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Trane XV90 Furnace

2.8 of 5 stars 29 reviews | #9 of 16 Furnaces
Updated: Feb 7, 2019 | Read more about Trane Furnaces | XV90 Warranty

Overview of XV90

The XV90 was Trane's top-of-the-line condensing gas warm-air furnace until it was discontinued in 2008. (Current top-of-the line models include the XV95 and the XC95M). The furnace was Energy Star® rated with an AFUE of 93% or better. (Trane does not make an oil furnace in the XV90 line, although it does in its XV80 line.)

The XV90 was a two-stage model with a variable speed blower. (This reduces the operating cost of the furnace when it's not too cold as compared to a single-stage model.) It has built-in diagnostics, which the company claims can reduce maintenance time and costs should problems occur. The design of the XV90 furnace is CSA certified.

Furnace Filters for the Trane XV90

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
Upflow / Horizontal 17-1/2" 1 17x25x1 filter
Upflow / Horizontal 21" 1 20x25x1 filter
Upflow / Horizontal 24-1/2" 1 24x25x1 filter

Consumer Reviews of the XV90

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5 of 5 stars Happy Valley, OR
Date created: 2019-02-07

Absolutely no complaints

I extensively remodeled the house (removed roof and main floor walls and double the size of the house) and installed one of these in the attic for the main floor and one in the basement. In 16 years of use neither ever has had a service call, and admittedly I have been quite bad at filter replacement. I have twice added a room to the main floor and with the recent addition of another 520 sq ft addition, I have thoroughly maxed- out the main furnace. I knew it was a bit oversized originally, but I also knew I would be adding square footage so I ordered something a bit large. I have no complaints, even with the main floor furnace getting closer to needing to be replaced. It has served us exceedingly well. The basement furnace seems like it will last nearly forever, but it has worked much less hard.

2 of 5 stars New York
Date created: 2019-01-13

Draft Inducer Blower

I think I'm having problems with my XV90 furnace. I replaced the furnace draft inducer blower motor in Feb.2017 And just replaced it again because of loud noises. I saw signs of water/rust inside of the unit. Not sure where it's coming from. My furnace is about 13 yrs old. Any suggestions?

2 of 5 stars Tavistock, Ontario, Canada
Date created: 2017-04-11

Take it all with a grain of salt

In spite of my sodium reduced diet, I recommend a grain of salt with every comment you read. In my humble opinion, all comparable products are likely just as bad. They all design around the same paradigms and compete with one another on a level playing field. Nobody seems to come up with anything revolutionary or really better. Our first mistake was purchasing from Direct Energy. The salesman apparently measured wrong and the installers couldn't use what they arrived with. We then waited another week without heat, in frigid November weather, for plenums to be rebuilt and eventually installed. After several years of pleasure we started having furnace failures in the coldest possible weather. The ignitor has been replaced at least three or four times. The last Trane technician said we needed a new motherboard because it was only sending 80 volts to the ignitor and was not aware that they were designed with an 80 volt ignitor. Apparently the motherboard has been redesigned and he was only familiar with the new version. It all comes down to poor installation and poor service, compounded with poor design. I have proven that I can't trust my local Trane dealer. I have asked everyone on Facebook who they would recommend or not, and why. I will get at least three quotes and decide who installs a replacement based on who seems the most reliable and trustworthy! Product specifications are pretty much meaningless. Give me heat when I need it and don't charge me an arm and a leg if it quits. I'm now spending another $5000 to get rid of unreliable contractors and taking my chances with another brand.

5 of 5 stars Dayton, NJ
Date created: 2017-03-18

Great unit.

My xv90 was installed in late 200. In 2017, there may be slightly more efficient units but this one cut our heating bills in half when it was installed. Other than needing to reset the limit switch (which, in my unit, is not an auto-reset), my Trane XV90 has been terrific. I can hardly blame the unit for these resets. I was told the unit was over-sized so airflow could be an issue if the unit works hard. The latest reset was required after our front door remained open for a jamb repair for 5 hours in sub-freezing temps. I should have turned off the furnace for that! Other events were caused by my own forgetfulness at keeping my filters cleaned regularly. I suppose I am a lucky person because, coming up on 16 years since installation, my Trane XV90 has cost me exactly $0 in repairs. Maybe Trane did too well! I would definitely be a Trane customer again but I've had no opportunity.

