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Rheem Furnaces

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Rheem Furnaces

Rheem manufactures a variety of standard and high-efficiency gas furnaces. All units have a low, 34-inch profile for easy installation and are constructed with pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet to help increase system longevity.

Prestige Series

Offering up to 96 percent AFUE, the Prestige Series is Rheem's top-tier furnace product line. This series is equipped with a quiet ECM motor, and is available in models with a modulating, two-stage or multi-stage heating function.

The Prestige Series also reportedly features easy diagnostics due to the manufacturer's Comfort Control2 System and enhanced communication systems. These features allow for auto configuration of the unit and communicate more than 28 on-board diagnostics and fault codes on a LED screen, according to information from Rheem.

Classic Series

 [ Rheem Series :  ]  [ Rheem Series : Corsaire ]  [ Rheem Series : Criterion ]  [ Rheem Series : Criterion II ]  [ Rheem Series : Criterion II ]  [ Rheem Series : Imperial ]  [ Rheem Series : Classic 90 Plus ]  [ Rheem Series :  ]  [ Rheem Series : Criterion II ]  [ Rheem Series : Classic 90 Plus ]  [ Rheem Series : Criterion II ]

Rheem's mid-range product, the Classic Series, offers gas furnaces ranging from 80 to 95 percent AFUE. All models in this series use a direct spark ignition and an insulated blower compartment, and offer both upflow/horizontal and downflow configurations.

Several of the higher efficiency (95 percent AFUE) models in this series are equipped with more advanced features, such as the manufacturer's Dual Comfort Control system and multi-stage functions, while the 80-percent AFUE units are less robust. Single-stage motors, a stainless and aluminized steel heat exchanger and a furnace control board are among the standard components of these models.

Value Series

With 80 and 93 percent AFUE units available, the Value Series offers both standard and high-efficiency units for affordable home heating. All models in this series have a single-stage PCS motor, stainless steel heat exchanger, direct spark ignition and the option of indoor or outdoor combustion.

Higher efficiency models also feature an insulated blower compartment, a slow-open gas valve and draft inducer motor for quiet operation.

Care and Maintenance

Homeowners are instructed to keep their unit's filters clean at all times. Filters can be cleaned by vacuuming the dirt, washing with detergent and water, and then air drying. Rheem also suggests calling a professional HVAC contractor for routine maintenance once a year.


Rheem offers a limited heat exchanger, conditional parts, limited parts and a conditional unit replacement warranty. Warranty terms vary depending on the unit purchased. All units must be registered on the company's website to receive the full warranty term.

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