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American Standard Furnace Overview

We have no bias towards or against any particular brand of heating and cooling equipment. Since 2002 our job has been to provide information, reviews and commentaries on equipment, not to tell you to buy one brand over another. Brands and advertisers cannot pay to influence what we write about them. With that in mind, here is what you should know about American Standard furnaces.

What are the 10 Best Furnaces?

Consumer Reviews of American Standard


  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
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  • #17 of 86 Furnaces
  • 30.77% of customers recommended

American Standard Furnace Series

American Standard furnaces are offered in three tiers. The Platinum series are high end units, the Gold series are midrange units, and the Silver furnaces are the bottom tier. Each come equipped with features that differentiate the systems. There are also two furnaces which are not assigned a Platinum, Gold, or Silver series.

The main differences are Platinum comes with more features, such as AccuLink – the ability to remotely control a programmable thermostat. As you can see, whether it’s a Platinum, Gold, or Silver series, you can get nearly the same efficiencies, depending on which furnace you buy. Just because it’s Platinum, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more efficient and will save you more money, simply it has more convenience features. The warranty is, however, better on the Platinum and Gold series.

Where are American Standard furnaces made?

American Standard claims their furnaces are manufactured in Tyler, Texas, as well as five other plants within the United States. American Standard and Trane are owned by parent company, Ingersoll-Rand, which has its global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

American Standard-Specific Features

Some features of American Standard furnaces we will cover include the aforementioned AccuClean ™, AccuLink ™ , Comfort R ™ , and Vortica II ™ .


  • Programmable thermostat
  • Compatible with ethernet and wifi
  • Remote control your system
  • Featured on Platinum series


  • American Standard claims their technology provides up to 99.98% cleaner air down to .1 microns of allergens. This compares to HEPA filters, which provide up to 99.99% cleaner air, but go down generally to .3 microns.
  • This is a separate unit, which is an air cleaning system that is added on. It is compatible with all American Standard furnaces.

Comfort R™

  • Built-in dehumidification system
  • Reduces moisture in the home, particularly in warmer months
  • Fan setting that enables the blower to slowly ramp up as the compressor loads the coil, leading to the aforementioned
  • Featured in Platinum and Gold Series

Vortica II™

  • Air flow system for the furnaces
  • Variable speed air handler
  • Claims to reduce noise and improve efficiency
  • If a series has an ‘S’ in the name, it is equipped with the Vortica II


Nexia is a 3rd party home monitoring system, with which a number of American Standard and Trane thermostats are compatible.

What do Heating Contractors Say?

On the pros side we found:

  • “I’m partial to Trane (American Standard) over Lennox. In my experience, Trane gas furnaces are easier to work on than Lennox and I’ve seen very little issues with them.”
  • When choosing American Standard over Frigidaire, one called it a, “no brainer”
  • “American Standard & Trane are great. Usually top of the Consumer Reports reliability ratings,” one expert said.

On the cons side we found

  • Other brands may run quieter, such as Frigidaire
  • One notes the warranty isn’t as strong as competitor Daikin (owner of Goodman)
  • “The nicer bells and whistles systems are more complicated, and may be more difficult to set up initially,” a contractor said of the higher end products.

Silver Series

The Silver Series corresponds to the lowest expense, efficiency, and comfort. There are six models within this category.

These basic American Standard furnaces have silicon carbide igniters and several burners, which contribute to their AFUE of 80. They have multi-speed blowers and vents, which are necessary to pass air through the furnace. The heat exchanger is made from aluminum.

One of these furnaces operates on oil. It has approximately the same energy efficiency as its brothers.

Gold Series

 [ American Standard Series : Freedom 80 ]

The gold series contains four models, ranging in AFUE from 80 to 95. One of them is a single-stage furnace, like those in the silver series. Two are variable stage furnaces, which means they have extra capacity stored in a separate unit. This capacity can be activated on particularly cold days, but does not run in milder weather. This flexibility saves energy for the system. The Gold ZM is a variable-stage furnace, which increases this efficiency further by adding a range of options for operating level.

