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DUCANE Fits-All 92 Furnace

2.5 of 5 stars 4 reviews | #3 of 4 Furnaces
Updated: Mar 16, 2017 | Read more about DUCANE Furnaces | Fits-All 92 Warranty

Overview of Fits-All 92

Offering up to 92.1 percent AFUE, the Ducane Fits-All 92 is a high-efficiency, single-stage gas furnace. This series is available in 1.5- to 5-ton upflow/horizontal left and downflow/horizontal right configurations with heating inputs ranging from 50,000 to 125,000 BTU/H.

This unit comes with the Ducane Crimp-Tite aluminized steel heat exchanger. This component is designed to resist corrosion with crimped seams, as opposed to conventional welding, that provide a reliable seal. The unit also is equipped with a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger for increased heat retention.

Additional components of the Fits-All 92 include a hot surface ignition, soft operating burners, a heavy-gauge steel cabinet and quick system diagnostics. The unit also is equipped with connections for humidifier and electronic air cleaner add-on accessories.

Consumer Reviews of the Fits-All 92

2.5 2.5 of 5 stars 4 reviews
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3 of 5 stars Cleveland, OH
Date created: 2017-03-16

Pressure switch issue with ducane furnaces

I am a hvac tech and I specialize in Lennox equipment. If your experiencing issues with Ducane or Lennox 90% efficient or above furnace and theirs water in the hose to the pressure switch or theirs an issue with the pressure switch you may want to research an issue with the cold end header boxes. If they have a 1/2 in drain they were changed to a 3/4 in drain and changed the pressure switch design as well. You may need to replace both the cold end header box and pressure switch (s).

1 of 5 stars Portage, PA
Date created: 2014-09-16

Not happy

Called a dealer and they don't want to help or give any information, unless you are a service tech. They need to give info out about their unit if they expect the consumer who buys it to continue to buy their product.

1 of 5 stars Arlington, Virginia
Date created: 2013-03-21

Beware of late night fire hazards

We built an addition to our house in 2000. It is now March 2013 and after a late night fire from the failed heat exchanger and failed override switch, we are now having to replace the entire 12 year old unit because it is burned. Even though the heat exchanger has a warranty of 25 years. If we had not been home last night, it would have burned the structure of my new addition and who knows what else. I have contacted Consumer Services at Allied Air Enterprises who basically says we owe you nothing. Even though since the installation of the unit we have had gas leaks and other parts to have fixed along the way. Now we have to replace a burned out unit!!

5 of 5 stars youngstown ohio
Date created: 2012-09-28

Great furnace

I have been installing ducane furnaces since they came in our area youngstown ohio for 15 years and I love them. every bad comment about the gas furnace sounds like the customer never changes the filter,sized too big,blocked returns due to boxes and furniture blocking it,maintainance not done every year or not properly this day and age of electronics any furnace can have its problems.if a circut board is repeatly going out you have a feed back condition on the neutral line. we had a problem with a board that kept going out and traced it to a bad dehumidifier in the basement a motor winding was feeding back,also a bad flourescent light balllast could also do the same,one time a customer was a avid woodworker and we traced the feedback to a radial saw motor.anything with a motor can cause a feedback if it has a weak winding, like a washing machine, dryer you get the idea.when a inducer motor goes out a cause could be not enough pipe pitch back to the furnace or a blocked drain,pipe run too long or wrong size,sags in the pipe should b suppoted every 4 feet.just to let you know when you register your furnace on line you get a 10 year parts warranty.labor is still charged but we have about a 2% service issues with ducanes and there parts.about there parts they use honeywell witch is very easy to get parts for our supplier gets. special parts the ones that normally are not stocked in 1-2 days.we insall 75-100 ducanes a year. yes ducane had issues with a certain type of oil furnace that had design flaws but that furnace has been discontinued about 10 years ago.when ducane came out in the 50's they made oil furnaces for almost every manufactor with other brand names.their oil furnaces today are very reliable as long as they are set up with a combustion analyzer to set draft, co, o2,temp rise, closing any ducane is good as the person installing it and maintaining it every year,not just when it doesn't work.change your filter at least 2 times a year.

Other Fits-All 92 Reviews

The Ducane Fits-All 92 is generally regarded around the web as a quality unit. Consumers on sites site as recommend this unit and other Ducane products to shoppers, stating that their Ducane furnace has offered reliable operation at reasonable price.

Reviews at sites such as slate this unit as a more basic option, rather than a premium unit, but say it's a good quality standard technology backed by a solid warranty. also mentions Ducane is a well-respected HVAC manufacturer and believes the Fits-All 92 is an economically friendly choice to efficient heating and recommends the unit for homeowners in a cold climate.

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DUCANE Fits-All 92 Model Numbers

The Fits-All 92 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
CMPB050C3* 92 50,000
CMPB050U3* 92 50,000
CMPB075C3* 92 75,000
CMPB075U3* 92 75,000
CMPB100C4* 92 100,000
CMPB100U4* 92 100,000
CMPB125U5* 92 125,000
CMPE050U3* 92.1 50,000
CMPE075U2* 92.1 75,000
CMPE075U3* 92.1 75,000
CMPE100U3* 92.1 100,000
CMPE100U4* 92.1 100,000
CMPE125U5* 92.1 125,000

Fits-All 92 Warranty

Ducane provides a lifetime limited warranty on the Fits-All heat exchanger and an additional 10-year limited warranty on parts. Equipment must be registered within 60 days of installation to receive the full warranty term. Unregistered units default to a 20-year heat exchanger warranty and 5-year coverage for all other remaining parts.

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