the system seemed to be running all the time. I have a 2 degree differential on my thermostats but it seemed to take no time at all for a zone to lose 2 degrees and kick on again. However, that may be due to a problem with the house structure and not the heating sys. I am having a home energy audit conducted soon to determine where I might be losing heat. So right now I am not sure if my expensive heating system is designed/working correctly or if I have a gaping hole somewhere in my house (which is not obvious by cold drafts, improper insulation, or any other sign). Geothermal theory makes sense and appeals to me. However, it did not make cents last year and it's not the kind of system that lends itself to an easy fix. In all honesty, I now wish I had put a less expensive system in and augmented it with a masonry heater. They cost about the same as a masonry fireplace but you only conduct 1-2 wood burns a day and enjoy the extremely efficient radiant heat output. I've been in 2 homes with these heaters and they are incredibly comfortable. Hope this wasn't too long and wandering for you...

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