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Goodman GMV8 Furnace

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Updated: Jul 3, 2013 | Read more about Goodman Furnaces | GMV8 Warranty

Overview of GMV8

The Goodman GMV8 is a variable-speed gas furnace with integrated controls for activating and monitoring diagnostics and an energy-saving hot surface ignition system. This furnace is rated an AFUE up to 80%. It is a two-stage heater. The design of the Goodman GMV8 Furnace is CSA certified.

Other GMV8 Reviews

Comments on HVAC-Talk message boards and heating contractor sites offer several different opinions regarding the Goodman Furnaces:

  • In one forum, a service tech writes that Goodman, like Amana, runs well and without any trouble whatsoever. He goes on to say that the company he works for favors working with Goodman over Lennox.
  • In another forum, a few people say Goodman units have erratic control response. The problem is not even corrected when a new board is installed, which could be due to poor design or installation of the initial wiring.
  • In another forum, other posters say their main complaint about Goodman is that the units don't last very long.
  • In yet another forum, another service tech at HVAC-Talk claims Goodman units generally receive unfavorable support from professionals, but many residential buyers are satisfied with them.

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GMV8 Warranty

Goodman equipment has a 10-year replacement limited protection on all models, and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

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