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Frigidaire Furnace Overview

Frigidaire manufactures a wide range of gas and oil furnaces with varied energy ratings–ranging from low to the ultra-high–and features to suit consumer's needs and wallet. According to information from the manufacturer, these units are factory checked 234 times before being shipped from the manufacturing facility.

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Consumer Reviews of Frigidaire


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Reviews by Furnace Series


Frigidaire iQ Drive Gas Furnace

The Frigidaire iQ Drive FG7MQ stands apart from the other furnace models of this manufacturer, with an AFUE rating of 97 percent. The unit was awarded with the Energy Star program's "Most Efficient Unit" designation in 2012." This furnace can customize operations depending on your needs–it takes stock of the indoor temperature every minute and tweaks the percentage of heating accordingly. The communicating thermostat lets you take full control of your indoor environment with customizable comfort schedules, maintenance reminders and troubleshooting diagnostics. The unit's motor is housed within an insulated cabinet, helping to make it the quietest among the manufacturer's furnaces.

Frigidaire Two-Stage Gas Furnaces

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The Frigidaire two-stage gas furnaces come in two varieties–the fixed-speed and the variable-speed models.

The FG7TC-L and the FG7TA-K fixed-speed models have 95.1 percent and 80 percent AFUE ratings respectively. The two-stage heating mechanisms on these units help maintain consistent levels of heating throughout your home, while the 30-second blower delay feature was designed for a warm duct as the furnace begins operation. The SmartLite® technology adds to the durability of the igniter. An insulated blower compartment muffles operation noise.

The FG7TC-L and the FG7TA-K variable-speed models have 95.1 percent and 80 percent AFUE ratings respectively, when used with Frigidaire coils and outdoor units. The two-stage variable-speed heating mechanism on these units provides consistent heating throughout the home, good indoor air quality and little noise, according to the manufacturer. The units also feature insulated blower compartments, SmartLite® technology and a 30-second blower delay.

Frigidaire Single-Stage Gas Furnaces

The Frigidaire single-stage fixed-speed gas furnace models feature the SmartLite® technology for the igniter's extended performance life, an insulated blower compartment for quiet performance, and the 30-second blower delay feature as well. The FG7SD-M model has a 95-percent AFUE rating; the FG7SC-L has an AFUE rating of 92.1 percent; and the FG7SA-K make has an 80-percent AFUE rating. The latter make is available in downflow and upflow/horizontal versions.

Frigidaire Oil Furnaces

All types of the Frigidaire oil furnaces have an 80-plus percent AFUE rating when used in conjunction with Frigidaire coils and air conditioners or heat pumps. The units are insulated with a spun glass and aluminum foil that keeps them cool to the touch during operation. A thermosetting powdercoat finish adds to unit's exterior durability. The heat exchanger is fully welded to optimize performance.

Frigidaire oil furnaces are also available in variable-speed and downflow models.

Care and Maintenance of Frigidaire Furnaces

Frigidaire recommends that their furnaces be serviced annually by a qualified technician who must check for frayed wires, corroded electrical parts, leaks, soot and rust. Technicians should take special care in checking the venting system, and should clean the burner and heat exchanger if required. According to Frigidaire, the most effective way to increase the longevity of a furnace is to clean the filter in the unit regularly and replace it when necessary.


When your Frigidaire furnace is registered online, you can receive full warranty benefits. These include a 10-year parts warranty on all mechanical and electrical components of the furnace and a 10-year Comfort Quality Pledge on the heat exchanger. As part of the Quality Pledge, Frigidaire will replace the heat exchanger if it malfunctions within the first ten years on a registered heating unit, or five years on an unregistered unit. Those owners who register their units are also entitled to the benefits of the Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty program.

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Frigidaire Furnace Reviews

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"Not a big fan!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

High efficiency model installed in a brand new house in 2014. 2 years old now. The first winter, the blower fan came off the motor shaft so I had the guy who installed it come back to fix it. He told me a lot of people were having the same issue with the blower fan. This fall my furnace was making a bunch of noises so I called the guy to come back only to tell me my blower motor was shot and that the warranty would not cover it! $800 out of my pocket. I would not recommend these furnaces.

B Farrell

St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

"Parts keep needing replacing"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Poor quality parts and a poor warranty. I found out that the warranty only covers parts, not labor – that requires another policy I didn't know I needed to buy. I replaced the circuit board 3 times but it cost me $450 for labor. The warranty department wasn't concerned that they have so many poor quality parts that needed to be replaced.



"Solid product"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had my Frigidaire furnace installed in 2008. I have never had a warranty and I only see the contractor every fall for a cleaning. Good product installed by a good contractor equals no worries.

C batten

Peterborough, Ontario


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace has been installed since Nov. 19Th. It runs all the time – night and day. What on earth is the matter with it?

Donna Hall

Lexington, NE


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Junk. Installed a 2-stage variable speed, high efficiency furnace in 2007. 1 month later, it is needed a new circuit board. Required servicing in 2012 because the flame would not come on. Worked for another year and now the same problem. A previous reviewer stated it was in the contractor you hired who install the furnace, he is totally mistaken. The problems I have experienced and the problems I am reading here are all about the unit itself, such as circuit boards, blower units, pressure switches are things the contractor doesn't even touch when installing your furnace.

R. Dobson

Vernon, BC

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