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Lennox G32 Furnace

1.9 of 5 stars 7 reviews | #21 of 26 Furnaces
Updated: Jun 28, 2014 | Read more about Lennox Furnaces | G32 Warranty

Overview of G32

As a member of Lennox's Elite Series of furnaces, the G32 is a discontinued mid-level furnace offering up to 94 percent AFUE. According to information from its introduction in 2001, this model features two-stage heating, meaning it was designed to consistently operate on a lower heating level until the system detects a change in the temperature. Benefits of two-stage heating include even heating throughout the home, reduced energy usage and increased temperature regulation, according to the manufacturer.

Additional components of the G32 include a low speed continuous fan operation setting for increased air circulation, an insulated blower motor compartment designed to reduce operation noise, and a two-stage gas valve that quietly adjusts the levels of gas depending on which stage of heating is operating.

Furnace Filters for the Lennox G32

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
Upflow 14-1/2" 1 14x25x1 filter
Upflow 21" 1 20x25x1 filter

Consumer Reviews of the G32

1.9 1.9 of 5 stars 7 reviews
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1 of 5 stars WISCONSIN
Date created: 2014-06-28


I have a 13 yr. Old g32q3/4-100 two-stage furnace with a/c unit in my 2,000 sq/ft two story home. Serviced regularly, about 6 months ago the entire blower unit had to be replaced ($650) and now both of the lower circuit boards and wire harness are melted due to some unknown cause. I had to shut power off to it at my main power box to avoid fire & thus, the entire hvac system id without power & inoperable. Now I am told by two different authorized Lennox Dealers that Lennox has discontinued mfg. of this series as well as the old Pulse models. That means that Lennox is also not making replacement parts. Even if parts would be available the repair would be nearly $2,000. I will buy a new unit and it will not be another Lennox.

3 of 5 stars Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Date created: 2013-12-09

1996-2013: use->7 yr heavy, 10 yr minimal

We have a shared large house and a serious woodstove so gas furnace usage has varied. I had to replace the igniter electronics module ($140cdn) after year 15, and the blower control module ($124cdn) just went now. An technician would likely have doubled the module cost and charged $200/visit for a total of $728. I'm not impressed, since unlike moving or arcing or heated parts, electronics only blows when it is wrongly designed, and Lennox brochures are so glossy. Amazingly, The moving parts and igniter are original. A condensate trap did leak and I had to liberally silicone it. If the furnace was built for $500, wholesaled for $1100, sold to me for $1800, and I paid $500 for the install then the summary is all these furnaces are so cheap it is luck of the draw if they last, and how does "using a reputable installer" change the basic quality of the unit. I have read the service manual for my machine because it interests me, and see that most failures people have can't be due to installation, but just the cost squeezed quality of the box. Apparently Lennox owns "Allied Air" which owns Ducane, Concorde, ArmstrongAir, and AirEase. And an installer told me this evening some larger bought Lennox. All these fake "brands" have so debased my trust that I have none and am confused what next to buy.

1 of 5 stars Omaha Ne
Date created: 2013-11-27

Lennox Warranty Worthless. Local Dealers Will Not Honor Warranty On Heat Exchanger. Controlled Comfort (Dealer)

They installed my furnace in 1997. The system had a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is leaking carbon monoxide into my home and had to be shut down. When I called to enforce the warranty, controlled comfort basically told me my warranty was worthless and tried to sell me a new system. Lennox told me they have no recourse in making their dealer honor their warranty. That they are all independent and they can decline the work. What kind of warranty is that?

1 of 5 stars Toledo, Ohio
Date created: 2013-01-07

Not real happy

This furnace was installed in August 2003. I change the filters regularly and blow out the air lines every couple months. No matter what I do, this furnace has to be serviced every year. And usually on a Holiday or weekend. The company that installed it said we must have the furnace and a/c "tuned up" once a year or it voids our warranty. Called Lennox this morning and they said the same thing. But nowhere in our paperwork does it say we have to have it serviced once a year for the warranty. This is total bs. We dropped about $12k between the 2. Now we are supposed to spend another $160 a year for "tune ups"? I would not buy another Lennox for sure.

5 of 5 stars Iowa
Date created: 2011-12-10

Been a good furnace

I have had no problems until now after 10 years. The combustion blower motor went out. A reasonably priced replacement can be easily found many places on the Internet. My first concern was a circuit board failure when the furnace was installed because I kept hearing of other peoples furnaces failing from dead circuit boards. Not this one. A tip a Lennox dealer said was to blow out the small tube from behind the top access door. Pull off the tube from the left rubber piece and blow into the tube. a 't' fitting can plug and cause water to get in the fan area causing failure. I suggest pouring a lean bleach mixture into the tube and flushing it if repeated problems occur.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2009-06-09

Not Worth It

Had a 98% efficient Lennox Signature Collection model g32v3-75-5 furnace installed in June 2003. In October 2008, four months after the warranty expired, had to replace an ignitor and fuel valve to the tune of $800. In March, 2009, had to replace a circulator fan module for another $600. Neither the installer, Apollo Heating Inc., Schenectady, NY nor Lennox Customer Service in Dallas, TX, (and the CEO) would respond to inquiries for consideration/extension of warranty coverage. In fact, absolutely no response was received despite sending two letters. Absolutely will NOT recommend a Lennox furnace.

1 of 5 stars Winnipeg, MB
Date created: 2008-03-23

Water sounds in the Fan

Water sounds in the fan which caused the g32 unit to quit. I have called Winnipeg Supply for several calls, but they can not find the root cause. So far all I do is spend money on last minute calls when the unit fails. Never buy a Lennox.

Other G32 Reviews

Lennox and the G32 receive mixed review around the web. Contractors on regard Lennox products as quality equipment, but then note the amount of troubleshooting issues they have with the brand. Several professionals state that they frequently receive service calls for Lennox products and the company isn't proficient at developing the solutions to system issues until after the problem is identified.

These contractors also cite experiencing problems with several components of the G32, including the inducer and roll-outs. These reviewers advise cleaning this unit out frequently to prevent problems, as the piping and internal system are susceptible to accumulating debris and access buildup.

In turn, homeowners on post troubleshooting problems with the G32, including trouble with the system wiring and recurring failures and service calls.

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Lennox G32 Model Numbers

The G32 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G32Q3-4-100* 94 100,000
G32Q3-75* 94 75,000
G32Q4-5-100* 94 100,000
G32Q4-5-125* 94.2 125,000
G32V3-75* 94 75,000
G32V5-100* 94 100,000
G32V5-125* 94.2 125,000

G32 Warranty

The G32 is equipped with a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited parts warranty. Lennox does not require homeowners to register their product to receive the full warranty. Additional coverage must be purchased through a Lennox dealer and must be registered.

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