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Lennox G61V Furnace

3.4 of 5 stars 22 reviews | #8 of 26 Furnaces
Updated: Nov 20, 2015 | Read more about Lennox Furnaces | G61V Warranty

Overview of G61V

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The Lennox G61V is a discontinued variable-speed gas furnace with enhance humidity controls that operates at multiple speeds to regulate the air flow throughout the home.

A SureLight control board ensures easy and efficient functioning of all systems. This furnace is Energy Star rated with an AFUE from 94.6 to 95%. It is a two-stage furnace that provides two levels of heating for temperature control. The design of the Lennox G61V Furnace is CSA certified and has obtained the Good Housekeeping Seal.

The G61V and the G61MPV are identical machines -- Lennox is just not consistent in how they refer to the two. (The "G" means "natural gas", the "61" is the series identifier, and "MPV" means "multi-positional, variable speed").

Furnace Filters for the Lennox G61V

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
All 17-1/2" 1 16x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 16x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
All 21" 1 16x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 20x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
All 24-1/2" 2 16x25x1 filters
(side air return)
1 24x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)

Consumer Reviews of the G61V

  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
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1 of 5 stars Troy, NY
Date created: 2015-11-20

Do not buy Lennox

Awful furnace. Two major breakdowns in the the last 2 years on a furnace 7 years old ! Any money saved, if any, in energy savings is lost to hundreds of dollars in repairs. Lennox only warranties the part, not labor and right now I am without heat in upstate New York and will have to pay over $330.00 for a warranty repair. Do not buy a Lennox.

1 of 5 stars Edmonton, Alberta
Date created: 2014-07-03

Waste of Money!

Moved into a home with this High Efficiency furnace, the Elite 61mpv...that is not highly efficient!! My sister has a mid-efficiency furnace and our heating bills for relatively the same size houses are the same!! Plus it is not that quiet a furnace...can hear it from our bedrooms every time it comes on. Even heating throughout the house...not in our house, some areas too hot, while others cold...and this is a cold bedroom only feet from the furnace, not a long run through several floors?! Finally the cost of the filters, which are so hard to find by the way....ridiculous. $150 per filter for every six months?? Wish we would have known more before we bought this house, we hate the Lennox heating system.....garbage.

1 of 5 stars WI
Date created: 2014-04-09


The blower motor that circulates the air in the home failed this fall. The main circuit board failed a few weeks ago. Parts were warranteed but could have cost me close to $900. Labor did cost me about $450. Can someone please explain to me what is so great about these pc of junk furnaces? I can hardly wait for when the a/c starts to act up this summer. Never again!

1 of 5 stars Salt Lake City, UT
Date created: 2013-02-04

Lennox's lemon

I had an 85% efficiency 8 year old Carrier furnace that worked great with no problems, and a 19 year old air conditioning that needed to be replaced. In the end, I "upgraded" the whole heating and air conditioning system. The new 95% Lennox's furnace does provide a more even heating of the house, but I did not get much energy savings, if anything at all. Moreover, after 1.5 years in operation furnace fails to ignite and pressure switches fail to open. Three visits by technicians have failed to resolve the issue, so far! High efficiency furnaces are rather complicated beasts; there is probably no end to this. On the other hand, my Japanese tank less water heater works just fine after

5 of 5 stars Wisconsin
Date created: 2012-12-23

Elite G61MPV 2200sq ft ranch 3 years

We upgraded to the Elite g61mpv with New construction.We also did duel Zones Bedrooms/living area. The future 3rd Zone will be the walk out basement. Total space so far 4400sq ft including the full exposed basement helps.The furnace is quiet and blower works well with the Lennox Ac in the summer.WE Energy always has us on the lowest of the cost and usage line in comparing us with other owners. Quiet /comfortable and as cheap as it gets compared to other places I have been seen and talked to.The ac however did need some motor part 2nd summer.So far very pleased with the furnace. My expectation is 15-20 years,25 would be nice.Cost of the variable fan??? Later,and expenses will be the telling story.Ive heard good and bad about various brands. Look and ask around. understand your warranty!!

5 of 5 stars Ann Arbor MI
Date created: 2012-11-20

Furnace works well

The furnace works fine and saves on heating bills. Paid around $4500 in 2010. No repairs so far for the actual furnace. Had to call the installer back five times to get the blower settings correct. Installer company never did figure it out. I'm computer literate so I read the manual and insisted the installation company call the factory. Factory told them to manually cut a switch setting to increase the fan only setting in summertime to more than 10%, to distribute air throughout the house. Basically the switch controls are over the intelligence of some installation companies. Installers just use factory settings which defeats the purpose of modern furnaces.

