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Goodman Furnace Overview

Goodman makes eleven types of gas furnaces, which the company separates into a ‘standard-efficiency’ class and a ‘high-efficiency’ class. Efficiency is measured in AFUE, which stands for ‘annual fuel utilization efficiency.’ The AFUE number reflects the percentage of heating energy that gets converted to thermal energy for a house.

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Most of Goodman’s furnaces use heated aluminum coils; some have secondary heat exchanges made from stainless steel. They are all gray in appearance and have highly durable finishes to protect their exterior.

Standard Efficiency Furnaces

All of Goodman’s standard furnace models list AFUE of up to 80%. The standard efficiency models include:

There are several features distributed among these models, in various combinations.

Multi-Speed. Multi-speed heaters can save energy because they can operate at various different levels depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Goodman’s multi-speed heaters have four different operations.

Variable Speed. Variable speed furnaces operate according to a similar principle, but have the capacity to vary their speed across a continuous range, instead of providing discrete options.

Multi-Position. “Multi-Position” furnaces can be installed in different positions. This might be useful to homeowners who need to fit a furnace into an unconventional location.

Silicon Nitride Igniter. Electric igniters can increase energy efficiency because they don’t require gas.

ComfortNet Compatibility. Some of the furnaces are compatible with Goodman’s ComfortNet, a system that monitors temperatures in order to create efficient and rapid responses from the heating system. The system includes a thermostat display and can be connected with four wires to the main unit.

Goodman’s High Efficiency models include:

  • GMVC95
  • GCV95/9
  • GMH95
  • GCH95/9
  • GKS9

These heaters range in efficiency from 92% AFUE to 95% AFUE. Some of this efficiency is due to better insulation; some is due to more sensitive control over the heating function. Many of the same combinations of features as above are available.

Some of the efficient furnaces have two stages, which means that in addition to operating at multiple or variable speeds, they engage a separate component for heavy-duty heating. This process is relatively energy efficient. Two of these models (GCVC95 and GCH95) are downflow furnaces, which means that cool air enters at the top and is heated by rising warmth from the bottom. This is an efficient model because the heat was going to rise anyway.

The ‘top model’ of this bunch is the GMVC95, which has a 95% AFUE, two stages, and variable speed. It has a dehumidification element and an electronic control board that allows individualized control over its various elements.

Care and Maintenance

Goodman recommends homeowners work with a professional contractor for maintenance purposes, and that they schedule annual tune-ups for their home’s central heating system.

Many homeowners change out the filters in their furnaces. We have covered common Goodman filter replacement questions, here.


Most of these models come with ten-year limited warranties for their parts. The top models also come with lifetime warranties on their heat exchangers . The promise of additional maintenance can be purchased through the GoodCare program.

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Goodman Furnace Reviews

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"Goodman Furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Less than a year old and the fan mount broke. It is 40 degrees out and the part has to be ordered from Spokane or Texas, we live in Vancouver, WA. Hopefully, the part will be here tomorrow. Never heard of Goodman before we purchased this new home, now I know why.

David Boyer

Vancouver WA

"Don't Go There!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Six days ago, we had our 25-year old unit replaced to avoid open ended repair bills. Huge mistake to buy Goodman (branded as Amana). This furnace will not kick into high-stage heat and throws error codes. Its -14f (-25c) out and the furnace cannot heat the house. Installer cannot fix it and they do not have the parts (expect they are special order). With furnace on continuously at low stage heat and with the gas fireplace on, house heats to about 64. So it's either fix the thing or replace it with another brand.

Paul Ritchie

Calgary, Alberta


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace is garbage. It's barely 4 years old. Have had nothing but trouble with this piece of crap. Everytime it breaks down I'm replacing parts. Like clockwork it goes down on weekends and holidays . If you're considering buying this brand don't. You will regret it.


Aztec, NM

"Not suitable for Salons"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm on my second Goodman furnance. Got the second thinking that the other one was just a mishap with the flame sensor. No the second one does the same thing. Works when it wants to. Customers are always cold. Never runs efficiently. Going to have it switched as soon as I get the money to do so.


Fostoria, Ohio

"Broke again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a Goodman furnace 3 yrs ago, had to have the repair out 5 times, twice second year, going into 3rd winter sitting here as we speak waiting on him, this thing is junk, didn't have this many calls on my old one.


Western Kentucky

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