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Payne Furnaces

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Payne Furnaces

Discontinued Series

Payne manufactures a variety of gas furnaces with ratings ranging from 80 - 95% energy efficiency. All of Payne's condensing gas furnaces are Energy Star approved and hold the highest efficiency ratings of Payne's product line. Consumers looking for a more economical options can turn to the 80% efficiency furnace models for a more affordable alternative to high efficiency units.

Payne 95% AFUE Condensing Gas Furnaces

Payne manufactures two condensing gas furnaces that operate with 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Both of these models, the PG9UAA and PG9YAB, are Energy Star approved and serve as Payne's most energy efficient furnace product. Special features of these products include a two stage-heating operation to keep indoor temperatures consistently comfortable, and a fan featuring a variable speed blower that keeps air circulating smoothly and efficiently in a home.

Payne 92% AFUE Condensing Gas Furnace

Payne's 92% AFUE condensing gas furnace conserves energy by using a two-stage heating function. This feature means the unit stays on a low heat setting consistently and only switches to high-stage heating when the conditions change. Additionally, this model's sealed combustion system uses outdoor air combustion to eliminate drafts into the home and allow for a quieter operation.

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Payne 90% AFUE Condensing Gas Furnace

Energy Star approved, Payne's PG9M 90% AFUE furnace features a four-pass heat exchanger for high efficiency. This model also includes a scratch-resistant cabinet, an on-board control system for accurate furnace control, and a slow-opening gas valve to quietly start the heating cycle. Easy maintenance and quiet operation are additional benefits of this unit.

Payne 80% AFUE Gas Furnaces

Payne offers four models of 80% AFUE gas furnaces. These units include a highly efficient EMC motor that allows for enhanced humidity control and adjustable fan speed. A four-pass heater exchange also contributes to this system's energy efficiency. Additional features include an electronic control board, quiet operation and a pre-painted, scratch-resistant finish.

Care and Maintenance

A dirty air filter is the most common cause for inadequate heating performance. Homeowners should inspect the air filter in their furnace at least once a month and clean or replace the filter as required. Filter types vary upon the unit and owners can reference the user manual for specific instructions on how to change the filter for different types of models. Payne also recommends calling a qualified service agent for a thorough inspection of the unit's condition.


All Payne furnaces are equipped with a 5-year limited warranty, but if homeowners register their product within 90 days of installation they qualify for a 10-year, non-transferable, limited warranty. This warranty covers all defective materials or workmanship under normal use and maintenance. Additionally, Payne offers a 20-year labor warranty on heat exchangers for all units.

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