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York Affinity 9V Furnace

2.8 of 5 stars 18 reviews | #12 of 15 Furnaces
Updated: Nov 26, 2017 | Read more about York Furnaces | Affinity 9V Warranty

Overview of Affinity 9V

Designed as a quiet and efficient furnace, the York Affinity 9V furnace had an AFUE rating of more than 92 percent. The furnace earned an Energy Star rating and Good Housekeeping Seal and, according to the manufacturer, had the potential to save the consumer up to 35 percent in utility costs. The 9V furnace had an insulated cabinet and could be configured as a downflow or horizontal flow unit. The unit was available in six models.

The Affinity 9V featured an ECM motor and ClimaTraK technology. The ECM motor was designed to ensure long operating cycles that maximized air circulation. As a result, air pockets did not form and the temperature was consistent throughout the home from floor to ceiling. The fan changed speeds gradually for better efficiency and sound levels during operation. ClimaTraK provided the ability to set the furnace to operate on a cycle that maximized temperature and humidity comfort no matter the climate. The Affinity 9V furnace was part of the York Affinity series.

Consumer Reviews of the Affinity 9V

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5 of 5 stars Markham, Ontario
Date created: 2017-11-26

Never buy York furnace!

Waste of Money. Service call every winter. Never able to bring temperature to above 21 Celsius.

5 of 5 stars Kansas City, MO
Date created: 2017-10-04

Best Gas Furnace 2017

Ultra Efficient, Quiet, Comfortable - Those are the words that best describe York's 2-stage Variable Speed gas furnace. Featuring an ecm motor, efficient continuous fan use is available to improve indoor air quality with optional humidifiers and air cleaners. Changes in fan speed to high and low heating are smooth, and the low stage heating provides a better match to actual building heat loss on milder days. This technology combines to keep space temperatures more constant, improving comfort even more. Combined with one of York's high efficiency cooling options, this furnace is a top choice for consumers looking for a step up in comfort.

1 of 5 stars PICKERING, ON
Date created: 2016-12-19

Poor warranty will only last about 9 years

My guess is they have the motherboard scheduled to die around the ten- year mark. Mine made it to only 8 years then the motherboard killed itself. Built in obsolescence is my guess, not moving parts so it's just a scheduled expense to get the repair guy back or its simply a garbage motherboard. Either way, it's about a grand to keep it running. Since there are no moving parts to wear out it makes no sense whatsoever. Do not buy York....garbage.

5 of 5 stars Schaumburg, IL
Date created: 2016-10-24

Great install, great equipment

AirWise Ingleside,Illinois, installed my York 2 stage furnace after my American Standard failed after 15 years. Very disappointed with the quality and longevity of that furnace. Installation was done in under 2 hours and the furnace is gently and quietly warming the house.

5 of 5 stars Ozark, MO
Date created: 2016-07-07

Uber efficient York Affinity

I had the HVAC system replaced in my 4000 square foot home with a new York Affinity Series system based on the recommendation of the contractor and independent reviews I conducted. The promise of high efficiency with this system was more than realized! The A/C keeps the house uniformly cool and uses less electricity than the old system and less than advertised and I am very pleased. It is in the heating component that this system really stands out! The installer said, "Your propane guy is really going to hate this" and he was so right! This furnace sips propane like a 50 year old Scotch! The propane usage has gone down by at least 2/3 and I am now easily getting two seasons heating from a single fill of the 500 gallon tank! Affinity heats the whole house for the entire winter for about $300.

5 of 5 stars Martintown, ON
Date created: 2016-04-12

Get the best contractor

I researched who was highly recommended in our area. I researched Baker Heating & Air Conditioning and their recommendation of York. Seems they were both tops in our area. Their service manager came out promptly and sized our needs and gave a reasonable quotation. Had a small problem later and they finished it immediately at no charge. I highly recommend the York furnace.

1 of 5 stars Severna Park, MD
Date created: 2016-01-20

Don't buy a York

Don't buy a York furnace and especially don't have it installed by **** *****. I'm sitting in the cold - again - waiting for parts - again - for my York furnace. This furnace breaks 2-5 times per winter for 1-5 days each time I have a contract so it's not costing me $ but freezing my butt off isn't worth it. I now have 6 portable heaters because this furnace is so bad.

2 of 5 stars Bellingham, WA
Date created: 2016-01-04

Failed after six years

We returned to a cold house after a short trip last week. Our six year old York gas furnace was making a noise but not starting. With nighttime temperatures dropping into the low 20's we had the service technician in on Sunday morning (at a 75% labor surcharge) and he replaced the exhaust fan and the condense tank. Fortunately the parts were covered by warranty but we paid the $280 labor charge. Our experience is relatively mild compared to some of the others on this forum but I do not think a furnace should be failing after six years. Had we been away longer we could have returned to frozen pipes.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2015-11-23

Never ever buy a York

I do not know what model, or series my York model is. I have had nothing but trouble with my entire experience with York. Except for the first year of ownership something breaks each and every year, sometimes once a year and sometimes three times a year. My house has remained both cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I have spent thousands of dollars on repairs. Now my furnace has a bad computer board and there is no replacement part. Therefore I need to come up with a thousand more dollars so I can have heat this winter. To date, after seven years I have spent in excess of seven thousand dollars on repairs. That's one thousand dollars a year, not even counting the purchase costs. In my 69 years of buying and building homes I have never known of worse equipment of any type. York should be in jail. The very worst of the worst.

