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Coleman G9T Furnace

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Updated: Aug 19, 2013 | Read more about Coleman Furnaces | G9T Warranty

Overview of G9T

The Coleman G9T is an Energy Star-approved gas furnace series ranging from 91 to 94.3 percent AFUE ratings. Models stand at 45 inches tall and are promoted by the manufacturer for their easy installation because of their compact size and simple wiring. Units can be configured for a two- or single-pipe venting.

Components of the G9T include tubular primary heat exchanger, stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, electric hot surface ignition and computerized control system with built-in self-diagnostics. Sound levels are kept low during operation with help from the induced combustion system and a PCS multi-speed, direct drive motor with a blower.

All units are protected by a corrosion-resistant, pre-painted steel cabinet and are equipped with add-ons for cooling products, with left or right connections and terminals for electric air cleaners or a humidifier.

Other G9T Reviews

Aside from very minimal troubleshooting issues, the G9T is the subject of few reviews across the web. While rates units in this series well as basic units that are backed by a decent warranty, contractors on homeowner forums aren't as enthusiastic about this furnace. Some regard Coleman furnaces as fine standard equipment, but still recommend other brands that may offer higher performance and efficiency. Others simply state that the choice of unit may not be as important as the installation. As long as the G9T offers the right features for a homeowner and is installed correctly, these technicians say, the unit should offer consistent home heating.

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Coleman G9T Model Numbers

The G9T is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G9T04010DHA13 91 40,000
G9T04010UPA13 92.4 40,000
G9T06010UPB13 92.2 60,000
G9T06012DHB13 91 60,000
G9T08012DHB13 91 80,000
G9T08012UPB13 92 80,000
G9T08016DHC13 91 80,000
G9T08016UPC13 94.3 80,000
G9T10014UPC13 92.2 100,000
G9T10020DHC13 91 100,000
G9T10020UPC13 93 100,000
G9T12020DHD13 91 120,000
G9T12020UPD13 92 120,000
G9T14020UPD13 92 140,000

G9T Warranty

Coleman offers a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on all remaining parts. Extended coverage programs offering up to 10 years of total coverage for labor and repair costs also are available through Coleman dealers.

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