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Rheem Prestige w/CCC Furnace

1.5 of 5 stars 2 reviews | #8 of 9 Furnaces
Updated: Mar 11, 2014 | Read more about Rheem Furnaces | Prestige w/CCC Warranty

Overview of Prestige w/CCC

Rheem’s top-tier furnace line, the Prestige Series, includes models ranging from 80 to 96 percent AFUE. Within the product line, Rheem offers a line of modulating gas furnaces offering 92 percent AFUE or above that feature the company’s Contour Comfort Control (CCC) thermostat.

When installed with a Serial Communicating Condensing unit and thermostat, the CCC system provides enhanced interface control and precise temperature control as the system automatically adjusts to dips in the temperature. In addition, an extensive menu on the LED thermostat allows homeowners to program and customize the temperature for up to a week in advance.

This Energy Star-approved series also features a low speed fan to create constant air movement; an on-board diagnostic system for quick service; an aluminized steel, corrosion-resistant primary heat exchanger; direct spark ignition; and a remote flame sensor.

Consumer Reviews of the Prestige w/CCC

1.5 1.5 of 5 stars 2 reviews
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1 of 5 stars Sugar Grove, IL
Date created: 2014-03-11

No company support

I have tried contacting Rheem by E-mail, telephone, and snail mail for about a month and receive no reply. Don't buy from a company that will not stand behind their products.

2 of 5 stars Columbus, Ohio
Date created: 2012-12-18

Circuit board went out on 8 year old unit.

Purchased a Rheem Prestige 90 Plus Modulating gas furnace on October 2004. It has been serviced twice a year since that time. Now the circuit board went out and will be a $550 cost to me and of course the 5 year parts warranty has expired. I was always unhappy with the loud noise of the furnace, but have learned to live with it. And of course I saw the other reviews about the noise after my purchase. Would I purchase another Rheem. Clear answer of NO!

Other Prestige w/CCC Reviews

Professionals across the web rate the Prestige Series with CCC highly. Contractors on recommend this unit to homeowners shopping for a new unit, noting the precise climate control of the Contour Comfort Control allows the unit to provide "incredible comfort."

In addition, reviews site such as rate the Prestige Series positively because of its low operating noise, relatively low price next to comparable units and flexible installation. Although also recommends this product, its review also mentions the warranty may not be as robust as competing brands.

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Rheem Prestige w/CCC Model Numbers

The Prestige w/CCC is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
RGFD-06* 94.1 60,000
RGFD-06*MCKS 93.4 60,000
RGFD-07* 94 75,000
RGFD-07*MCKS 92.8 75,000
RGFD-09* 93.9 90,000
RGFD-09*ZCMS 94.1 90,000
RGFD-10* 93.3 105,000
RGFD-10*ZCMS 92.4 105,000
RGFD-12* 93.8 120,000
RGFD-12*RCMS 93.2 120,000
RGFE-06(EN)MCKS 93.4 60,000
RGFE-07(EN)MCKS 92.8 75,000
RGFE-09(EN)ZCMS 94.1 90,000
RGFE-10(EN)ZCMS 92.4 105,000
RGFE-12(EN)RCMS 92.5 120,000
RGGD-06*MCKS 91.2 60,000
RGGD-06EMCKS 91.4 60,000
RGGD-07*MCKS 92.3 75,000
RGGD-07EMCKS 92.4 75,000
RGGD-09*ZCMS 92.3 90,000
RGGD-09EZCMS 92.2 90,000
RGGD-10*ZCMS 91 105,000
RGGD-10EZCMS 91.2 105,000
RGGD-12*RCMS 92.2 120,000
RGGD-12ERCMS 92.4 120,000
RGGE-06(EN)MCKS 91.8 60,000
RGGE-07(EN)MCKS 90.3 75,000
RGGE-09(EN)ZCMS 92.3 90,000
RGGE-10(EN)ZCMS 91 105,000
RGGE-12(EN)RCMS 92.2 120,000
RGJD-06*MCKS 94.8 60,000
RGJD-07*MCKS 93.1 75,000
RGJD-09*ZCMS 92.3 90,000
RGJD-10*ZCMS 93.3 105,000
RGJD-12*RCMS 93.4 120,000
RGJF-06(EN)MCKS 94.8 60,000
RGJF-07(EN)MCKS 93.1 75,000
RGJF-09(EN)ZCMS 90.2 90,000
RGJF-10(EN)ZCMS 90.4 105,000
RGJF-12(EN)RCMS 91.6 120,000

Prestige w/CCC Warranty

Rheem provides a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10-year limited parts warranty for all models in the Prestige series. In addition, the original homeowner receives a lifetime conditional unit replacement on all models offering 95 percent AFUE if the heat exchanger fails within the lifetime of the unit. Products must be installed within 60 days to receive the full warranty.

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