1 of 5 stars Redding, CA
Date created: 2012-05-29

Basically no fan option

We have owned this model, sold to us by Integrity, for three years. When you just want to circulate air throughout the house, the only option is a very low fan speed. Holding a feathered cat toy at the ceiling vent you will see no movement. Although Integrity has responded to my complaints by checking the unit to make sure it is working, their suggestion for a solution is to blow more insulation into the attic and just run the ac or Heat more often. How is this an improvement in energy usage?

5 of 5 stars wisconsin
Date created: 2011-08-29


Installed G61MPV-36-070 about 6 years ago and never had a problem, I would buy another!!!!

5 of 5 stars Lynnwood, WA
Date created: 2011-04-05

Great gas savings!

I've had this furnace for a little over a year now and I am extremely satisfied with my results. My previous furnace had been getting old and ineffective and when it finally broke down I was in quite a lurch. A friend of mine recommended this model to me and I reluctantly purchased it. My savings were instantly viewable: I've saved several hundred dollars in gas in the last year because of how fuel-efficient this model is. There are no downsides to the model as far as I have been able to see, nor has there been any sign for any necessary repairs, though I do have a warranty in case the need arises. The model was recommended to me by a friend and I would certainly recommend it to a friend in turn because of how satisfied I am with this model. I already have at least one friend who I've talked to after his own furnace broke down a little over a month ago.

5 of 5 stars Winnipeg MB, Canada
Date created: 2011-03-06

G61MPV-36B-070-01 the best furnace I've ever bought/sold

I purchased a Lennox g61mpv eight years ago as a dealer, and technician. I can tell you all that the problems out there are 98% of the time caused by untrained technicians and installers. I keep track of all the failures and further document the results. Carrier/Bryant and lennox have proven to be the two best brands for me personally and as a retailer. I've installed both in all four of my own homes. I've removed both Rheem 80% and a Trane x90 due to noise and unreliability. (Each were in brand new homes I purchased) In the Canadian prairies we see long streaches of very cold weather so there are many failures each year. If you do not maintain the equipment properly it will stop. I find the same complaints over and over, check to see if the technician even has proper training. On g51mp, g43uf, g61mp, vaccume ports plug left side red hose port at the collector (white residue), board failures inducer/ventor assembly stays on after call for heat (air switch code), g61mpv, circut board glitch will lock out after power failures, g32v upgrade this to one board (you may have to figure this procedure out on your own). There are a few more problems that occure. There is actually less than 2% actual failures due to workmanship and materials from the Lennox factory. You must service any and all furnaces every single year or they will stop! Ask the tech as many questions as you can if he bluffs his or her way through than send them packing and call someone else. Nate is just one of many certification training schools that require each technitian to pass tests to show they do have the most basic of hvac knowledge and understanding, check it out. I've been servicing hvac equipment for almost 30 years and learn something new every day. Investigate the company you use, call them at night too! Make sure they are trained , ready, and availible for you.

5 of 5 stars Toronto
Date created: 2011-02-01

Very Reliable

I had lennox g61 mpv furnace installed at our house. We found this furnace reliable. It is very quite and heat the house very well

1 of 5 stars Calgary, Alberta
Date created: 2010-10-28


I had two Lennox g61mpv units installed at two locations within four months of each other. Today I had to replace the inducer motor in one and two weeks ago the same moror was replaced on the other unit. At a cost of $235 for labour, I am not impressed. Lennox attitude, so sad, but too bad, we cover the part under warranty, but not labour. If one motor failed I could accept that, but two within weeks of each other, I would say Lennox has a problem their not telling their customers about. I tried calling Lennox and after 30 minute wait on long distance, I got no where. They do not even have an e-mail address that one can contact them on. This is the third time I have had to call Lennox re a problem and the third time they failed to respond. Lennox has a long way to go to improve on their customer service and satisfaction. I really hope someone from Lennox reviews these stories and takes note!

1 of 5 stars Canada
Date created: 2010-09-30

G61MPV moneypit

I own a Lennox g61mpv, for just over 6 years. 9 service calls in that time. I have replaced the igniter twice in the same year, part was not warrantied even though it was less than 8 months old. Just replaced the inducer motor today, which I'm told was recalled for the same condition ours had (cracked plastic housing?), but in our case did not apply...? Repair costs over $900 so far this year, just out of warranty. Purchased a Lennox because I thought they would have figured it out after their Pulse furnace fiasco. I guess not! I know now, to turn on the oven and open the door, as a back up to the G61MPV. Get a good oven!

5 of 5 stars Hanover Park, IL
Date created: 2010-06-25

Lennox furnace & A/C are working great!

I had the Lennox g61v furnace and the xc14 Air Conditioner installed in my 2300 sq. ft. house about 3 months ago by Humble Heating & Air Conditioning in Hanover Park, IL. So far, both the furnace & the A/C are working great & I have absolutely no complaints. Everything was installed professionally and they did it in a day. I highly recommend Lennox and Humble Heating and A/C.

