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Lennox SL280V Furnace

3.4 of 5 stars 6 reviews | #7 of 26 Furnaces
Updated: Jul 25, 2017 | Read more about Lennox Furnaces | SL280V Warranty

Overview of SL280V

The Lennox SL280V is a variable-speed gas furnace with a heating efficiency of 80% AFUE. The variable-speed motor operates mostly on low on mild days, resulting in energy savings and more consistent temperatures. The variable-speed technology is also designed to deliver greater humidity control. A sealed blower compartment increases efficiency and combines with sound-absorbing materials to provide quiet operation. A steel Duralok heat exchanger and silicone nitride SureLight igniter are designed for durability and long life. The SL280V can be paired with a matching Lennox air conditioner or heat pump to improve the system's SEER. The SL280V is part of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection.

Consumer Reviews of the SL280V

3.4 3.4 of 5 stars 6 reviews
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1 of 5 stars California
Date created: 2017-07-25

Bad furnace

We installed a new Lennox four years ago and now the Blower is not coming up. Lennox is like monopoly where they have only a few service dealers so they control the cost of the parts and repair high. I had a very good HVAC company come to fix it but the error code they got doesn't even show on the furnace panel and Lennox technical support did not get back to them so I am trying to find this authorized dealer from Lennox Mafia that may get an answer from Lennox. Do not buy this junk Lennox, there are so many better, Trane or Bryant.

5 of 5 stars Longmont, CO
Date created: 2015-10-15

Keeping The Garage Warm

I love this thing. Our partnership began a few weeks ago when I picked him up from a garage sale to prepare for winter. I just moved to Colorado, and I didn't want to be cold this winter or be forced to pay for electricity to heat a poorly insulated garage. At first, when I turned it on, I wasn't sure it was working- it was that quiet! It was a little slow to start, but gradually it heated my garage to a tolerable temperature. I think it has a speed knob for the fan, but I couldn't tell. I was happy with how well it worked. I would definitely recommend this brand, and even this specific model, to my friends. The Lennox brand and the engineers responsible for making this appear to know what they are doing. This thing could probably heat my entire house. I would definitely buy this again, even new. Great quality.

5 of 5 stars Southern California
Date created: 2015-08-17

So quiet

Wow, what a difference. So quiet and my power bill is way down. Awesome.

2 of 5 stars Chicago, IL
Date created: 2015-02-17

Wish I could have a test drive before purchase

Warning. We just purchased the model named and find it very noisy. After two visits from the dealer, we cannot make the whining noise go away, especially in the second half of the run. We are unsatisfied with the purchase and wish we could have heard the system before we paid for it. Hopefully, the Lennox dealer will give us the full refund if not 100% satisfied, as stated in their furnace performance guarantees.

5 of 5 stars Sterling, VA
Date created: 2012-01-20

Made by Lennox

We purchased Lennox sl280v furnace to replace aging Goodman Manufacturing equipment. We have compared brands and tried to find the best deal for the bucks. Lennox produces the best equipment on the market.

1 of 5 stars California
Date created: 2012-01-16

Loud motor affects the air condition unit

We purchased Dave lennox sl280v furnace six weeks ago to go with the Lennox 13acx air condition that we bought last summer.We did not know that the blower motor -which is part of the new furnace -will be the blower motor for my air condition as well. Our new ac used to be very quiet until the furnace got installed. Now my ac is incredibly loud because it is utilizing the furnace motor to blow the air. It is a nightmare! The ac is so very loud, with a straining surging noise, but the furnace is running quietly. When we installed the ac last year it was very quiet because it was using the blower motor of my old furnace. We bought new Lennox products because we were pleased with our previous old furnace and ac The new Lennox models are not quiet as the ones we had before for 16 years . We still do not know how we are going to deal with this problem.

Other SL280V Reviews

Most questions about the SL280V on HVAC forums are about thermostat and wiring set-up issues. A consumer on had a problem with the fan hitting the housing gasket as it rotated on his new unit, which the installer repaired.

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SL280V Warranty

The warranty for the Lennox SL280V furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger
  • 10-year limited warranty on covered components

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