5 of 5 stars Sudbury, ON, Canada
Date created: 2017-01-03

Very Satisfied

Bought the xv90 9 years ago and under the 10-year warranty I have had 3 small issues and one breakdown today (the ignitor) and 3 service calls to clean it (unit was not dirty at all). Over 9 years had cold air blowing twice in morning and I reset furnace by turning the power off for 30 secs and it fixed the issue. 3 months ago a label came off inside panel and rolled into a ball in the air drum and made a "thumping sound". Tech came over and found the label "ball" and left. Today, cold air blowing and tried to reset as before but no go. Called installer and he replaced the ignitor, good to go. Was looking for part number and came across this site. I love this unit. We set blower speed lower and on low speed you can hardly hear it run. It's located under basement staircase in closed in closet and that area is very clean and very dry all the time. That probably helps a lot. I checked out hi-eff furnaces 9 years ago before buying and found that Trane had better reliability than any other, as far as I could Google back then, so I'm really surprised at the problems I read here.

1 of 5 stars Eaton Rapids, MI
Date created: 2016-10-25

13-year life?

Our two XV90 (propane) furnaces were installed in the summer of 2003 (in a duplex, two units). Every year at least one of the furnaces has needed some very major & expensive parts replaced, none were covered under warranty –– repairs & the labor have averaged about $1,000/year (mostly due to parts cracking or breaking internally). All service & cleaning have been done by the local dealer every year, for both the furnaces and two air conditioners ($100/unit = $400/year). Have never had a problem with the air conditioners, just the furnaces, about equally. Today we just found out that the igniter module & mother board need to replaced on one and the other furnace may need it soon, cost may be nearly $3,000 each. When the furnaces are working, they are really great and quiet, but the annual repairs-replacements are just unreasonable; in 12 years we have spent $11,000 in repairs (as much as the original cost of both units in 2003), plus the annual maintenance total of $5,000. I cannot recommend Trane Furnaces, much better to stay away (I purchased because they used to be excellent and highly recommended in the 90's, but not these days from my personal experience), next summer these two will be replaced, researching other brands now. The Trane dealer & servicemen have always been very professional & well trained, prices & labor are always 'standard-by-the-book' (but seem way too high to me), nice facilities & vehicles, and 3–5 day service.

2 of 5 stars Franklin, MA
Date created: 2015-11-02

12 years is the lifetime for XV90

Well, same story as that of others here. XV90 built in 2002, same problems with inducer motor, same proposal to replace the whole set of the motherboard, motor and harnesses, all for $1000 (+$500 labor) with 1 year of warranty. Versus new furnace for about $5000 total and 10 years. When it died first, as I understood, the motor does not reach necessary speed and the controller won't proceed with ignition. I recognized my exhaust pipes are long through the whole basement and not too big in diameter, so I've replaced the in- and out- air pipes for bigger ones, and re-traced the condensate drainage away from the inducer, because originally the condensate flows inside the motor (what a stupid idea!). Believe it or not, but that has solved the problem, and cost me only about $300 and a half-day. Though this fix worked for only 1 year, till now. Now the same thing happened again and apparently this time it's not related to limited air flow, but rather to excessive friction in the motor or something like that, but in any case, the root cause is in the threshold level of minimal rotation speed of the inducer motor, programmed in the controller, and if by any reason the motor can't reach this minimal speed, the controller won't proceed with ignition and will keep turning the motor on and off infinitely. Now, the Trane offers this kit to be replaced, I assume with smaller threshold speed level, but I'm not sure if I really want to proceed this way, especially living in New England with three kids in the house. The bad thing is this always happens when it's too cold to think too long about what to do next, and so my final decision is to replace this junk with another brand and never turn back to Train.

1 of 5 stars Virginia
Date created: 2014-11-19


3 units installed 2007. I replaced the gas rollout sensor on 2 of them 3 times, the igniter on two of them twice and the thermocouples 3 times. There has been sporadic gas tube action on two units many times, with improper ignition and sporadic flame. This equipment is junk.

