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Updated: Mar 11, 2013 | Read more about JANITROL Furnaces | PGB Warranty

Overview of PGB

The Janitrol PGB furnace series is a discontinued furnace previously manufactured by the Goodman Co. beginning in 1993. Janitrol PGB home-use furnaces run on natural gas and have a horizontal air flow configuration with a triple-phase electrical phase. Most of the models in this series have an 80- to 82-percent steady-state efficiency rating, which classifies them as mid-efficiency furnaces. This series’ models use power vent/non-condensing and power combustion types. They extract heat from exhaust gases less efficiently in comparison to condensing furnaces and require ventilation through a chimney.

The PGB036075-3 has the smallest input capacity of the series at 69,000 BTU/H, with an output capacity of 56,000 BTU/H. The PGB060150-4 has the largest input and output capacities at 140,000 and 114,800 BTU/H, respectively.

Consumer Reviews of the PGB

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Date created: 2011-08-08

Bought this unit 11 years ago

Bought this unit 11 years ago. Love it and have had nothing go bad on it in constant use in Apartment building rental unit.

Other PGB Reviews

Common complaints include the failure of the PGB furnace burners to ignite. For example, a homeowner on posts a problem that they theorize may be related to a faulty sensor. Suggested solutions from contractors on the site include troubleshooting the control board, the igniter and the thermostat. Given all the variables, other contractors on the site advise calling in a professional.

Another homeowner complains on about the unit not blowing heat. The suggested solution is to watch the furnace go through each of stage of the heating process to troubleshoot. Another recommendation includes checking the unit for a flashing light, which would more clearly specify the underlying problem. Lack of consistency in unit performance is also a complaint amongst owners of this particular type of furnace.

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JANITROL PGB Model Numbers

The PGB is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
PGB036075-3 80 69,000
PGB048100-3 80 92,000
PGB048150-3 80 140,000
PGB060125-3 80 115,000
PGB060150-3 80 140,000
PGB060150-4 80 140,000

PGB Warranty

Given the age of these units, most warranties are no longer valid, unless a homeowner purchased an extended warranty at the time of installation. To determine the age of the unit, simply locate the serial number on the back of the unit. The first two numbers are the two-digit year the unit was manufactured, followed by the two-digit month. The months of January through September will have a 0 in front of the actual month number. The subsequent digits are the sequence number of the unit.

Most Janitrol furnace series came with a limited warranty on all functional parts. Some models also held specialized section warranties, including lifetime warranties for parts such as heat exchangers and compressors.

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