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Most Popular Furnaces by Brand

Tens of thousands of visitors use FurnaceCompare to research furnaces each month. This gives FurnaceCompare a unique opportunity to analyze which furnace brands visitors prefer, as measured by the frequency with which those visitors search for, compare and browse detailed information on each brand.


We measure a brand's popularity by its "revealed" popularity -- that is, we infer popularity from how often our users request information on a particular brand. We aggregate statistics from a number of different actions that users take on our site. We then weight those statistics and calculate a summary statistic. Brands are ranked by order of this summary statistic. For the purpose of our statistics, a "furnace" is a warm-air furnace -- we exclude boilers.

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October 2004 Ranking

  1. Trane
  2. Carrier
  3. Lennox
  4. American Standard
  5. Payne
  6. Aire Flo
  7. Goodman
  8. Amana
  9. Rheem
  10. Arcoaire
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