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York TG8S Furnace

5.0 of 5 stars 7 reviews | #1 of 15 Furnaces
Updated: Jan 5, 2018 | Read more about York Furnaces | TG8S Warranty

Overview of TG8S

The York TG8S is a single stage gas furnace with an efficiency rating of 80% AFUE. It is designed for multi-position installation -- upflow, horizontal left or right, or downflow -- and its compact 33-inch height requires less space for installation. It has a tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger and a 4 speed, direct drive PSC motor. The unit has built-in self-diagnostics with fault code displays to help monitor the system, and an electronic hot surface ignition which improves efficiency and reliability. The TG8S is factory shipped for use with natural gas but can be converted for use with propane. The TG8S is part of York's Latitude series.

Consumer Reviews of the TG8S

5.0 5.0 of 5 stars 7 reviews
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  • Somewhat Satisfied
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5 of 5 stars Texas
Date created: 2018-01-05

Best Furnace EVER

Had this unit for years now, no problems at all, just change your filters and do regular preventive maintenance and these units last forever. All the negative reviews are from people whom otherwise don't know how to care for their system or the contractor whom installed it, didn't do it properly. Keyword is Properly.

5 of 5 stars Arvada, CO
Date created: 2016-11-16

Great Buy!

The value of this unit seem incomparable in my opinion. Our previous furnace was loud, inefficient, and in constant need of maintenance. When we switched to a York all of these problems were solved. Not only can we sleep through the furnace coming on at night, we also are saving money because it is more efficient. Combine that with low maintenance and I can't see us ever going with a different brand.

5 of 5 stars Kansas City, MO
Date created: 2016-11-01

Do your homework

Do a spread sheet, minimum of 16 units that fall within the range your home needs. Go online and start documenting what's a positive and what's a negative. Search and qualify strictly by the numbers and your bottom line after insulation and month to month will be the lowest and the best choice you could have made!

5 of 5 stars Pueblo, CO
Date created: 2015-11-23

York furnace review

Great value for the money. Great installation team and good warranty.

5 of 5 stars Milford, CT
Date created: 2015-11-20

Equipment and contractor

This furnace and A/C was installed as a replacement for old units. It was well priced and has performed very well for the past year. The contractor, Allan Ljunquist, did an exceptional job of installing the units.

5 of 5 stars Brigantine, NJ
Date created: 2015-06-15

New heaters

Very good units, we needed two. Still a bit noisy but they are good units. They do the job and the contractor saved me almost $10,000. Local boys tried to take me to the bank with unnecessary parts and labor.

5 of 5 stars Aurora, IL
Date created: 2015-05-20

Reason to purchase

I always wanted to replace my old furnace with a York because I feel it's the best, and I've only heard good things about them. Now I am glad to have one.

Other TG8S Reviews

There are a couple of posts on from homeowners asking for opinions of the TG8S. Replies to both posts stated that the unit is a low end, builders grade furnace and that most low end units are basically the same regardless of brand.

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TG8S Warranty

Product registration is required within 90 days for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the York TG8S furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year limited heat exchanger warranty
  • 10-year limited parts warranty

If not registered within 90 days, the parts warranty reverts to 5 years. Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

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