1 of 5 stars Calgary, Alberta
Date created: 2014-10-01

Don't choo choo choose this Trane

As I write this, I'm trying to decide whether to invest another $1000 in repairs to my Trane or to throw it on the fire to keep warm tonight. Based on my experience with Trane, I think the fireplace is the best investment of my money. I bought a home six years ago that, unfortunately, has a Trane furnace in it. The furnace is a 2005 XV 90. I thought it was great to have a home with a three year old furnace in it. After one year, on the 23rd of December, my Trane broke down. It was minus 35 Celsius that night, and for the next three days. As it was the holidays, I couldn't get parts until the 27th. It turned out to be the circuit board and cost me about $1,000. Happy Xmas! I had noticed a build up of water in the lower chamber of the furnace, and that the drain pipe emptied into this area. I rerouted the pipe to the exterior of the furnace to ensure that moisture would not get into that area. I am fortunate to have a wood burning fireplace in my living room and a gas insert in the basement. Year two: the same thing happened in January the following year. This time, my service tech took both of the boards to his supplier, who thought it was a condensation issue. There was visible staining on both circuit boards. My service tech, in an effort to "stem the tide", caulked around all of the wires and seals. I'm pleased to say, the fix worked. The following year, one of the fans gave up the ghost. For all they're cheap, crap parts, it still set me back about $650.00. It's October now in Calgary and cooling off. Why am I shocked, then, that my furnace has broken down again. Never does it during the summer. It's the circuit board again. This time it appears to be burnt. Do I spend another grand on this derailed Trane, or do I burn the money to keep warm? Hmmm... let's have a fire. I'm not spending another dime on this thing. Whatever you do, don't buy a Trane. You're better off lighting your cash on fire, it'll keep you warmer.

2 of 5 stars Hillsborough NJ
Date created: 2013-10-26

Inducer Motor Madness

Our unit is 12 years old and the inducer motor smoked. Okay, let's replace the inducer motor. No way, says Trane. You now need to purchase a complete replacement kit that "supersedes" (Trane terminology) the OEM motor which includes a complete new electronic board. So the tech comes out, takes one look at the unit and kit and says, now he knows why this job is "so expensive" as simply replacing the motor. Would take about 30 minutes while replacing the entire board and all the supplemental wiring would take almost 2 hours and of course, there was the additional price of the board itself. I contacted Trane and suggested that I would have been fine with just replacing the motor and if Trane wanted to upgrade this unit, they could cover the cost of the upgrade or make the original motor available. Trane said, no option, it's the kit or nothing. I now understand the inducer motor fails often. If this was a car, this would be a recall. Trane is dropping the ball on this and alienating customers.

1 of 5 stars Astoria, OR
Date created: 2013-10-04

High Efficiency Condensing Gas Furnace

I purchased two (2) of the above furnaces on June 7, 2002. They were installed by "Diamond Heating" which is now located in Seaside, Oregon. Their phone number is area code 503, 717-1667. I have been continually plagued with repairs, which have been covered by a 10-year extended warranty which I purchased. Their file on work performed is extensive. My extended warranty expired last year of course, and now one furnace needs a complete computer board replacement and the other needs a fan replacement as the bearings have worn out (this has been replaced 3 times). Today (October 3, 2012), I was advised that since my contract expired 4 months ago, that I am facing "considerable out of pocket expenses to make the furnaces functional". I have no other option than to pay for the repairs, but it seems clear that the equipment has been pre-programmed to fail upon expiration of the warranty. I want you to know that this has been an unfortunate lesson for me but assure you I will never purchase another Trane product.

1 of 5 stars Whitmore Lake Mi.
Date created: 2013-03-03

Trane XV90

Worst furnace in the world, nothing but problems since I had it installed. The only thing that saved me was I got a 10 year parts and labor guarantee. Replaced at least 3 circuit boards not to mention all the other problems, I am so sick of this furnace, now it starts and stops several times before it starts up, very annoying and tonight the exhaust blower is making loud noise. They told me it would be 149.00 to come out plus parts and labor. I will be checking into replacing this piece of crap soon.

1 of 5 stars Michigan
Date created: 2013-01-10

Ignition issue...

