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Trane XB90 Furnace

3.0 of 5 stars 6 reviews | #6 of 16 Furnaces
Updated: Jul 30, 2018 | Read more about Trane Furnaces | XB90 Warranty

Overview of XB90

The Trane XB90 is a single-stage gas furnace that can achieve an AFUE rating of at least 90 percent. The XB90 is currently available in six upflow models of various capacities and five downflow models; all vary in size. The unit features a four-speed blower motor and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. Trane offers an advanced filtration system that can be added to this HVAC unit for allergen removal.

Furnace Filters for the Trane XB90

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
Upflow 17-1/2" 1 17x25x1 filter
Upflow 21" 1 17x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 20x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Upflow 24-1/2" 1 17x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 24x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Horizontal All 2 16x20x1 filters

Consumer Reviews of the XB90

3.0 3.0 of 5 stars 6 reviews
  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
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5 of 5 stars SD
Date created: 2018-07-30

Response to review titled "Company owner"

I'm also a Trane dealer since '05. I just want to say that "company owner" is spot on in his review. Do a decent job and you won't have any problems. Plugged filters, plugged condensers, crappy, old wet basements, improper ducting, etc., raise chaos with anything. Way too many are in it just to rape people for a fast buck and their work shows it.

1 of 5 stars Pennsylvania
Date created: 2018-01-26

Buy something else

Parents have this furnace for a few year. Built their house and furnace was brand new. Was told today they need a new furnace. The heat exchange (something with condensation) was busted and had rusted areas of the furnace. The furnace is 13 yrs old. Serviced 2 times a year. I sell insurance and have clients that have furnaces that are 100 years old with service contracts. Wth! Not happy. I have parents on a fixed income who can't afford to replace a furnace. Not happy or satisfied.

5 of 5 stars Ohio
Date created: 2015-09-05

Love my Trane

We bought a Trane furnace over 5 years ago. The contractor that put it in made sure we had the right one for our house, and for many winters before our new furnace we always had to light the pilot light. It was always going out and we always had high gas bills. After getting the new one it is nice to flip it from air to heat without having to do anything, and our gas bill has gone down by a lot. I would recommend one. Only changing a filter when needed is very nice.

5 of 5 stars Chesapeake, Va.
Date created: 2013-02-14

Company owner

After reading the reviews on Trane furnaces I felt a need to respond. I am a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer and have been for some time. I have been a Trane dealer since 1993. It is my experience that the large majority of equipment failures are not equipment related but installation and service related. I have found that 95% of all Trane equipment failures that my company sees is due to improper installation. To address some of the comments I have read. My company has not replaced one (1) flame sensor on any Trane furnace we have installed and serviced in the past 15 years. We have not had one (1) case of multiple control board failures in the same time frame and we have not had any heat exchanger failures. We, however, have repaired many Trane systems that have had failures in these areas and, as I have said, in 95% of the cases the failures have been caused by improper installation or maintenance. Do not confuse Trane equipment problems with poor installation and service. If the equipment was installed with out a manual "j" heat load or manual "d" ducting design, it is more than likely not sized properly or has inadequate air flow for proper operation and you will most probably have problems. Do not confuse high cost companies with Trane product problems. You are the one that chose the company that is working on your equipment, if they are over charging this is not the equipment problem. If the company cannot repair your equipment maybe you should look at the company not the equipment. Maybe it is a maintenance issue causing the problem with your equipment. Many customers do not see the need for routine maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems. Your hvac systems have more yearly operational time that your car or lawn mower yet you routinely have both of these items serviced. But, again, the large majority of Trane equipment failures is caused by improper equipment sizing, duct work, electrical service (grounding), venting, etc. My experience is, over the past 20 years that I have been installing Trane equipment, Trane equipment is a well built, reliable and state of the art residential product. By the way my customer satisfaction rating of Trane equipment my company has installed is 98% with a 100% referral rating. If the Trane product was a bad product there would be no way to achieve these numbers. It is not the product it is the company installing or servicing the product.

1 of 5 stars Williamsburg, OH
Date created: 2012-09-26

Could have been better

Furnace has been used through 7 winters. A friend (professional hvac repairman) gave us the sad news that the unit is no longer safe to operate (substantial cracks in heat exchanger). It also has a leak in the coil. The corrosion was caused by a galvanic reaction because of the use of dissimilar metals in contact with each other in a moist environment, brilliant! (I learned not to do that when I was just a wee co-op.) The propane control valve has also corroded to the point of not operating. There were a few other issues. All in all it will cost about the same to replace as repair. We'll be replacing with another brand.

1 of 5 stars South Dakota
Date created: 2011-04-26

Don't jump on the Trane!

Can't wait to sell our furnace from Trane. Has given us so many problems that it's hard to list. Parts are hard to get and expensive. HVAC guys hate them too. Don't jump on the Trane!

Other XB90 Reviews

A thread on reveals a discussion on the difference between the Trane XB and XR furnaces. The posts, which are several years old, mention that the XB90 does not use outside combustion air, a feature that the online contractor considers a drawback. The newer XB90 furnace is available with an outside air option, a more recent thread notes, so this is something that potential customers can inquire about before buying.

Another potential customer on this forum asks for help in choosing between a Trane XB90, a Lennox unit and a Bryant furnace. A contractor responds that he has worked on all of these brands for many years, and he believes the Trane furnace gives the best performance of the three. shares a conversation regarding Goodman and Trane HVAC systems. An expert mentions that Trane produces better equipment, but is more costly than Goodman. Another poster writes that he is very pleased with his Trane furnace. The original homeowner ends up choosing the Trane equipment. Trane seems to receive high marks for quality on the HVAC forums.

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Trane XB90 Model Numbers

The XB90 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
TDC040C924B* 91 40,000
TDC060C936B* 91 60,000
TDC080C942B* 91 80,000
TDC100C948B* 91 100,000
TDC120C960B* 91 120,000
TDC1B040A9241A* 91 40,000
TDC1B060A9361A* 91 60,000
TDC1B080A9421A* 91 80,000
TDC1C100A9481A* 91 100,000
TDC1D120A9601A* 91 120,000
TUC040C924B* 92.1 40,000
TUC060C936B* 92.1 60,000
TUC080C942B* 92.1 80,000
TUC100C948B* 92.1 100,000
TUC100C960B* 92.1 100,000
TUC120C960B* 92.1 120,000
TUC1B040A9241A* 92.1 40,000
TUC1B060A9361A* 92.1 60,000
TUC1B080A9421A* 92.1 80,000
TUC1C100A9481A* 92.1 100,000
TUC1D100A9601A* 92.1 100,000
TUC1D120A9601A* 92.1 120,000

XB90 Warranty

Trane provides a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger for the XB90 furnace, as well as a 10-year limited warranty on the parts. The furnace must be registered within 60 days of installation to qualify for this warranty. Optional extended warranties may be purchased, and a warranty may be transferred to a secondary owner for a fee.

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