1 of 5 stars Pittsburgh, PA
Date created: 2009-02-18

Lennox...Never again

Had a g61 mpv furnace and a xp15 Heat pump installed in June of '07. Have had at least 12 service calls on a variety of problems. I had to have a circuit board replace 2 years in a row. It took 20 months and a Regional Tech to find out why my "Heat Pump" wasn't heating. Was told by the salesman that replacing the filter "now was a thing of the past". After 20 months this new electronic air filter needs replaced as a cost of $235...what a mistake!!!!!!!!

1 of 5 stars Eugene, OR
Date created: 2009-01-31


My g61mpv gas furnace is not 3 years old yet. this winter it has not worked more than it has. I have had the computer motherboard replaced but it still only works sometimes and doesn't put out heat properly. it is a total frustration to me as I am retired on a fixed income. what can be done to get lennox to stand behind their poorly manufactured furnaces?

5 of 5 stars Toronto, Canada
Date created: 2008-11-18

Lennox G61V

Well I finally replaced my Pulse 21 furnace with a Lennox g61v and could not be happier. This furnace makes our home way more comfortable and is very quiet. No more cold spots. Two Stage ecm is definitely the way to go. I was thinking about going with the Lennox g71p but was advised against it because it was a newer model furnace. The g61v has been out for some time and is reliable based on the reports I have read. I considered the Trane xv95 as well but opted for the g61v after hearing how quiet it was.

5 of 5 stars Seattle, WA
Date created: 2008-09-25

So far...Great!

We installed a new g61mpv36c-090 this year and so far it has been fabulous. Compared with the old furnace it's extremely quiet and uses half of the fuel. We really like the new thermostat as well which is much easier to program than the old one.

5 of 5 stars Sask, Canada
Date created: 2008-08-20

Jo jo jo

I own a Lennox g61mpv furnace. Best on the market, unbelievably quiet, cut energy cost in half. Absolutely best you can buy!! Go Lennox

5 of 5 stars Winnipeg, MB
Date created: 2008-04-07

I have a g61mpv and its been great. My father and most of my friends have lennox products, all of them are happy with there heating systems.

5 of 5 stars Minneapolis, Minnesota
Date created: 2008-03-10

Bought a Lennox G61MPV36B070 for my home. The quietest furnace you can buy. It is true. Awesome product.I learned in my research that most of the folks having problems bought from a contractor who did not use journeyman installation crews, at a cheaper price. 80% of how long they last and how well any furnace works is ALL about the installation. I didn't skimp and am well satisfied. The furnace industry has huge turn over in companies that go out of business. Most installers don't know their business very well at all, even some that have been around for years hire guys who know little and install poorly. I learned that if you choose the best installers,(union guys that are real pipefitters, plumbers and sheetmetal workers,) you won't have problems. We had a great company do our work. Their guys were Nate Certified Union Journeymen.

5 of 5 stars Calgary, Alberta
Date created: 2008-03-04

Our gas bill went down considerably since installing the Lennox G61MPV furnace ; It is as quiet today as the day it was installed 3 years ago, and purrs like a kitten. We look forward to the annual maintenace visits from our Lennox contractor.

Other G61V Reviews

Commenters on HVAC-Talk message boards and heating contractor sites intensely debate Lennox equipment in general:

  • Several posters suggest that Lennox is inferior to many brands, such as Trane, due to frequent problems with circuit boards, inducer blowers, and even motors.
  • Others state that Lennox is one of the better brands because problematic components were discarded years ago and new innovative equipment has since been introduced to improve their quality.
  • In another forum, a professional technician states that Lennox parts are cheaper than many others, yet others have complained that waiting for parts and Lennox technical support, whenever available, is problematic, causing inconvenience for customers.
  • Several people in another forum argue Lennox equipment requires Lennox technicians because they are most familiar with problems related to this brand.

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Lennox G61V Model Numbers

The G61V is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G61MPV-36B-045-* 94.1 44,000
G61MPV-36B-045-** 94.1 44,000
G61MPV-36B-070-* 94.1 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-* 95 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-* 95 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-** 95 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-** 95 66,000
G61MPV-36C-090-* 94.3 88,000
G61MPV-60C-090-* 94.6 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-* 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-* 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-** 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-** 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-110-* 94.3 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-* 95 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-* 95 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-** 95 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-** 95 110,000
G61MPV-60D-135-* 94.6 132,000

G61V Warranty

The Lennox Elite series offers a 5-year warranty on parts, 10 years on the compressor and 20-year to limited Limited Lifetime on the heat exchanger.

An extended warranty is available which extends the parts warranty to 10 years, if your furnace was installed after March 1, 2009 and you register online within 90 days of installation.

An extended warranty (which covers labor) is available from Lennox dealers for an additional fee.

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