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Luxaire G9T Furnace

2.6 of 5 stars 5 reviews | #9 of 9 Furnaces
Updated: Nov 24, 2017 | Read more about Luxaire Furnaces | G9T Warranty

Overview of G9T

The Luxaire G9T is high-performance Energy Star-qualified gas furnace series offering up to 94.3 percent AFUE. This series is available in eight upflow models and six counterflow models, with tonnage capacities ranging from 40 to 140 MBH. Standing at only 45 inches tall, the G9T can easily be installed and serviced in tight spots throughout the home.

The G9T is promoted by the manufacturer for its quiet, durable operation due to low-level combustion sounds, as well as a multiple-speed, direct-drive motor with large, quiet blower and a solid access door as an extra measure to keep noise levels low. All models are equipped with a tubular aluminized-steel primary heat exchanger and secondary stainless steel heat exchanger designed for longevity.

Additional features include a heavy-duty cabinet made of pre-painted, corrosion-resistant steel; built-in self-diagnostics; shut-off main gas valve and blower door safety switch; and easy access from the front of the unit for cleaning and maintenance.

Consumer Reviews of the G9T

2.6 2.6 of 5 stars 5 reviews
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1 of 5 stars Toronto, Canada
Date created: 2017-11-24

Absolute junk, won't take if given out free

Had to replace a board on the furnace, to save couple of box, the manufacturer has re-designed the board to make it fit to different models. The replacement kit wouldn't fit at all, had to customize it. A job that normally takes 30 minutes, took me 2 hours, and after the start the board was giving error flash code that wouldn't make any sense at all, don't buy luxaire, don't take it if given out for free, you end up paying more on fixing it.

5 of 5 stars NY
Date created: 2014-06-20


I am not a customer. I am a dealer. I want to say I'm sorry for all these people that are not satisfied. It is the Dealer not the Furnace. We give free 10 year parts warrranty on all parts. Modules and everythng. All we have to do to get this for our Customers is to go on line and register. There is no cost to us or you the consumer. Our Labor is 1 year. Our customers love Luxaire and that is alll we sell. We have been in business here in New York for over 50 years and have wonderful customers. Again, find a reputuable dealer, there are some scammers out there. They install them and walk away. If your dealer is any kind of a good person he will stand by you and make sure they warranty their products. By reading all these comments, it sounds like the techs aren't trained properly. That's not your furnaces fault.It could also be that your tech is getting free parts and charging you for them. But their warranty is great!!!

1 of 5 stars Chicago, IL
Date created: 2013-10-07

Nothing But Problems

I have a Luxaire (G9T10014UPC13C) that ran okay for about six years and since then had a series of problems. One of the top companies in Chicago services it. Heat still keeps going off. Emailed Luxaire customer service a week ago and they have not replied. Now, heat is off again and I'm awaiting another service call because trouble light says "pressure switch lockout". This has been an ongoing problem. The serviceman left these notes since last November: (I couldn't be sure of some of the spelling): 11/24/2012 -- 12:10pm No Heat Couldn't get code check flame sensor little low. I.O. clean. Check condensation drain clear. Ran furnace 10 minutes. Drop out on open limit. Check pleated filter. Remove ran furnace without filter. Didn't shut down for 10 minutes. Don't use pleated filter. 11/24/2012 -- 5:10pm No Heat Found inducer motor hot. Test amp. 66 over .06. Inducer when hot start out slow. Capacitor rate for 4 it w 36. Check and installed new cap. Still motor is lag when start up. 1/1/2013 -- 8:00am No Heat Found inducer lock up. Need to order new inducer motor. 1/2/2013 --10:00am Return to install new inducer motor (Fasco Inducer Motor A227, $617.00) Installed new inducer motor. Hooked up all condensation hoses and trap cycle. Furnace working good. 1/5/2-2013 am No Heat- Customer said Code 2 Furnace was lock out code 4. COP pressure stuck closed code 4 high limit. Check blower motor and wheel ok. Check temp rise 74 138 rate 44/75 low gas pressure. Open 2 basement grill check induce 1.50 1/5/2013 --4:45pm No Heat - Code 6 1 code 2 pressure switch stuck closed. Close 2 code. 4 High Limit open code 6 pressure switch cycle lock out. Check condensation trap good. Check wire on control board good. Remove OEM pressure switch. Installed new pressure switch. Will have to return with OME pressure switch. Checked fault code retrieval. Had pressure switch clean code .651wc Burnee Icbose per dan to look at. 1/21/2013 --10:00am Clean and check furnace - install pressure switch (5102427634001 - $150.00) Ignitor (EGN00054 - $146.00) 1/23/2013 Pressure switch lock out Furnace run at this time. Check code on board. Code 3 & 6. Pressure switch check. Inc 1:40-1.48. Let run ISMW. Rem cover check condensation trap clear furnace intake. Air is inside clear code on board. 9/19/2013 -- 2:35pm Check and clean furnace Not coming on Chek and clean furnace. Clean burner. Clean heat exchange. Clean flame sensor. Check burner. Check heat exchanger. Check flame sensor. Check induce motor. Check Igniter. Check blower motor. Blower motor wheel check. Filter check. Condensation trap check. Temperature rise cycle furnace works good. Code 6 pressure cycle lock out check in wc 1.49. Check on flue 20 (pipe outside). Furnace working. clear code.

