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Updated: Oct 16, 2013

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Overview of the PG

The PG furnace from Janitrol is a discontinued series dating to the 1990s. These low-efficiency, gas-fired units featured AFUE ratings of up to 78 percent. Units are manufactured for rooftop installation.

Replacement parts for this furnace series can still be found online. Evidence indicates that this furnace series also was marketed under the GMC and Kenmore brand names.

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Date created: 2012-11-14 Name: ron pederson
Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Satisfaction Rating:

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In 1995 replaced my furnace with a Janitrol Goodman as price was good, told by the installer "Janitrol" has been the name in commercial heating for years! Well, within a couple years was shutting down after furnace fired - ignitor or flame sensor bad. Continued having problems about every year after that, people I sold home to replaced it (Was only 10 years old!!!) Funny part is, brother has a duplex he put two of these in about the same time...both junk as were fine for first 1-3 years and problems on both ever since!!!

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Other PG Reviews

Goodman Manufacturing, which acquired the Janitrol brand in 1982, has not made products under this name in many years. Still, products such as the PG furnace still have a presence on the web, a testament to their longevity. While reviews of the PG furnace are few, in general, Janitrol furnaces seem prone to issues such as bad igniters and regularly faulty flame sensors, according to the common complaints on online HVAC forums. Contractors on forums such as justanswer.com point out that in its heyday, Janitrol focused on low cost over high quality in its entry-level products.

JANITROL PG Model Numbers

The PG is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
PG036075-3A 78 75,000
PG036100-3A 78 92,000
PG036100-4A 78 92,000
PG042100-3A 78 92,000
PG042125-3A 78 115,000
PG048125-3B 78 115,000
PG060150-4A 78 140,000

PG Warranty

In general, Janitrol furnaces featured a limited lifetime warranty for the original homeowner, as well as a limited 5-year parts warranty.

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