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Heat Controller GLDH Furnace

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Updated: Jan 17, 2012 | Read more about Heat Controller Furnaces | GLDH Warranty

Overview of GLDH

The Heat Controller GLDH is the same series as the Heat Controller GLUA furnace. The GLDH series are the downflow or horizontal models. These models can be used in tight spaces in a horizontal manner which provides more options for installation. The Heat Controller GLDH earns a ninety percent AFUE rating for fuel efficiency. Heat Controller claims it's closer to ninety-two percent.

Heat Controller has two divisions in the United States market: Comfort-Aire and Century. The horizontal GLDH line can be found with the brand names of both companies. The products appear to be the same in a side-by-side comparison.

Other GLDH Reviews

Most of the online conversation related to Heat Controller GLDH revolves around installation.

A user on asks for opinions about Heat Controller/ComfortAire furnaces. Contractors respond differently; one says taking care when choosing an installer is more important than the product itself. Several other posters however recommend other brands. One writer asks a question about improper air circulation.

A post on reveals that a horizontal GLDH was not installed properly. The contractors online direct the questioner to download the installation instructions and start over with what is an attic installation.

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Heat Controller GLDH Model Numbers

The GLDH is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
GLDH105-E5A 92 105,000
GLDH120-E5A 92 120,000
GLDH45-E3A 92 45,000
GLDH60-E3A 92 60,000
GLDH75-E3A 92 75,000
GLDH75-E4A 92 75,000
GLDH90-E5A 92 90,000

GLDH Warranty

New Heat Controller customers have ninety days to register their furnace with the company. Registration greatly extends the warranty benefits. The warranty offers:

  • Base protection of limited five-year parts coverage
  • Extended protection of twelve years limited parts warranty after registration
  • Heat exchangers covered for a lifetime for original owner
  • Subsequent owner receives twenty year heat exchanger warranty

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