All Gold models have a steel secondary heat exchanger, which harnesses a small amount of additional energy. They come with a setup option that allows the user to input only outside air. This arrangement creates a fresher indoor environment, though it will increase the energy cost of operation.

The Ultimate models also use the AccuClean®, which filters particles (such as allergens and pollutants) out of the air. According to American Standard, this system has the power to clean 99.98% of the air in a house.

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series is the most efficient and expensive. These units contain, in addition to air filtration, the Comfort-R® system for controlling humidity. They have lots of insulation and run quietly.

The top-of-the-line model is the Platinum ZV. It comes with an AccuLink® interface for interactions with humans. Its AFUE is 95. It uses sophisticated systems to monitor itself and its environment in order to transfer heat in the most efficient way possible.

The Platinum Series furnaces, and some of the Gold furnaces, can help homeowners to qualify for a tax credit, as stipulated in the Middle Class Tax Relief Act.

Care and Maintenance

When you maintain a furnace properly, fuel costs stay more manageable. Have a technician service your furnace on an annual basis. Expect the technician to replace the unit’s air filter, vacuum out blower and burner compartments, and also check for drainage.

Many homeowners clean and / or replace their own furnace filters. We answer homeowner questions about their filters here.


The Platinum models come with ten-year parts warranties, along with lifetime warranties for their heat exchangers. Gold models have lifetime warranties on their heat exchangers and five-year parts warranties. Silver models have the same five-year parts warranty, and twenty-year warranties for their heat exchangers.

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American Standard Furnace Reviews

Showing 16-20 of 70 reviews

"Quick heat and great value!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We bought this furnace after our ancient American Standard furnace died in the middle of winter last year. So far, we are so impressed with this furnace. It runs well, is quick to heat and has saved us at least $100 on our gas bill compared to our old furnace. We bought this brand again because our old furnace lasted for decades. We figured that this new furnace might last a long time, too. Additionally, this is the same brand of furnace that our families have, and their furnaces have always lasted a long time. I would definitely buy this furnace again.

Boston, MA

"Extremely noisy, very annoying Gold series"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Very noisy Gold series, and there were lots of problems with the installation! Very unsatisfied!

Hema Jani

"Beware when buying a new furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I would never buy another American Standard furnace again. I purchased this one a year ago. First, there were problems with the thermostat. Service had to come out three times before the company sent a part to fix that. They didn't charge for the part but I had to pay a service call for two times. Now, the furnace stopped working and I had to call a repair man. He identified the problem as an ignitor switch. The switch is covered under warranty, but not the service call and labor – $209. One does not expect this from a brand new furnace! I have used my service for many years with the old furnace and am disappointed in them for charging to repair the furnace they just installed a year ago.

M. Stocking

LaGrange Park, IL

"To all complainers here"

3.0 rating

First and foremost, as you have read here, no brand is fault proof. All brands break down, some more than others. American Standard is not as good as it used to be, but better than most. Carrier is the absolute pits, and for those who care to listen, I have some true life horror stories. For the people that say only Trane reps should do start up, you are obviously surrounded by idiots. I am not a Trane technician, but have installed dozens of Trane units without a glitch. A/C units are A/C units, easy to understand if you have a brain. Quality has gone down some for sure, but just like your car, A/C units need maintenance. Every customer I have who does a yearly service never has a major problem; just tiny little things once every few years. Problems compound themselves and fester, so waiting too long to see a problem usually leads to many issues, or a major issue. Most of the problems I have been reading about here are due to bad service techs, rather than due to American Standard. So those of you that do price shopping for installers and techs, you get what you pay for. Look at cars on the road and the service departments that handle them. They are always busy, with either repairs or warranty issues. Nothing that is used as much as cars or A/C units, with all the moving parts they have, does not have issues to be looked at. Rheem, American Standard and Ameristar are all good products, and yes, they still have issues. Don't buy Carrier; their customer service is the worst(at least here in South Florida) and the warranty is the worst in the market.



"Freedom 80 Comfort R"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

6 Years in (1 Year after warranty) the circuit board and ignitor had to be replaced! The cost was $600.


Mississauga, Ontario

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