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An Interview with Trane on Furnace Quality

FurnaceCompare recently asked Trane to explain the steps that one of the country's largest HVAC manufacturers takes to ensure furnace quality. They graciously agreed. Excerpts from the interview are printed below:

FurnaceCompare: Is improving the quality of a furnace as simple as improving the quality of its components?

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Trane: An important part of building high quality equipment is using high quality components. In our business, those quality components then must be applied according to strict standards that we constantly monitor. The elements of design, application and assembly all have to be tested to ensure the most reliable and durable product results.

FurnaceCompare: What components typically require the most maintenance?

Trane: To properly operate a furnace, it's important to keep the gas valve, controls and motors all in proper operating condition. It is critically important for homeowners to provide routine maintenance -- for instance, filters must be cleaned to ensure reliability and efficiency.

FurnaceCompare: What components typically wear out most quickly?

Trane: While the design life of a TRANE / American Standard furnace is 20 years, all units benefit from routine maintenance. The regular maintenance of a unit not only increases the reliability factor but it can also help maximize operating efficiency which can result in lower energy bills.

FurnaceCompare: Does the design and layout of a particular unit affect the ease with which heating professionals can diagnose and repair problems?

Trane: Yes, it absolutely does. If parts should fail, the unit's design can make it far easier for the heating professional to troubleshoot and replace components. For example, if a blower motor were to fail, the degree of ease with which the entire housing can be removed from the furnace and the ease with which the set screw on the wheel can be loosened can shorten replacement time. Again, these things, translate into savings for the heating professional and the consumer -- in terms of time, money and frustration!

FurnaceCompare: How effective are on-board diagnostics in helping heating / cooling professionals diagnose problems?

Trane: The electronics involved with diagnosing today's equipment have saved money and time when trying to determine furnace system problems.

FurnaceCompare: Are there specific manufacturing techniques or components that you believe set TRANE / American Standard apart from other HVAC manufacturers in terms of quality?

Trane: We go through a very rigorous process of designing, testing and qualifying each of our products. Throughout the development phase, we test to ensure that every product built meets or exceeds safety, durability and performance requirements and standards. For instance, every furnace built in the factory is run-tested before it's released to the field. We clearly believe that TRANE and American Standard have the best procedures in place to produce high-quality, high-efficiency products that will deliver comfort and clean air to our customers while delivering long-term reliable service.

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