Ignition issue – furnace 5 years old - 10 year warranty - I had an issue with only two of the six jets firing, so I contacted Trane via the chat, this is what came of it, the first chat is not there, it was short but was disconnected, I asked about tech support,warranty parts and repairing the unit myself after having over a thousand dollars worth of "repairs" already done by their "quality techs" … below is what was said after that… Kris: Good afternoon. Is this your first tiem contactin us? Andy: Hi Kris - lost connection - Kris: No problem. Regarding the warranty information and self installation correct? Andy: Correct... Kris: Ok, unfortunately, It is critical that our products and Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts be installed and serviced by licensed, qualified independent Trane dealers who have access to product data, service updates, and distributor training. As a manufacturer, we feel that it is in both our customers' and our best interest to ensure that our product delivers the quality, durability, and comfort we advertise and you expect. Andy: I understand this, but if your "repair people" do nothing but replace parts until it works, where is the value of a "service tech"? Andy: Obviously not being able to diagnose the issue... Kris: I understand. In that circumstance I would contact another dealer for another opinion. Also, these dealers have tech support available to them so they can contact them and get direct support for the units Andy: Parts replacement cost have to be enormous when that is all that is done...why is this tech support not available to customers? - it could save huge amount of replacement part cost because people want it fixed and nothing to gain from it other than a working unit, repair stations (dealers) have to make a living off of it... Andy: I am also told Trane will not cover a service call, only I have out of pocket for a warranty call along with Trane costs for parts...something is not working here when there is cost coming from two directions... Kris: Our products are heating and air conditioning units. Trane does not sell parts direct, parts and equipment are sold by the regional distributor offices to licensed heating and air conditioning dealers and contractors. Our recommendation is to contact a Trane dealer for service. Kris: Thank you for contacting Trane LIVE chat. Have a great rest of the day Chat Session Ended, Goodbye. (5010) Absolutely blown off, I will never buy or recommend a Trane again…

1 of 5 stars Altoona,Pa
Date created: 2013-01-04

Things aren't built the way they used to be!

Furnaces should last about 20 years so they say now. How about 12 years and then need a complete mother board costing $1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's more than 25% of what I paid for it. They say "just bad luck, electronics can fail". I say piece of junk! The dealer I talked with says its not uncommon for that part to fail. How about issuing recall replacement parts! What is uncommon is to find an extra $1200 in my bank account!

5 of 5 stars Shelburne, ON, Canada
Date created: 2012-10-30

Super furnace

I have now had my Trane high efficiency furnace for (only) 6 months, but I am delighted with it. It is unbelievably quiet, even in the basement! The installation was quick and clean.

2 of 5 stars Portland, OR
Date created: 2012-10-11

Nothing sounds like a Train--except a Trane furnace

Trane xv90 is 14 years old, but with limited use (supplemented by other heat source) in a moderate climate, it has had about 1/3 of expected normal usage over that time period. Though the company sales 'literature' stated that a Trane is so quiet you will hardly know when it's operating......the inducer draft motor was unacceptably loud from day 1. Trane representative replaced it 4 weeks after initial installation and it was still annoyingly loud (unless tv drowned it out), especially in light of expectations generated by Trane. Over time, with wear, the noise from the unit came to resemble a jet aircraft engine. Just replaced the inducer and circuit board with a conversion kit ( original emc inducer motor no longer manufactured) with parts and labor retailing at $1,600. It now operates more quietly than it ever has.This Trane furnace has been an overly expensive gas delivery system. Next time I'll go for simpler and send a bit more to the gas company and much less to Trane and various service personnel.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2011-08-24

Duped Customer

I like this product as it met with out idea of an economical heating system that qualified for the rebate program. What I dislike about this product 8 years into ownership is discovering that Trane's use of a sub quality furnace motor, that was recalled by them and replaced in later models, now as a faithful customer it will now cost me at least 1040.00 to replace this faulty motor.

5 of 5 stars
Date created: 2011-08-02

New Trane XV90 furnace installed

New Trane XV90 furnace installed three years ago. Never an issues. Quite, does its job w/o needing any attention or bring attention to itself. Love it. Make sure you find the right installer. Ours found issues with return duct sizing that shortened the life of our prior furnace(carrier) and reduced its efficiency. They also setup the furnace to have the return duct attached to the bottom of the furnace rather than the side, told me this was more efficient for the blower.

3 of 5 stars Lincoln, NE
Date created: 2011-07-06

Clean Effects don't happen

I have a Clean Effects air cleaner on my Trane furnace and I love the furnace, but the Clean Effects is a lousy unit. We moved five years ago and left an American Standard (Trane) high efficiency furnace and a Honeywell air cleaner with the vertical electrostatic wires; this unit worked great (supposedly 80% effective. At the new house we had a Clean Effects installed because of the greater filtering power 98% or so. We have had nothing but dust and lint in the house since. I will never buy another air cleaner from Trane. We did have the cells replaced under the recall, no difference.

