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Lennox G61v Furnace Prices

The base cost of the Lennox G61v gas furnace is about $1,630 on average, according to some consumer review websites. However, a number of online consumer reviews reveal a look at a range of prices for this furnace once installation is factored in. While looking for the best price, you will note that different vendors of the gas furnace have different prices for equipment and installation costs.

  • High installation quote: $6,900
  • Average installation quote: $4,259
  • Low installation quote: $2,125

A consumer comparing prices for different brands of gas furnaces posted $2,125 as the price for Lennox G61V 90,000 BTU with a 5-ton blower. That was after applying all the tax credit and rebates he was entitled to in July 2010.

Another individual posting on this same website in 2009 also noted that the quote he got for the Lennox G61v was lower than quotes he had received for other brands and models with the same capacity. $3,100 was his quote for full installation, which included the replacement of his existing chimney. The unit would be installed in a 1,700-square-foot home.

In a forum discussion in 2010, a consumer remarked that he was given a quote amounting to $4,750 for the G61V unit, including tax. That included a new thermostat, as well as installation of the unit and a water heater chimney liner. In the same discussion, another consumer shared a quote of $3,885 for installation of this unit.

Some homeowners got the Lennox G61V installed for a price they noted to be higher than its comparable models by $1,100. The quote that one Alberta homeowner received in 2009 was $4,799 for installation. He got a $500 rebate from the vendor and but was charged $225 for coring. The summative value included tax as well.

A homeowner from Ontario comprehensively provided quotes he received for this gas furnace. A unit with a 94.1 percent AFUE rating and 61,000 BTU cost $6,900 before manufacturer rebates and $6,600 after. The quote included tax, installation and a Lennox air conditioner, an XC15 15 SEER unit.

In 2001, a homeowner seeking an estimate of the retail price for this unit was told installed pricing would range between $4,500 and $5,500. The difference is in the amount of ductwork, location (whether it is in a closet or an attic) and any add-ons that the homeowner wanted installed with the unit.

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