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Goodman GMVC95 Furnace

3.5 of 5 stars 11 reviews | #2 of 20 Furnaces
Updated: Sep 22, 2016 | Read more about Goodman Furnaces | GMVC95 Warranty

Overview of GMVC95

The Goodman GMVC95 furnace is a discontinued series with an AFUE rating of up to 96%. This gas unit was a two-stage, variable-speed furnace designed for for either upflow or horizontal installation, depending on the space available. The unit had an aluminized steel heat exchanger and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, and utilized a silicon nitride igniter. The GMVC95 was compatible with other Goodman ComfortNet communicating systems.

Consumer Reviews of the GMVC95

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2 of 5 stars Ontario, Canada
Date created: 2016-09-22

Canadian warranty note

As many here know, Goodman says its product must be registered within 60 days to qualify for the 10-year warranty. Canadians should be aware that under Federal Law, such a registration request is illegal. The 10-year warranty must be observed by Goodman Inc. As long as the unit is installed by a qualified installer and maintained accordingly. In voiding the 60 day registration requirement, this law prevents E.G. Goodman Inc. From claiming they "didn't receive the warranty card" or whatever nonsense they might cook up to get out of the 10-year warranty. Be also aware that this furnace, among other Goodman products, uses a ClimateTalk Alliance open source communication system between the thermostat and the furnace, AC, etc. The thermostats are very expensive, typically starting at $500 US just for the thermostat and more for the installation. Ours broke a few months after the 5-year warranty. Dealer wanted $700 for a new thermostat. Ridiculous. The furnace control board will accept a regular thermostat like a Nest, Honeywell or Ecobee without major modifications or reprogramming the control board if you know what you're doing. There are lethal voltages on the board so it's best to install e.g. a cheap $50 thermostat by a technician but mine wanted over $200 to do it. It's a 15 minute job.

1 of 5 stars Central Iowa
Date created: 2016-04-21

Way too many repeated problems

Of the two identical units installed in a duplex, one has ongoing problems of no heat. A flame season they say. About every six weeks it needs service. The other unit works fine. Main circuit board and numerous flame sensor cleanings have created a very untrustworthy experience. What is worse is Goodman customer service. They have blamed me for not asking to have a company service technician work on it. They have blamed me for not registering the units. Check your records Goodman, I did that. They have blamed me for not buying a service contract. They have blamed me for operating it in the vicinity of a clothes dryer.....really? Warranty means nothing to Goodman Mfg. Deflecting and blaming they are good at, listening and keeping the customer happy, not so much. Do not consider this brand. Stay away from Goodman. Spend your money on a more reliable brand.

1 of 5 stars Cumming, GA
Date created: 2015-04-24

Heat exchanger goes bad in 4 years

The furnace is only four years old and the heat exchanger went bad. The Cu piping was rusted through and created a leak; extremely poor workmanship/design. Material is under warranty but labor and coolant are not; the total bill is $1,250.

5 of 5 stars United States
Date created: 2015-03-05

Goodman brand furnace exceeded my expectations

This furnace has exceeded my expectations. It is very quiet and very efficient. The average gas usage you will save is around 20%. The average kilowatt savings from just the variable speed fan motor is anywhere from 25% to 75% less wattage. When combined with Goodman brands 5" filter box, this product stays clean and will last a long time. Goodman brand 5" filters usually need to be replaced once a year and are around $30.

1 of 5 stars Ambler, PA
Date created: 2015-02-17

Product sucks

After just 5-6 years of ownership of this heating unit it died, and apparently they have a little caveat in their 10-year warranty that you must register the product, otherwise it is only a 5-year warranty. I didn't get the impression that the guy on the phone even thought it was a good product, because he started to compare the $10,000 investment in their heating air-conditioning unit to buying shoes that wouldn't usually last 5 years. In any case, it seems that their product isn't good and their customer service is worse so avoid buying Goodman.

5 of 5 stars Canada
Date created: 2015-01-16

Best furnace on the market

I work for a contractor and we install Goodmans. I work for service so I see a lot of different furnaces normally and I can say these are the best furnaces on the market, specifically the GMVC. They are the easiest furnaces to service by far. Easier to service means everything is accessible and it's better for the consumer. The trap on the outside of the furnace makes it far easier to clean and prevent from being plugged up. I can remove the burners from the chamber and clean them without any difficulty; on most furnaces, the burners are welded in and cannot be removed. There are easy to set fan speeds and gas pressure. Not too many things go wrong with them, the odd board or pressure switch. It has the best warranty - 10-year parts and labor, 25-year heat exchanger warranty. The best furnace out there when installed correctly. Most contractors don't set fan speeds or gas pressure. We always do.

