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Trane XV95 Furnace Prices

Wondering how much you might expect to spend to install a new Trane XV95 gas furnace? Several online reviewers put the base cost of this furnace at between $2,500 and $2,800. However, when adding in labor and compatible accessories, and taking out the cost of rebates, costs vary widely.

  • Low installation quote: $3,900
  • High installation quote: $5,200
  • Average installation quote: $4,550

Among the lowest quotes available on consumer message forums was one given in 2011 to a homeowner in upstate New York; this individual was quoted about $3,900 to install a new XV95. This included a $100 discount from the manufacturer, and a credit on the heat exchanger.

Similarly, a northeast Ohio resident received a quote in 2010 to have his XV95 installed for $3,925 in his 1,450-square-foot home. The total includes a new Trane thermostat and any necessary electrical and piping work.

Among the highest quotes for this furnace alone came to a Pennsylvania homeowner who was quoted a price of $5,200 (all-inclusive) for putting this furnace into a 2-bedroom apartment in 2011. The homeowner suspects the high cost is to persuade him to accept a "bargain" to also install a new air conditioner.

That homeowner's suspicion could be correct, as another Pennsylvania homeowner received a quote of $5,800, with tax and a Trane rebate, for a 60,000 BTU XV95. However, the 2002 quote for this 12,000-plus-square-foot residence also included installation of a XB13 air-conditioning unit.

Several other quotes on the message forums include a compatible air conditioner. On his first bid received in 2013, one homeowner was quoted $7,500 for both a XV95 furnace and a XR15 air conditioner. The price includes labor. Meanwhile, a homeowner in Detroit was given a quote of $7,800 for the XV95 and a XR13 air conditioner, installed, in 2011.

For the furnace alone, a homeowner seeking to take advantage of existing tax credits in 2009 received a range of replies when asking the estimated install price. A contractor suggested $3,500 for the furnace alone, while a Virginia homeowner estimated the cost to be closer to $4,600 based on his recent Trane installation experience.

A homeowner in northwest Iowa was quoted a price of $4,554 to have a new XV95 installed in 2013. This cost includes the Media TFM air cleaner and TCONT802 Thermostat, as well as work to reroute the cold air return and install a second cold air return into the basement.

In 2009, a Seattle resident was quoted a price of about $5,100 (plus tax) to install a new 70,000 BTU/H Trane XV95 furnace. The price included the furnace, installation and a new Honeywell thermostat.

In 2008, a homeowner was quoted $5,400 for this series of Trane, installed, and with a new thermostat.

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