5 of 5 stars MN
Date created: 2011-06-20

Warm winter

I recently bought (this last fall) a new furnace for my house. I looked at many brands and models, and decided to buy a Trane xv90 furnace. Decided on the Trane unit based on the cost, the output of the heat, and the quietness of the furnace. I couldn't be happier with my selection, as the furnace has worked flawlessly for the past few months, even when the temperature got down to below zero for a few days. The furnace has an air cleaner that filters the air that helps keep the dust and pollen from blowing through the house. My monthly gas bill is abut 20% lower than it was last year for the same period of time. I would recommend this unit to any of my friends!

5 of 5 stars
Date created: 2011-05-26

Trane xv 90, xl13i heatpump

I installed this equipment in my home. A xv90 and a xl13i heat pump. First of all, on the outdoor unit the capacitor, and contactor are normal maintenance, they last 5-7 years. I install for a living at a local company, now Trane is the most install and service friendly units. They have the most bells and whistles, for all of u having problems: 1. You had a below average installer, 2. U need annual maintenance checks, just like an oil change, 3. No equipment will perform or last if the duct sizing isn't correct, and equipment must be sized properly for the home. So, quit being so cheap people, and pay for a quality contractor, then it will last,period...Trane units are simply the most efficient,and the most reliable. Voltage, airflow, duct size, location, equipment size all matters, do it right the first time.

1 of 5 stars Tonganoxie,Ks
Date created: 2011-03-25

Ignition problems

I had a XV90 Trane installed in my new house in 2001. The winter of 2009-2010 and this past winter I've had four different professional furnace repair guys try to get the burner's to light consistly. I've spend over 700.oo dollars and they can't keep it working. Now it's failed again. My gas line pressure has been proven multiple times to be good. All they seem to be able to do is change the igniter four times in 15 months. I'll never own another Trane.

4 of 5 stars Toledo, OH
Date created: 2011-01-13

Efficient but Expensive to Maintain

We have had good luck with our Trane xv90 High Efficiency and xl14i AC. We have had just 2 problems. We save on our gas bill but yearly inspections at $90 each and two breakdowns in five years are a concern. The first breakdown was a $15 cleaning of a flame sensor that ended up being a $144 billing. Today, this second breakdown is a gas valve at $268 that is costing $370. The repair technition said this valve should not breakdown in five years time. Whatever I am saving in natural gas is being consumed by these costs to maintain. I will try the warrenty route with Trane on this gas valve but do your best research on installers, product, and service reputations before you buy.

5 of 5 stars Rochester, MN
Date created: 2010-12-28

2-stage Comfort

We brought our very first home, and the house had the 1968 furnace in it, and gas budget was about $175 a month. After a couple of months, the fan motor went out. Time for an update. My parents had a Trane in the house i grew up in, and been very pleased with it. I called local Trane dealer to give up a quote, and got what I thought was a fair price. I have a Trane XV90 two stage gas furnace with variable speed blower. The unit is 6 years old, and never had any issues. I do my annual fall check up to make sure all is good before I fire it off for the heating season. The unit is paired up with the Honeywell IAQ stat, and the comfort from the two stage is great for our Minnesota winter. I'd get another Trane if we need to get a new one. FYI, I work retail, and bad comments/review are going to be heard more than a happy ones! So, don't let these review stop you from getting a new system.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2010-12-11


This is a letter about our so called "Cadillac" of all Heating and Air conditioning units; the Trane, Model xv90. The heating and a/c unit that we were replacing had been in our home since we had built the house in 1978…25 years. Other than just the regular maintenance of cleaning and filter changes, we had virtually no problems with the old unit. But since we were doing other remodeling in our home at the time , we felt that the furnace should be replaced due to its age and the fact that we wanted a newer and more energy efficient unit. We were assured by the sales person that this unit would be carefree and save us money on our heating / ac bills. The following is the failure history of our Trane:  10-10-03 - Purchased Unit  10-24-03 - Unit installed  04-23-04 - No Air conditioning (loose fitting – no Freon)  07-27-05 - No Air Conditioning (Replaced TVX Valve)  04-14-06 - No Air Conditioning (loose fittings – no Freon)  10-21-09 - Water leak (Replaced Transition Piece)  11-20-09 - Water leak (Replaced Heat Exchanger)  12-11-10 - Humidifier not working Needless to say, we are not happy with our Trane unit and my husband has, and will continue, to share our experience with the "Trane Wreck" in our home. I've convinced my husband that instead of just grumbling about the problems and regrets of purchasing this unit, we should put our story in writing so others will be informed of our experiences with Trane and may learn from our mistake.

