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Frigidaire FG6RA Furnace

1.0 of 5 stars 1 review | #6 of 6 Furnaces
Updated: Feb 20, 2013 | Read more about Frigidaire Furnaces | FG6RA Warranty

Overview of FG6RA

The Frigidaire FG6RA is an upflow/horizontal gas furnace offering 80 percent AFUE. This freestanding unit is designed for installation in a utility room, basement or enclosed in an alcove or closet. It has more than 10 models available with inputs ranging from 45,000 to 144,000 BTU/H. Each unit is fired and tested before shipment.

Frigidaire promotes the unitís clean and quiet operation, a result of the design of the in-shot burners, the location of the inducer, the return air vents, and insulation. A fully insulated blower cabinet also contributes to the quiet operation.

A hot surface igniter, heavy gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger, multi-speed direct drive blower, solid bottom base plate and diagnostic lights for easy troubleshooting are additional components of this unit. This system also is LP (propane) convertible through a factory-approved kit offered by Frigidaire.

Consumer Reviews of the FG6RA

1.0 1.0 of 5 stars 1 review
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1 of 5 stars vancouver, bc
Date created: 2011-11-09

Piece of junk

I bought this frigidaire FG6RA series unit new, 6 years ago. Have had nothing but problems since. Thought a name like frigidaire would give peace of mind. What a disappointment. Repairman coming back for the third time this month for an intermittent problem.

Other FG6RA Reviews

In general, reviews around the web are not very complimentary of the Frigidaire FG6RA. Homeowners on mention purchasing this unit to save money, but complain about its noisy operation and repeated problems with the unit blowing cold air.

Reviewers on find that their units have gone through several rounds of repairs in only a few years. Ignition failure, hard-to-interpret system diagnostics, and problems with the unit warming sufficiently are among the complaints listed.

Despite the negative reviews, some contractors on these sites say the unit may not be to blame. Poor maintenance, installation and sizing may be the greater cause for system malfunctions. also recommends Frigidaire products to shoppers, saying the units are equipped with a good warranty.

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Frigidaire FG6RA Model Numbers

The FG6RA is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
FG6RA045* 80.5 45,000
FG6RA072C-17A 80 72,000
FG6RA072C-VB 81 72,000
FG6RA096C-VB 80.5 96,000
FG6RA120C-VC 80.5 120,000

FG6RA Warranty

Frigidaire provides a 20-year limited warranty for the heat exchanger and a 8-year limited warranty for all remaining parts. For full warranty terms and conditions, homeowners should contact their local Frigidaire dealer.

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