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RUUD Silhouette II Furnace

3.7 of 5 stars 4 reviews | #2 of 3 Furnaces
Updated: Jan 24, 2019 | Read more about RUUD Furnaces | Silhouette II Warranty

Overview of Silhouette II

The Ruud Silhouette II is a discontinued upflow gas furnace with an efficiency of up to 78.7% AFUE. The Silhouette II includes models that begin with UGPH and UGLH. Its low-profile, 34-inch design made the unit lighter and easier to handle, and left room for optional equipment. The patented Turbolex heat exchanger was constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless and aluminized steel. It featured a multi-speed blower motor and insulated blower compartment, and the draft inducer motor was designed for improved sound reduction. The unit had a permanent washable filter with improved filter access and removal.

Consumer Reviews of the Silhouette II

3.7 3.7 of 5 stars 4 reviews
  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
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5 of 5 stars Jasper, GA
Date created: 2019-01-24

17 Year review

Works great so far... have had to replace the igniter once by DIY... no problem... 17 Years now...

1 of 5 stars Colorado
Date created: 2018-10-08

20 years, still going

Furnace installed in new construction in 1998, it's now 2018. Still working just like new. Have had to replace the igniter once and flame sensor once. About $10, 2-minute DIY repairs.

5 of 5 stars Littleton, CO
Date created: 2014-11-19

It's fine

This unit has been in the house since 1998, and ours since 2006. So it's 16 years old, and I'm googling a condensate pump because that's what the guy says it needs. Seems like a pretty good 'speaks for itself' review to me! The house has always been warm , except for that one room, and that's probably not the furnace...

1 of 5 stars Northern Virginia
Date created: 2011-03-31

Do not buy this crap

I have had to have this unit repaired no less than 5 times. Now is atleast 6th time. One should think that a new unit would last at least 5 years without breaking down, but this unit failed atleast 4 times the first 5 years. I would never recomend a ruud or a rheem as they are the same products with different name plates.

Other Silhouette II Reviews

Most problems with the Silhouette II on online forums such as have to do with the unit not lighting or not staying lit. The most common cause of the problem is a flame sensor which needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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RUUD Silhouette II Model Numbers

The Silhouette II is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
UGLH-05EAUER 81.5 50,000
UGLH-07EAMGR 80.8 75,000
UGLH-07EAUER 80.5 75,000
UGLH-10EAMER 80.2 100,000
UGLH-10EBRJR 80.1 100,000
UGLH-12EARJR 80.1 125,000
UGPH-05EAUER 81.4 50,000
UGPH-07EAMGR 80.5 75,000
UGPH-07EAUER 80.6 75,000
UGPH-07NAUER 80.6 75,000
UGPH-10EAMER 80 100,000
UGPH-10EBRJR 80 100,000
UGPH-12EARJR 80 125,000
UGPH-15EARJR 80 150,000

Silhouette II Warranty

The warranty for the Ruud Silhouette II gas furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty
  • 5-year draft inducer limited warranty
  • 5-year blower control board limited warranty
  • 1-year parts warranty

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