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Kenmore Furnaces

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Kenmore is the brand name for a line of furnaces manufactured by Sears. Kenmore furnaces are considered to be high-efficiency heating systems, as per the specifications laid down by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Single-Stage Natural Gas Furnace

The Kenmore 76111 and 76116 series are single-stage natural gas furnaces and, according to Sears, these multi-positions units provide "value" for the money. The 76111 series reaches an AFUE rating of 92.1 percent while the 76116 furnace has a 95.1 percent AFUE rating. Both these furnaces feature the manufacturer's "hot surface ignition" technology. The secondary heat exchanger is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to promote fuel efficiency. Insulated cabinet panels reportedly help retain heat and muffle noise.

Two-Stage Natural Gas Furnace

This is the 76121 series from Kenmore. The two-stage furnace has an AFUE rating of 93 percent and features insulated cabinet panels and a primary heat exchanger made of stainless steel that resists corrosion and makes the unit more durable. The hot surface ignition technology features an "on-demand" pilot flame.

Kenmore Two-Stage Natural Gas Furnace (ECM Motor)

The two-stage natural gas furnaces with ECM motors come in two models--76141 and 76150.

The furnaces in the 76141 series are two-stage units with an AFUE rating of 92 percent. This model features fully insulated cabinet panels, two heat exchangers made of stainless steel that add to the longevity of the unit, and an electronic ignition system. Dual certification allows you to have your pick of a single or direct vent system.

The 76150 series two-stage units feature an AFUE rating of up to 95 percent. The furnaces feature two durable stainless steel heat exchangers, while a multi-speed ECM 2.3 blower motor adds to the efficiency and keeps operations quiet. The units also feature "on-demand" pilot flame, along with hot surface ignition technology for quiet burner start-up.

Electric Furnace

The 27840 series electric furnace is available with an ECM motor system. The multi-speed motor was designed to improve air handling over other options, while thermal protective components on the blower motor and heater elements make the unit safe during operation, the manufacturer reports. The Kenmore electrical furnace is available in upflow/horizontal and downflow versions and also come in various sizes ranging from 10w to 30w heaters.

Care and Maintenance of Kenmore Furnaces

Sears advises that you schedule annual cleaning and tune-up routines for your Kenmore furnace. These services must be performed by a trained, qualified and certified technician only.


Kenmore furnaces come with 20-year limited-lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. There is also a 10-year parts and labor protection on the other electrical and mechanical components of the furnace.

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