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TEMPSTAR SmartComfort DLX 80 Furnace

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Updated: Oct 21, 2011 | Read more about TEMPSTAR Furnaces | SmartComfort DLX 80 Warranty

Overview of SmartComfort DLX 80

The DLX 80 is a low-efficiency single-speed furnace, with an energy efficiency rating of 80%. Its heat exchanger is made from aluminized steel and uses a ripple-edged design. There's thermal lining on the cabinet to reduce noise. The system is monitored and managed by electronic controls, but it lacks many of the features available for Tempstar's more advanced models.

The DLX 80 contains a humidifier and air cleaner for improving the quality of air as it's being heated. Other special features include interior UV lights to kill off microbes that might otherwise grow on the coils.

Other SmartComfort DLX 80 Reviews

Tempstar is generally appreciated as a reliable and inexpensive brand by online reviewers.

A couple of folks on HVAC-Talk recommend the Tempstar DLX 80 to consumers looking for a simple and inexpensive product with no frills. They reiterate, as always, that the success of the device depends heavily on the installation. They note that if you change the filters reliably, this furnace can be very durable.

Experienced users also point out that they have an easy time repairing and replacing parts for Tempstar products.

Respondents on recommend the Tempstar over Lennox as cheaper and just as good. They caution buyers not to be swayed by Tempstar's deficit in name recognition.

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SmartComfort DLX 80 Warranty

The heat exchanger for this product has a twenty-year limited warranty. The rest of the parts have a ten-year limited warranty. For the first year after purchase, there's a full replacement unit for you if your furnace breaks.

The company also offers an extended warranty called the HELP program.

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