4 of 5 stars
Date created: 2009-11-08

XV90 first hiccup in 4.5 years

Had an installer who worked for a local contractor give me a deal on this unit and a Goodman outdoor unit. Both have worked without a hitch. The guy who was told that you can't use a programmable thermostat with the xv90 has either been greatly lied to or the specs have greatly changed. Since it is dual stage and has a variable speed fan, it works even better with a programmable thermostat. Been using one since day installed. Looking now for a new gas valve as mine seems to have developed a problem with the pilot regulator pressure. This part is made by White-Rodgers, but will only ding Trane once since I probably won't get any warranty service on this covered part.

2 of 5 stars Kalamazoo, Michigan
Date created: 2009-03-16

Many repairs needed

We have a xv90 trane furnace that is being repaired as I write this. It's been circuit boards and now a blower motor controller.It's been jan 2003 controller replacement, march 2005 ifc ( part) replacement,dec 2005control board,and at least two calls inbetween the calls in 2005. All the problems have been electrical in nature but come on if I hadn't bought the extended warranty I would have spent about $2020.00 in repairs in the nine years we have had this money pit!

2 of 5 stars Kentucky
Date created: 2009-02-04

XV90 - Flawed logic

I just purchased a builder's model home that has a Trane xv90 (hybrid gas/electric) model, which is supposed to be super energy-efficient. I called the installer to come and put in a programmable thermostat for me so that I could have the house cool down for sleeping and while I am at work; and warm up for when I am awake/and for weekends. They said that it is not recommended that you use a programmable thermostat with the xv90, but they couldn't tell me why. I then called Trane, who couldn't really explain it to me either. I posed the question as to whether it would harm the unit if I used a programmable thermostat or if there was some other reason. Apparently it was some other reason, and that reason being energy efficiency. Well, to heck with that - I need to be comfortable so that I can sleep! The guy at Trane told me that the furnace is designed to run at 73 degrees f - constantly. This is way too warm for me for nighttime. He said that lowering the temperature by more than one degree may create conditions where it would never be able to warm the house up again until the weather got warmer. What the heck? If this thing ever dies I will replace it with a standard model. My programmable thermostat will more than make up the difference in energy consumption. Good grief! Aside from that, the unit does run quietly most of the time. I can hear it running (it's in the basement) only when I am in the room directly above it. It generates a nice amount of heat. So, if you are going to keep the thermostat at the same temperature for 24/7, then this model is acceptable.

5 of 5 stars Oakville, ON, Canada
Date created: 2007-08-07

We bought our home 7 years ago with XV90 model uy-r9v (with up air flow) high-efficiency furnace and ac indoor/outdoor units of year 1996. We provided routine maintenance every year. Furnace was never stopped, never had any problem. The key thing in efficiency is the proper installation, and particularly the size and location of the outside inlet and vent terminals (pipes). For the inlet you should use just 6 inch 90 degrees simple elbow (12 inch above the normal expected snow accumulation level). The vent from the wall should go on 90 degrees 12 inch up, and than on 45 degrees elbow should go downward with attached pipe 6 inch minimum. If you have on this side of your house the prevailing windy area in winter, the attached pipe can be longer (10 inch) - to reduce excessive wind pressure and possible nuisance induced Draft Blower Pressure Switch trips.

Other XV90 Reviews

Comments on do-it-yourself message boards and heating contractor sites are generally positive about the XV90 furnace.

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Trane XV90 Model Numbers

The XV90 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
TDC040C924B* 91 40,000
TDC060C936B* 91 60,000
TDC080C942B* 91 80,000
TDC100C948B* 91 100,000
TDY060R9V3V* 92 60,000
TDY060R9V3W* 92.1 60,000
TDY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TDY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TDY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TDY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TDY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TDY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000
TUY060R9V3V* 93 60,000
TUY060R9V3W* 93 60,000
TUY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TUY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TUY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TUY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TUY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TUY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000

XV90 Warranty

The XV90 comes with a lifetime limited warranty against defects on its primary and secondary heat exchanger. (The lifetime warranty is available only to the original purchasor. A successive owner qualifies for a 20 year warranty on the heat exchangers, providing they have proof of date of purchase.) Trane provides a five-year limited warranty on the furnace's internal parts. An optional extended warranty is available.

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