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5.0 of 5 stars 1 review | #1 of 1 Furnaces
Updated: Jan 11, 2016 | Read more about WESTINGHOUSE Furnaces | FG6TA Warranty

Overview of FG6TA

The Westinghouse FG6TA is a gas furnace with an adaptive Small Lite Control Board that augments ignition and enhances furnace performance. This furnace is rated an AFUE up to 80%. It is a two-stage heater with a GE ECM Variable-Speed blower, which minimizes electricity use and keeps utility expenses low. The design of the Westinghouse FG6TA Furnace is CSA certified.

Consumer Reviews of the FG6TA

5.0 5.0 of 5 stars 1 review
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Date created: 2016-01-11

we love our furnace It has never failed us!

This Westinghouse FG6TA furnace is the best. It is a gas burner, heats up really fast and keeps us warm without costing a fortune to run. All the reviews I've read on it are great. Very happy with our purchase! Would recommend for sure!

Other FG6TA Reviews

Comments on the Consumer Democracy message board are quite positive regarding the overall performance of Westinghouse furnaces:

  • In one Consumer Democracy message board, one poster confirms Westinghouse furnaces operate at extremely low decibels. Problems have been non-existent with this model; everything is functioning excellently.
  • In another Consumer Democracy message board, a author states that the warranty itself is also attractive. Westinghouse is genuine, and the company's documentation reflects this. The quality of the products is highly rated.
  • In yet another Consumer Democracy message board, a poster comments that some contractors are unhappy with this brand and they do not have kind words for it. Residential buyers, however, have many great things to say about Westinghouse furnaces.

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FG6TA Warranty

All Westinghouse heating equipment has an 8-year warranty on all parts and a 5-year limited warranty on heat exchangers, which includes warranty protection plans, utility rebates, and financing programs.

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