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Lennox G61MP Furnace

#14 of 26 Lennox Furnaces

Updated: Apr 4, 2016

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Overview of the G61MP

The G61MP is a high-efficiency gas furnace from Lennox. With more than ten models available, heating capacities in this series range from 44,000 to 132,000 BTU/H and models can reach up to 95 percent AFUE. Units can be installed in upflow, downflow, horizontal right and left positions.

Featuring two-stage heating, the manufacturer explains that the G61MP can help increase efficiency by operating on a lower heat setting until a change in the temperature is detected. At that time, the unit will automatically transition to a high heat setting.

Additional features of this series include: an aluminized stainless steel heat exchanger, continuous low-speed fan, insulated blower compartment to decrease operating noise, and a diagnostic control board. All units are equipped for use with natural gas, but kits are available for conversion to LPG operation.

Furnace Filters for the Lennox G61MP

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
All 17-1/2" 1 16x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 16x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
All 21" 1 16x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 20x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
All 24-1/2" 1 16x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 24x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
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Consumer Reviews of the Lennox G61MP

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best product icon  What are the 10 Best Furnaces?

Date created: 2016-04-04 Location: Swartz Creek, MI

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Best furnace I think I have ever owned"
I have personally owned this furnace for about 6 months. It is a few years old. It was in the house that we purchased last year. It is very efficient and cost effective. Our heating bills seem to be about half of what they were when we were renting a townhouse. It keeps the house at a steady temperature throughout the day without running constantly. I like that is quieter than most furnaces I have dealt with in the past. When we had our home inspection, the inspector said it was almost like new. He thinks we will have this furnace for many years to come. We have not had to have any repairs or even the inkling of something wrong. A couple things I don't like is that it does not have a humidifier on it. I was told that is an option that we could have added later if we wanted to. I have not personally checked into this to see if it is true. The other thing is that it does not seem powerful enough to heat the master bedroom, which is an addition. That may be the previous owners doing as far as not venting something right. The rest of the house is always warm and cozy. I would definitely purchase another Lennox furnace if the need ever arises. I would also recommend this brand to all of my family and friends. Lennox seems to be a very well trusted and well known brand in this area.

Date created: 2015-03-19 Name: r hammond
Location: West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Heat exchanger"
I just had to have my heat exchanger replaced after only 4 years and there's no guarantee it will last another 5 years.

Date created: 2012-10-10 Name: T. N.
Location: Saline, MI

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Two-stage blower motor unbearably noisy"
Thank goodness our installer, R.G. Wahl in Saline Mich replaced this furnace under warranty. Ironically, the two-stage blower motor is supposed to be quieter than the single stage in the g51 model, but that just was not true for us. The blower motor kept our household up at night. It would whine like a jet plane taking off, then after awhile whine back down to a lower level, then it would either turn off (thankfully), or whine back up. We never knew what it was going to do next... whine up, or turn off, and it just kept us on edge when we were trying to sleep. We are so thankful that our installer replaced it with a different model under warranty, at no charge. Whew!!!!

Date created: 2011-12-27 Name: R Hunter
Location: Espanola Ont
Years owned: 2

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Well made UNIT"
Okay so I bought this unit from my boss. I am a qualified gas fitter and I do work on Lennox products. Before I worked on them I was working on American Standard/Trane(Same furnace just different badge). Lennox is well made American product. The thing with gas fired appliances they still need to be maintained. Myself being a gas fitter that works on these unit would recommend this furnace if you are looking to maintain it.

Date created: 2011-01-24 Name: E. HEINSELMAN
Location: OHIO

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"White-rodgers board"
I have Lennox G61mp furnace which I bought on-line. I Am a pipefitter\hvac tech employed in the auto industry.Of course I installed the furnace myself!! The white-rodgers board went bad.I Called Lennox about the 10yr. parts warranty and was informed unless the furnace was installed and serviced by Lennox I do not have a warranty at all.I Bought 2 boards on amazon.com $170.00 each. Lennox wanted $500.00 cash for the 15 min easy fix. Beware of Lennox unless you work for them. I Only hope I can last the winter.

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Other G61MP Reviews

Although there are quite a few troubleshooting inquiries posted around the web, consumers and contractors generally like the Lennox G61MP. Homeowners on hvac-talk.com are happy with this unit, noting its quiet and efficient operation. Contractors also recommend this unit to shoppers, saying that if it's installed correctly it should give years of quality performance.

Among the positive reviews, forums including justanswer.com host a handful of troubleshooting inquiries for this unit. Problems such as the igniter not working, faulty control boards, the unit failing to fully heat, and component failures are among the issues reported.

Lennox G61MP Model Numbers

The G61MP is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G61MP-36B-045-* 94.1 44,000
G61MP-36B-045-** 94.1 44,000
G61MP-36B-070-* 94.1 66,000
G61MP-36B-070-** 94.1 66,000
G61MP-36B-071-* 95 66,000
G61MP-48C-090-* 94.1 88,000
G61MP-48C-090-** 94.1 88,000
G61MP-48C-110-* 94.1 110,000
G61MP-48C-110-** 94.1 110,000
G61MP-60C-090-* 94.1 88,000
G61MP-60C-090-** 94.1 88,000
G61MP-60C-091-* 95 88,000
G61MP-60C-091-** 95 88,000
G61MP-60C-110-* 94.1 110,000
G61MP-60C-110-** 94.1 110,000
G61MP-60C-111-* 95 110,000
G61MP-60C111-** 95 110,000
G61MP-60D-135-* 94.1 132,000
G61MP-60D-135-** 94.1 132,000

G61MP Warranty

The G61MP is equipped with a 5-year limited warranty on all covered components. In addition, Lennox offers a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger. Homeowners should contact a local dealer for registration information specific to their unit.

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