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Heil Furnaces

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Heil Furnaces

Discontinued Series

Heil markets high-efficiency gas and oil furnaces for residential and commercial clients. With product lines ranging from 80% to 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE, consumers can choose from a wide range of gas or oil furnaces to best meet their needs for maximum energy efficiency with low heating costs.

Heil Two-Stage Gas Furnaces

Heil manufactures 5 models of two-stage operating furnaces ranging from 80% to 95% AFUE, including the VS 90. The two-stage operation allows the furnace to run on a lower, energy saving mode until it senses a drop in the temperature outside. Some units are also equipped with a high efficiency, variable speed motor to help improve indoor air quality and keep humidity levels low throughout the home.

Heil QuietComfort DLX Gas Furnaces

Available in a 80%, 92%, and 95% AFUE, the QuietComfort DLX series offers a high efficiency heating with smooth operation. This model is designed with a thermal-lined cabinet to maximize heat retention while simultaneously absorbing operation sound. Durable, solid-door construction and innovative steel cabinet design are standard features of this model.

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Heil Entry Level Gas Furnaces

Consumers who require a more economical solution but want high efficiency heating may want to consider Heil's entry level line. This series is built around reliable, quiet heating with units ranging from 80% to 92% AFUE. Features of the entry-level series include a multispeed PSC circulation blower and direct vent for quiet operation, plus a pilot ignition for a quick start-up.

Heil High-Efficiency Oil Furnaces

Homeowners can pair their Heil high-efficiency oil furnace with the proper burner to ensure optimal performance in their home. Models in this series include either a variable speed EMC circulation motor or a direct drive motor blower to reduce noise and allow for even air circulation. With a large external front, accessible control panel, and factory installed sight glass, the high-efficiency oil furnace offers easy set-up and routine maintenance.

Heil Performance Series Oil Furnaces

Heil's Performance Series offers a basic option to oil furnace heating. This series boasts quiet and efficient operation with customizable burners, a patented ceramic combustion chamber and multiple direct drive motor blowers. Easy installation, maintenance, a fan control switch, and pre-wiring for add-ons are additional features in this series.

Care and Maintenance

Consumers should perform basic maintenance for their furnace, such as changing the filters and keeping the area around the furnace clear. For more in depth service or an annual inspection, homeowners are advised to contact their local Heil service contractor.


In addition to the 10 year limited parts warranty, Heil furnaces are also equipped with a 20-year or unlimited warranty on heat exchangers, depending on the product purchased.

Heil's 10 year limited parts warranty is contingent on the homeowner registering the unit within 90 days of installation. If the furnace is not registered, the warranty length defaults to 5 years.

Extended coverage is offered automatically through Heil's No Hassle Replacement plan. Warranty terms depend on the product purchase.

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