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Furnace Ratings by Brand

The best furnace brands provide reliable functionality and help you save on energy bills without compromising performance. Below are some of the top brands you need to know as you consider options and get estimates for specific models.


Goodman furnaces are popular among customers due to their solid build quality and reasonable prices. The heating units provide reliable performance and excellent efficiency, with an average lifespan of about 15 years. This brand offers some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. While the low-end traditional furnaces have a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and 10-year limited warranty on the other parts, packaged units carry a 10-year limited parts warranty and a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger. There is also a strong network of certified heating and cooling professionals in different areas.


Rheem furnaces rank highly in terms of ease of maintenance, sound rating and energy efficiency. The brand offers a variety of furnaces to choose from, with a life expectancy of between 16 and 20 years. Rheem stands by the quality of its products, offering a 10-year warranty on conditional parts and a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger. In case your unit malfunctions or needs to be serviced, you can contact a certified technician for professional services.


Trane is one of the leading furnace brands in the market today. The brand has gas and oil furnaces as well as packaged units that offer customers a wide range of features. ENERGY STAR certified models under this brand deliver excellent efficiency and feature quiet operation for a peaceful environment. With limited parts warranties ranging from one to 20 years and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger for some furnaces, you will be sure that your investment is protected.


Lennox furnace reviews rank this brand highly, with sleek designs, unique features and reliability being some of the desirable attributes. Their units not only offer quiet operation but also 15-20 years of trouble-free performance. Furnaces in the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, one of the top lines, carry a 10-year warranty on covered components, 10-year warranty on compressor and 20 years or limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. The brand has a network of dedicated technicians to help in case of problems.


Furnaces under this brand are known to be high-performance and durable. The variable speed performance provides reliable comfort in the cold, while the ENERGY STAR certification and high-efficiency ratings help you save on energy costs. The average lifespan of a Bryant furnace is 16 years, depending on the service life of the various components that keep the unit in optimal condition. These furnaces carry a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger parts, while some units have a 10-year limited warranty that covers the entire unit.

Furnace Ratings as Determined by Consumer Ratings

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How we chose the best furnace brands

Public reviews

Relying on the experiences of consumers who have owned and used different types of furnaces is a great way to get information on their performance and reliability. In identifying the best furnace brands, we went through public reviews to highlight the advantages and downsides of each heating system.

System reliability

Buying and installing a furnace is an important decision. As such, you want a furnace that you’re confident will work reliably for years. One of the qualities top furnace brands share is their relatively long lifespan. Reliable performance also means fewer future repairs and replacements.

Warranty options

Savvy shoppers look for furnaces that come with good warranties. Warranties are an indication that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the units. These top furnace brands offer better than average warranties as assurance you’re buying a quality product they stand behind.

Strong contractor and service network

When choosing the best home heating brands, it’s important to know you’ll have access to the help you need in case of a breakdown or any other problem. These top furnace brands have strong contractor and service networks offering professional assistance throughout the year.

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Notes on Furnace Ratings

The “fleet efficiency” or “furnace rating” of a particular furnace brand indicates nothing about furnace quality or furnace durability. In addition, although the fleet efficiency of one brand might exceed that of another, this does not necessarily indicate that any particular model of furnace marketed under the first brand out-performs any particular model of furnace marketed under the second. To determine whether one model outperforms another, simple compare the AFUE of the two models.

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