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Ruud Furnaces

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Ruud Furnaces

Ruud manufactures a large selection of energy efficient gas furnaces, as well as two models of oil furnaces. While the Achiever Series offers a wider variety of units, the Ultra Series features high-end options and specialty temperature control settings. For consumers looking for a more economical option, the Value Series offers a cost-friendly solution to high efficiency units.

Ruud Ultra Series Gas Furnace

Ruud's Ultra Series is designed for maximum energy efficiency and performance. With modulating, two-stage, and multistage functions available, the Ultra Series can operate at 40%, 65%, or 100% total capacity.

High end models include the Comfort Control2 System® and/or Contour Comfort Control® with a communicating modulator. These systems have up to 28 on-board functions, allowing homeowners to adjust the temperature through the home and easily view system notifications and diagnostics.

The Ultra Series features models of up to 94% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and can be purchased as upflow, downflow or horizontal units.

Ruud Achiever Plus Series Gas Furnace

With an AFUE rating ranging from 80% to 95%, the Ruud Achiever Series has the largest selection and varieties of gas furnaces. Consumers can choose from single or multi-stage models in upflow, downflow, and horizontal capacities. Certain models contain the Super Quiet function which features a door and top-plate barrier between the furnace's operation and the outside environment to reduce noise level.

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Another special feature of the Achiever Series is Ruud's exclusive Dual Comfort Control. This system keeps temperatures throughout the home consistent and automatically adjusts efficiency levels according to the conditions outside to lower cost and lower energy usage.

Ruud Value Series Gas Furnace

The Value Series offers a more economical solution to high-efficiency gas furnaces. Ranging from 80% to 90% AFUE ratings, this model has a 45,000 to 120,000 BTU/Hr heating capacity. This series features integrated furnace controls, a draft inducer, and a motor blower for quiet, even warm air distribution.

Achiever Series Oil Furnaces

Achiever Series consists of ROLA (lowboy) and ROCA (highboy) models. Both products feature up to 85.9% AFUE efficiency rating and a 60,000 to 140,000 BTU/Hr heating capacity. Consumers have the option of choosing between a value line 4-speed PSC Motor and a high efficiency ECM motor to control the airflow throughout the home.

Care and Maintenance

Ruud recommends frequent cleaning and replacement of furnace filters for optimal function and efficiency. Filers may need replacing as frequently as once a month during stages of daily use. Homeowners should also vacuum the unit regularly to avoid dust accumulation within the furnace. For additional repairs and scheduled maintenance, consumers should contact a local Ruud representative.


While all furnace units carry a 10 year conditional parts warranty, heater exchanger and unit replacement warranties vary upon unit. Many models carry a limited lifetime warranty for heat exchangers and an additional 10 year conditional unit replacement. A 5 year limited parts warranty is also available for specific models. As with all Ruud heating and cooling products, consumers can purchase additional protection through the Protection Plus program.

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