1 of 5 stars Pickerington, Ohio
Date created: 2013-02-01

Lois in Pickerington, Ohio

This unit went through 3 inducer motors. The first went after two years, replaced with one that went out in 2 weeks and the third went after 6 more years. I got a total of 12 years out of this furnace. The inducer motor was made by Fasco and was a Swirlwind. I located Fasco and was told that Luxaire was putting in the wrong type of inducers in this model furnace. I tore down the inducer and saw that the bearing were worn out, causing the turbine fan fins to hit on the inside of the motor housing. I think Fasco was lying and since these motors are made in Mexico, what can you expect. I bought a Carrier. Better, longer warranty.

5 of 5 stars PA
Date created: 2010-01-04

Looking for an Upper Heat Exchange unit

While we have never had a problem with our g9t unit and we have been very satisfied with its performance, at 11 years old we are in need of a new Upper Heat Exchange Unit. Our local Luxaire authorized repair center placed the order 12/10/2009 and still have not received the part. They tell me the part is still on order to be received in the USA and that Luxaire has no current inventory of this part anywhere. Living in PA, it has been a very cold 4 weeks and I would really love to find this part asap. Can anyone tell me where I might find this part? Pls email me at [email protected]

Other G9T Reviews

The Luxaire G9T generally has a positive presence on consumer forums and review sites. Contractors on recommend this unit to homeowners looking for a new system, stating that Luxaire's low- and high-end units both have proven to be reliable over the years.

Some contractors also note that Luxaire units have fewer part failures than many other product lines. A review on also recommends this unit, mentioning that Luxaire furnaces offer all of the standard features and are backed by a good warranty.

Despite the positive reviews, there are few troubleshooting inquiries involving the G9T. General maintenance issues, unclear diagnostics and air failing to heat are among the issues reported.

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Luxaire G9T Model Numbers

The G9T is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G9T04010UPA13 92.4 40,000
G9T06010UPB13 92.2 60,000
G9T06012DHB13 91 60,000
G9T08012DHB13 91 80,000
G9T08012UPB13 92 80,000
G9T08016DHC13 91 80,000
G9T08016UPC13 94.3 80,000
G9T10014UPC13 92.2 100,000
G9T10020DHC13 91 100,000
G9T10020UPC13 93 100,000
G9T12020DHD13 91 120,000
G9T12020UPD13 92 120,000
G9T14020UPD13 92 140,000

G9T Warranty

Luxaire provides a 5-year limited warranty for all parts and an additional lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger. Extended coverage for parts and labor may be available through a local Luxaire contractor.

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