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Trane XR80 Furnace

2.5 of 5 stars 8 reviews | #13 of 16 Furnaces
Updated: Dec 27, 2018 | Read more about Trane Furnaces | XR80 Warranty

Overview of XR80

Trane's XR80 is a single stage gas furnace with an AFUE of up to 80%. The XR80 furnace includes a four-speed blower motor, a self-diagnostic microelectronic controller, and a silicon nitride igniter. The one-piece heat exchanger offers easy installation. These furnaces come 40" high and 28" deep and can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit your premises. The equipment is housed in an insulated, pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet for durability and quiet operation.

Furnace Filters for the Trane XR80

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
Upflow 14-1/2" 1 14x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Upflow 17-1/2" 1 17x25x1 filter
Upflow 21" 1 20x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Upflow 24-1/2" 1 24x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Upflow All 1 17-1/2x25x1 filter
(side air return)

Consumer Reviews of the XR80

2.5 2.5 of 5 stars 8 reviews
  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
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1 of 5 stars Kitchener, Ontario
Date created: 2018-12-27

Worst of the worst out there

Can't stop a Trane is a lie! More like, can't stop a Trane from constantly breaking! Every year I have to take apart the furnace when the house freezes just to clean a flame sensor! It's loud, it breaks and this is the worst furnace I have ever witnessed. Total garbage. Stay away!

1 of 5 stars Toronto, Ontario
Date created: 2018-08-19

Money Grabbing Lemon!

3 months after the warranty expired, heat exchangers broke. Enbridge replaced my last 40-year-old furnace because their leaky water tank leaked underneath it and broke it, and never said a word. Last furnace never left me stranded in the cold each year like this Trane, that needs the flame sensor to be removed and cleaned with very fine sand paper or steel wool. (What do seniors do I wonder, call a repair man every year for this service?) Trane and their partner are scam artists as far as I am concerned. This unit is horrific.

5 of 5 stars Atlanta, GA
Date created: 2015-05-22

Trane furnace review from satisfied customer

This furnace was in my house when I bought it, which was 6 years ago. The previous owner had purchased the furnace four years earlier. It heats up the house nicely. I do live in the South, so we don't have extremely cold winters. It has been very reliable. I have only had one problem with it and it was very inexpensive to repair. I believe this was an electrical issue which interfered with the furnace being able to cycle on and off properly. This repair was done 3 years ago and we have had no further issues with the furnace. I especially like the efficiency of this furnace. My gas bill is reasonable even in the middle of winter. I would recommend this product to a friend. If I need to replace my furnace at some point in the future, I will probably look for something similar from the same company because this furnace has been so reliable.

2 of 5 stars Louisville, KY
Date created: 2014-12-04

We use it as an alarm clock!

This furnace replaced a 12-year-old Lennox two-stage that had a mind of its own and left the HVAC dealers scratching their heads. I thought the Lennox was loud, but this thing sounds like a jet trying to take off. I'm on a concrete slab with the utility room centrally located. That's part of the problem. It's not isolated. The draft motor whirs away and when the inshot burners light - it's blast off! I can't complain about heat, though; it warms the house better than the old Lennox. I'm going to add some sound-deadening material to the utility room to try and quiet it down.

4 of 5 stars Baltimore, MD
Date created: 2014-09-22

A good furnace

I've owned a Trane XR80 for five years now. Not one problem out of this furnace!

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2010-04-24

Trane XR80 is Crap

After two years in service, the circuit board and transformer failed on my Trane xr80 and thus needed to be replaced. Although under warranty, it still cost me $350 of labor and warranty service fees from an authorized Trane dealer (highway robbery at its best). My other unit is a Carrier--it's been in service for 13 years--with no major service required. The TRANE XR80 is a piece of crap!

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2009-12-25

I Hate This Furnace

The Trane xr 80 is a complete piece of sh**. Every single year, I have to get something fixed on this thing. I change filters every 30 days, clean the flame sensor every year and maintain it as well as can be expected but every year since it was new something goes wrong and leaves me without heat. Right now for some reason, it has blown the original transformer and 3 weeks later has now blown the second one. Why? Who knows, I will never buy another Trane product, complete and utter garbage. I wish I had got a 300 dollar Janitrol instead, so at least when it started acting up I could blame it on being cheap. STAY away from Trane!

5 of 5 stars Frankfort, KY
Date created: 2008-12-06

New Trane Furnace/Humidifier will not work

I have a new Trane xr-80 gas Furnace and Humidifier installed July '08. Did not turn on until October. The thermostat is set on #5, which should provide 45% humidity. It will not go above 30%. The dealer's service Tecís have been here three times. The last time the rewired the Humidifier so that it would run when the fan only was on and advised to run continuously. I ran for 12 hours and the drain line was outputting 4 gallons per hour, the humidity remained at 30%.The tech verified that my humidity gauge was correct!

Other XR80 Reviews

On users recommend Trane, Lennox, and Carrier as good brands but pricey compared to the less expensive Rheem and Armstrong. Consumers on both and describe problems with the XR80 control board resulting in no heat. Contractors commented that this is not an unusual problem.

Question and Answer


I see a red light flashing on my Trane furnace. What does that mean?


Your Trane furnace has a flashing light to tell you if your unit is functioning properly or not. A steady flash is normal and means the unit is working properly. A series of flashes and pauses is a code for something wrong with your furnace. A breakdown of the flashing codes and their meanings should be located on the inner front panel of your furnace. An error code is usually a problem which requires a qualified heat tech to repair.


What is the cost to replace a Trane furnace transformer?


On 2016-07-29 Gary wrote:

If you have the part number, many Trane furnace transformers can be purchased from online HVAC suppliers. The cost of a transformer should be around $20. You could also contact a licensed heating tech who can make sure you get the correct transformer and install it for you.


My Trane XR80 furnace is blowing cool air


On 2015-11-18 Eric wrote:

On page 8 of the owner's manual there is a troubleshooting chart on common issues with the furnace. On the chart it states:

No Heat -- Vent motor is running

Possible cause - Restricted or plugged furnace condensate drain

This is the solution they provide

  1. Remove drain clamps to condensate trap and drain pan outlet
  2. Flush or clean drain blockage
  3. Reinstall clamps
  4. If you're still having issues with the furnace or this is not the trouble you're having, calling a licensed contractor would be a wise choice.

    On 2016-02-15 Gary wrote:

    This furnace should be flashing an LED error code which can help you diagnose the problem. A few possible causes of a furnace blowing cold air are a dirty filter, a problem with the capacitor, a plugged air intake or a problem with the blower motor. Having a licensed tech troubleshoot and fix your furnace might be a good idea and help prevent further damage.

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Trane XR80 Model Numbers

The XR80 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
TUD080C960K* 80 80,000

XR80 Warranty

Trane offers a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts for its XR80 model. To qualify for the warranty, consumers must register their product within 60 days of installation. Extended warranty options are available, which may pay for labor and other expenses not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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