5 of 5 stars Newark, DE
Date created: 2015-10-20

York Affinity is excellent

We purchased this equipment in the summer of 2014. It has been quiet, sufficient, and efficient. It is easy to use, but seems to be built extremely well. I would buy the same brand again. If I were to choose, I would like the logic in the thermostat to be a little more simple.

5 of 5 stars Pitman, NJ
Date created: 2015-08-20

What an awesome heater

We removed our Carrier 2 Stage 58MVP and had the YP9C York modulating gas variable speed heater installed. And what a difference! The quietness of the new heater compared to the Carrier is huge. And the comfort is wonderful. With the Carrier the house would get cold in between and we would have to turn the thermostat up to 72 degrees to feel warm. Now we can turn it down to 70 and be comfortable all the time.

1 of 5 stars West Chester, PA
Date created: 2015-06-30

Do not even consider York

We have 2 units installed in a dry basement. After less than 5 years we have had to replace a coil, a blower motor, and a drip pan for the heat pump with gas auxiliary furnace. York does not honor the warranties.

1 of 5 stars Moilne, IL
Date created: 2014-12-31

Know the repairman by name

The unit has to be repaired at least 2 times a season. It's not working now and it's 18 degrees outside.

1 of 5 stars Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Date created: 2014-12-11

York furnace is garbage

I have had the furnace since October of 2008 and to date I have had 6 flame sensors. I have started a collection of them. The problem, once again, was the flame sensor. Clearly, this furnace is a dud. I want to buy some flame sensors so that when the gas company can no longer clean it I have one to replace it. I will never, ever buy anything by York or recommend them. My head pounds just hearing the shorty commercial advertising them. The re-grounding was done the very next day from the panel to the furnace. At that time the Trademan mechanical fellow came in and put in a new flame sensor. It is a week past 3 months to the day. It is always the flame sensor. To be honest I can't stand knowing that furnace is in my house and that I have to worry every time I shut the door. Darn good thing it didn't happen when I was away at Grey Cup. The installer has stated everything mentioned was done and there's nothing further he can do unless the distributor wants to swap out the furnace. He also has never had this kind of a problem with any others. My sister has had hers for 3 years and no one has even touched it. I hear this from many people but clearly my furnace is not up to par. I can truly say the York furnace was the worst purchase I have made in my life. Clearly it is a dud. You have to worry every time you close the door and leave your house. Marketplace should do a review of this product and the problems I have had.

5 of 5 stars Sorrento, BC
Date created: 2014-09-25

Delighted with this furnace

We had this furnace installed two years ago and are very satisfied with this unit. It is much quieter than the previous furnace and much more efficient. The programmable thermostat has proven to be a wonderful feature and it keeps the house temperature very comfortable. Comparison of natural gas consumption during the past two years reveals that we saved 31% on our natural gas bill. The cost to have this furnace installed was at least as good as the competition and better than most. We would happily purchase this same brand again, though we do not expect to have to consider replacement of this unit for at least another 20 years.

1 of 5 stars Kansas
Date created: 2014-01-30

Horrible Equipment

I run the largest service department in our state and we sincerely regret selling York equipment. Has lost us many customers and cost us huge amounts of money in warranty calls. Stay away from york!

1 of 5 stars Prescott ,AZ
Date created: 2013-12-23

Piece of expensive JUNK

Never buy York Furnace. Ever since we installed the High Efficiency furnaces in 2007 they break every year with the pressure switch problem. Every single year multiple times. Never seen such a bad company, they cannot fix this problem and I have to keep paying repair people to fix York's inefficiency

1 of 5 stars Jordan Ontario Canada
Date created: 2013-11-29

Faulty Furnace & Faulty Replacement Parts

We purchased this furnace in 2006 and have had nothing but problems especially after the 5 year warranty ran out. Had problems before that as well. Last year, it was the igniter switch and we were told that this is very common after 5 years. Really? This year, no heat again. The repairman determined after 2 service calls that the "board" needed to be replaced. Part ordered and arrived 3 days later. After several hours of another repairman's time, it was determined that the replacement part was faulty! We have been waiting 6 days and have been told the replacement part is back ordered and won't be in until next week. Thanks to our repairman, the furnace has been set up with the fan running all the time so at least we do have heat. They are probably out of replacement parts because so many are needed! Faulty furnace and faulty replacement parts! Does anyone know of any petition or group lobbying for recall or compensation for repair bills? I tried to call York Head Office but searched the web and could not connect with any York Head office numbers for Canada. Any number would be appreciated?

Other Affinity 9V Reviews

Considered to be a high-end product, the Affinity 9V is reportedly both efficient and reliable. Dealers emphasize the importance of installing two-stage thermostat to get the most out of the unit's capabilities.

In the event of a problem, the 9V shows diagnostic fault codes. Using the code, one homeowner posting on seeks help determining why his furnace won't start but his vent fan tries to operate. Contractors on the forum suggest cleaning the hose to the induced draft meter and trying the jumper switch. Finally, the homeowner shares the installing technician's solution. It seems the vent's vacuum sensor was defective. The tech says this has been an ongoing problem for the furnace, and that the "glue" on these sensors did not hold.

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Affinity 9V Warranty

The Affinity 9V Furnace comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on all other parts.

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