5 of 5 stars reno nv
Date created: 2014-01-24

Great Furnace

Great furnace. Installed it myself. Has run perfectly for 6 years. Easy to install; really liked the fact that I could duct it with pvc. My tenants love that its so cheap to run.

5 of 5 stars Loveland,OH
Date created: 2013-04-19

Very Satisfied

My older Carrier furnace (13 yrs.) developed a crack in the core and was leaking carbon monoxide. The company who was currently servicing my HVAC wanted to replace it with a Bryant. I called a friend who has rental properties and asked for a recommendation. This company gave me a proposal for a Goodman that was $1000's lower than the competition. This gave me cause for concern. Were these units really a junk as the competition tried to point out? Or were bad reviews really caused by poor installation? I decided to go with the Goodman unit Goodman GMVC951155DX (variable speed) and use the additional money on another home improvement project. This high efficiency unit has produced more even heat throughout the home and also lowered my energy costs. I would recommend a Goodman with a qualified installer for best results.

5 of 5 stars St Paul MN
Date created: 2011-10-20

Goodman GMVC95 is a GREAT Furnace.

I work for a very well established residential hvac Company that is not exclusive to any specific brand. We've installed thousands of the Goodman gmvc95 & gmh95 Furnace over the years, and we've never had an issue with these furnaces. These furnaces are solid, they have some of the best technology in the heat exchangers, and back it with the industries best warranties & guarantees. We've also installed thousands of air conditioners ssx14 & ssx16 and they're great too. The Goodman a/c has a lifetime warranty on the compressor, almost all other brands only offer a 10 year warranty. After close to a century of being in business our best advice is to worry more about the company installing the equipment than the brand of the equipment. Good Luck.

3 of 5 stars hamilton,Ont
Date created: 2011-09-09

Amazing how comfortable we are

We am very happy with our purchase from Boonstra's One Hour of our furnace and ac combo. The hot summer we just had actually made my electric bills go down year on year. The install and professionalism of the one hour team is amazing, from purchase to post service I am glad we paid the extra because we are hot in the winter and cool in the summer to whatever temp we want not just comfortable cold or hot!! I would highly recommend you at least get a quote from one hour and see the time they take to fit the system to your house, its the best education I!

5 of 5 stars Chanhassen, MN
Date created: 2011-01-16

95% variable speed a winner

Had a Goodman gmvc95070 installed last fall. Gas bills way down from old 80% furnace, and because the furnace has a high and low fire rate, it matches the heating needs of my house and is very comfortable. Very quiet as well. Dealer said all manufacturers make good furnaces because they are highly regulated. The key is the installer. Bad install will screw up any furnace.

Other GMVC95 Reviews

A homeowner asks the forum about choosing between the GMVC95 and the GMVM 96 furnace by Goodman. A professional member recommends the GMVC95 due to better humidity control and better overall value.

A GMVC95 owner writes to that he receives an error message from his control panel each day about a drainage pipe problem. He goes over everything that has been checked by his HVAC technician; the expert online concludes that the homeowner should try a larger PVC drainage pipe, as that is the only thing left that has not been tried.

Another Goodman GMVC95 owner discusses the fact that he wants a different thermostat for his unit on The current thermostat is single-stage, so the owner is not getting the benefits of a two-stage furnace. He plans to install a Goodman air conditioner in the near future, so the online contractors suggest he should check out the ComfortNet system, through which all the HVAC equipment can communicate information such as diagnostics and errors. The owner states that the unit was just installed, so one expert advises that he contact the installing technician for a different thermostat.

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Goodman GMVC95 Model Numbers

The GMVC95 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
GMVC950453BX* 96 46,000
GMVC950704CX* 95.5 69,000
GMVC950905CX** 95 92,000
GMVC950905DX* 95.7 92,000
GMVC951155DX* 95.8 115,000

GMVC95 Warranty

Goodman guarantees the heat exchanger with a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner. If the heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years, Goodman will replace the unit. Parts for the GMVC95 are covered by a 10-year limited warranty. Product registration within 60 days of installation is required for maximum warranty coverage.

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