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Heil N8MPN Furnace

1.0 of 5 stars 1 review | #3 of 3 Furnaces
Updated: Dec 18, 2014 | Read more about Heil Furnaces | N8MPN Warranty

Overview of N8MPN

The Heil N8MPN is a discontinued single stage, multispeed furnace with an efficiency of 80% AFUE. The unit was factory shipped as natural gas, with propane conversion kits available. It offered four position installation, category 1 venting, and common venting with a water heater. The unit featured self-diagnostics and a blower assembly mounted on rails for easy maintenance. The N8MPN included an aluminized steel heat exchanger and a high temperature limit control to prevent overheating.

Furnace Filters for the Heil N8MPN

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
All 15-1/2" 1 14x25x1 filter
All 19-1/8" 1 16x25x1 filter
All 22-3/4" 1 16x25x1 filter
(side air return)
1 20x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)

Consumer Reviews of the N8MPN

1.0 1.0 of 5 stars 1 review
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1 of 5 stars delaware
Date created: 2012-05-16


I had a Heil furnace installed right before my son was born. The furnace was so loud I couldn't put him to sleep in his own room. Now I just found out the transformer is blown and is not covered by them. What a joke!

Other N8MPN Reviews

There do not seem to be many serious problems with the N8MPN, judging by comments on HVAC forums. Most of the problems appear to be with a failure to ignite. A consumer on was advised that his problem was due to a bad board, while contractors on thought that a similar problem was due to the igniter assembly. The problems were not considered overly serious and were covered by the warranty.

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N8MPN Warranty

The Heil N8MPN is covered by a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty and a 5-year parts limited warranty. With product registration, an additional 5 years is added on to the parts warranty.

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